The game of Bigg Boss 14 is slowly gaining momentum. All 11 contestants of the show are slowly seen playing the game in their own way. If someone is showing tantrums on the show, then someone is getting involved in some quarrel every day, but among them there is a contestant who has not yet fought with anyone in the show. Abhinav Shukla is a contestant. From the first day of the show till now, Abhinav has been behaving sensibly with everyone, but in Salman Khan, he was advised to entertain the audience in the prominence of War of the Weekend. Since then, Abhinav has been trending on Twitter. 

Fans are tweeting heavily in support of Abhinav Shukla. Fans say that Abhinav Shukla is a good player and he understands Siddharth Shukla’s game well and knows how to handle his wife too. Many people have said in support of Abhinav that he is very patient. Siddharth’s fans have also written in support of Abhinav. A fan writes – I am a fan of Siddharth but this season this Shukla has won the heart. Where it was felt that Abhinav would explode in anger, he handled it wisely. Clever but calm is cool. Fabulous. 

Fans have also praised Abhinav’s way of playing games for Rubina in the show. Fans wrote – Those who are mature will learn good works from their nature. They are absolutely clear and real. At the same time, a fan wrote – I think Shukla, the elder, should be eliminated from the show, we cannot tolerate it anymore. 

A fan wrote- ‘Abhinav is winning hearts everyday. Is intelligence intelligent and attractive personality. This is one of the refreshing changes of the OTT BB. Hopefully, he will be on the show for more days as the show will move forward with contestants like him.

Abhinav’s fight to save immunity

It is known that Abhinav Shukla immunized himself by winning a task in the first week, but he survived this week’s elimination task. But in the next task of the show, he has to fight hard to save himself. In this task, they have to sit in the scoop of a bulldozer and prevent themselves from getting up so that they can maintain immunity.  


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