Bigg Boss 14: Jasmine preparing for Bigg Boss 14, tips from Siddharth Shukla?

Jasmine Bhasin did many serials and entertained her fans. Now once again he is ready to appear in the reality show Bigg Boss. In a special conversation with Aaj Tak, Jasmine told her preparations. At the same time, she is a friend of Siddharth Shukla but could not get any tips from him.

Jasmine said, “Working in serial became a comfort zone for me and working in a reality show meant coming out of my comfort zone and trying myself again and again. This is very exciting. This year, in the new season of Bigg Boss, everyone says that the best is there but there is no competition because the show is such that there is a lot of mental pressure here. ”

Siddharth Shukla is very good friend of Jasmine, so did Jasmine take any tips from him. On this matter, Jasmine says that “The format of the show is such that I cannot discus anyone that I am doing Big Boss.” So I could not take any tips, but I know that if Siddharth had given me a tip, it would have been that he should be real and enjoy himself a lot. ”

Due to the epidemic, this season of Bigg Boss is very different and about this, Jasmine said, “I am still quarantine and there is a test every 4 to 5 days and we are not meeting anyone.”

“All our stuff has already gone sanitized and the biggest difference is that we are already having to quarantine and my dance performance has not been done.”

Regarding the strategy in the show, Jasmine says, “There is no strategy in this show, just be it that you are.” This is the best thing. If you try to be something else, you will lose your identity, so stay real. My strategy is that I have to enjoy myself. In the show so that the audience watching me also enjoy. This show is about how you will control your emotion or not. Emotion will be seen here, some good thing, some bad thing whatever it is but I will remain real only. ”

Further telling about his career, Jasmine said, “My acting career so far has been very good. Because I have done very good shows and TV has given me a lot of love and respect and I am thankful to the TV industry. ”

Talking about the family, Jasmine said, “My family is very supportive. They said don’t take any tension, you just go enjoy, but don’t insult on the show.”



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