Bigg Boss 14 Finale: 14th season of Bigg Boss named after Rakhi Sawant

The episode of Bigg Boss 14’s latest weekend shows all the five contestants present in the house including Rakhi Sawant, Ali Goni, Rubina Dilaiik, Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya. Various shades of all these contestants were seen in this journey. If we were heartbroken after watching this journey, I would have been happy to see some good moments. However, one of these contestants was highly praised by Bigg Boss. Rakhi Sawant was a contestant.

Bigg Boss dedicated season 14 to Rakhi Sawant and said that the show will be known because of her. He said that often people take part in Bigg Boss to change their image and break stereotype, but Bigg Boss takes pride in saying that the contestant who made the show famous is Rakhi Sawant.

Bigg Boss praised Rakhi

Bigg Boss praised Rakhi Sawant for not thinking about her personal sufferings and for entertaining the audience. He even said that the audience of the show laughed and cried with him and when he shared his personal story on national television, he also felt his pain. Bigg Boss then praised Rakhi and said that Rakhi broke her own entertainment standard during season one.

Watch this video of Rakhi Sawant here


Bigg Boss called Rakhi the original entertainer and said that other people copy him. Rakhi’s comedy and her entertainment were shown in the video. His fun fights with Arshi Khan and the leg pulling of other contestants were focused on. The audience was also given a little glimpse of Rakhi’s abuses and lewd comments that she had made against other contestants, especially Nikki Tamboli. His fights with Ali Goni, Jasmine Bhasin and Rubina Dilaiq also appeared in this video.


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