Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Punjabi supported Rubina Dilaik, said - I would have been with Rakhi…

Actress Rakhi Sawant, who entered Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger, is considered to be the most entertainer of the house. Ever since she came on the show, she has been showing her love and feelings for Abhinav in a different way. In one episode, he wrote Abhinav’s name and I love you all over his body. After this, she kept following them.

But in a recent episode, Rakhi Sawant took Kavita Kaushik’s name in the bathroom area and called Abhinav a ‘tharki’. Abhinav became angry after hearing this and both of them got into an argument. Rakhi repeatedly called him a snob. Rubina Dilaiik became even more angry on this. He threw the water of the bucket kept in the toilet over Rakhi Sawant. Later Bigg Boss punished Rubina Dilaiq for this act. Now Rubina will be nominated for the entire season.

Watch Kamya Punjabi’s tweet here

But in support of Rubina, her friend and X Bigg Boss contestant Kamya has come to Punjabi. A tweet by Kamya is going viral and fans of Rubina are also reacting to it. Kamya said in her tweet that she would have been here instead of Rubina. He wrote, “Rubina did what I did … Rakhi Sawant you need to know when and where to stop.”

Watch Kamya Punjabi’s tweet here

Kamya tweeted another after this, “Hahaha …. I love her so much. I would be very happy if she wins the trophy. But I will write that thing where she is wrong … to all of you Need to understand. ” Kamya follows Bigg Boss closely and supports the right contestants of the house. Earlier, she has also supported Vikas Gupta and Kavita Kaushik.


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