Bigg Boss 14 House From The Spa To The Theater For Final Contestants List

Bigg Boss 14 House From The Spa To The Theater For Final Contestants List

The 14th season of Bigg Boss is about to begin. This reality show is considered to be the world’s largest reality show. Let us tell you that like every year, the theme of Bigg Boss is going to be very different this year. Covid-19 has given the ‘Bigg Boss’ makers an opportunity to think about arrangements that may not have happened before.

What is the theme of Bigg Boss House?

Regarding Bigg Boss House, designer Omung Kumar said that two and a half months ago when I and production designer Vanita Omung Kumar started visualizing the design of this house, the theme of the show was in our mind. We designed the house the way the theme focuses on the future. Right now the situation in the world we all want to get out of this, we want to move forward. This time the theme of Bigg Boss is futuristic, the house has been designed on the lines of this. This time for the first time in the house there will be a restaurant, spa, theater, and mall.

Bedroom will be the most colorful part of Big Boss

The bedroom in Bigg Boss house is like a safe zone for many contestants. This time the room has different types of beds which highlight its ambience. It can be said that this is the most colorful part of the house for the contestants.

This time, spa is also arranged in Bigg Boss house

There is also a spa for the players inside this house. In this picture, Salman Khan is seen relaxing inside the spa. Surely this part of the house is going to be such, on which the battle of the contestants is sure to happen. At the same time, where he will face a variety of challenges at home, he can relax himself in the spa here and refresh himself.

Big Boss Mall will meet like you wish

This time, ‘Bibi Mall’ has also been arranged in Big Boss. This place is going to be the biggest attraction for contestants. However, they will be able to get these goods only after winning the task.

There is also a provision for theater for contestants

This time, contestants will also get a spaceship theater in Bigg Boss house. Regarding the Bigg Boss show amid Corona crisis, Omung Kumar said that we have also taken care of what people missed during the lockdown. So this time the mall, movie theater and spa are also present in the house.


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