John Kumar, son of legend singer Kumar Sanu, is locked in Bigg Boss house these days. They are taking part in every activity in the house. He also performed the task given by seniors well.

Recently, he talked about the separation of his parents in front of some members of the house in Bigg Boss Extra Masala. Jaan told that he grew up with his mother.

In front of Jasmine Bhasin, Sara Gurpal and Nikki Tamboli, Jan told that her parents had separated when her mother was pregnant for 6 months.

He said- For me, my mother plays the role of both parents. My parents were separated when my mother was pregnant for 6 months. I grew up with them only. He is both a father and a mother to me.

Jaan further said- ‘The thing that I was worried about before entering Bigg Boss house is that who will take care of my mother after I leave. When it comes to love because of my mother, she is an old school.

‘I think love only happens with one person and we should only be with one person. I am like my mother.

Please tell that happy with the son’s entry into Bigg Boss, Kumar Sanu shared a video on social media. They are appealing to all their fans in the video that their son be made a winner.

He had said- I want you guys to support him. With your blessings, they will win and return, I am sure. He is a very good singer. Sing very well



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