Monday’s episode in Bigg Boss is going to be exciting. Contestants are going to get a big shock in the upcoming episode. In today’s episode, the first nomination and aviction of the season will be on the same day. One member will have to leave this show.

Who will be a member out of Bigg Boss?

A tremendous scene in Bigg Boss is about to change. This twist has upset the family members. In the promo video, Bigg Boss is telling that Evicted Contestant to come out through the main gate. Now it will be revealed in the upcoming episode that which member goes out of the show. By the way, the name of Sara Gurpal is coming to the Big Boss fanclub. There is also a scene in the promo video where Sara is crying. Rubina hugs him.

Salman’s warning to his family

On his way to the weekend, Salman Khan asked all 10 family members to pack their bags. Dabangg Khan had asked everyone to leave the Bigg Boss house. Now how the Twist Makers have given ahead of it, it will be decided in Monday’s episode. Salman Khan warned freshers to improve their game. Host Salman was not very happy with the performance of all the contestants.

Now it is expected that after the scolding of Salman Khan and the first aviction, the housemates will be serious about the game. In the last episode, Salman Khan gave the task of ranking himself to all the family members. In which no one had taken a stand for himself. Nobody tried to tell himself better. Seeing all this, Seniors and Salman Khan were quite upset. Later, all the family members realized their mistake.



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