Bigg Boss 14: Bharti Singh's statement on Rakhi Sawant's wedding, said- I have seen her husband Ritesh

In Bigg Boss season 14, Rakhi Sawant is a contestant who has entertained the audience a lot. At the same time, Rakhi’s marriage remains a suspense for the audience. It has been seen many times in the show that Rakhi has talked a lot about her marriage and her husband Riteish. At the same time, other members of the house have been seen telling their marriage only a false story.

Rakhi Samvat’s wedding is a suspense

Rakhi is seen in the show doing something new everyday and drawing the attention of the audience completely. Rakhi Samvat is considered to be a contestant whose beliefs are often difficult for people to trust. In the show, Rakhi has talked many times about her marriage and her husband Riteish. At the same time, people still have many questions about their marriage. People feel that Rakhi’s marriage is a false story which she is doing only to get people’s attention.

Bharti Singh has seen Rakhi’s husband

At the same time, now Rakhi’s marriage has been confirmed by comedian Bharti Singh on the show. Bharti Singh and her husband Harsh Libanchia came to the house before the finale. There was a mention of Rakhi’s marriage during a game in which Bharti has said openly that she has seen Rakhi’s husband and they are really married. Bharti told that she has seen Rakhi’s husband Ritesh through video call.

How true Rakhi’s marriage is and how much story it will be difficult to tell. Let me tell you, the finale of the Bigg Boss Show is today and it will be interesting to see who will get the trophy of Bigg Boss.


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