After the great success of Bigg Boss 13, the makers started the 14th season in the Corona era with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The tagline was kept – Scene will be reversed in 2020. Now the scene is reversed but in negative sense instead of positive. Yes, 1 week has been completed telecasted on the Big Controversial Show Bigg Boss. As much as the fans are watching Bigg Boss in this 1 week, the lockdown may not have bored them as well.

Sanskari contestants become a headache for Big Boss

The first week of Bigg Boss 14 has received a cool response. If the show did not have the entry of Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan and Siddharth Shukla as seniors, then the show would not know what happened. Because there is no spark in the 11 contestants who came on the show nor the passion for the show. This time the fate of the contestants is to be decided in the beginning two weeks. After 2 weeks, it will be revealed who will go home and who will be on the show. Despite this, the contestants are playing the game with slow speed. They are not coming out of their good image. All are cultured on the show. Playing games with brotherhood.

How will the makers make the show entertaining?

Now these same contestants have woken the makers. Before the show, a lot of claims were made that Bigg Boss will entertain the audience on full time in the Corona era. But the contestants who have come to the show see that they have no connection with entertainment. All seem boring. This has become a big problem for the makers. A big challenge has been faced by them to make the show entertaining.

Even after bringing all the twists and turns, when the contestants do not perform well, how will the show cross over, this is the important question. The flop of contestants also raises questions about the selection of the makers. Neither the daughter-in-law of the TV is doing the magic of the villain nor the son. The big names of the TV world are looking pale.

How will BB14 challenge the success of season 13?

In TRP, where season 13 broke the record. Now there is pressure to overtake that benchmark on season 14. No one is going to play games and tasks in the show. Whether it is about immunity or winning the task, there is an angle of brotherhood among the contestants. Salman Khan is also worried about this. He also had a class of all family members in the weekend war. Now the ratings and ranking of Bigg Boss will be revealed in the upcoming TRP this week.

What will the show do after seniors leave?

It would not be wrong to say that seniors are doing entertainment in the show instead of new contestants. Especially Siddharth Shukla, like season 13, Siddharth also dominates in Bigg Boss 14. In such a situation, the question is that what will happen to Bigg Boss 14 after these three seniors leave the show. Of all the 11 families, only Nikki Tamboli is playing the right game. If not all the contestants come in the form soon, then this season could prove to be the biggest flop. Because to say that all the TV in the show have big faces, but there is no face that can run the show on its own like Siddharth Shukla.


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