Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla Did Not Gave Up Immunity For Wife Rubina Dilaik

In Bigg Boss 14, TV’s popular couple Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilac have participated. Where seniors rejected Rubina and selected Abhinav. While Abhinav is living in the Bigg Boss house, Rubina is forced to live in the garden area. In this way, in the last episode, Bigg Boss gave Abhinav a chance to get his wife Rubina to enter the house. 

Immunity or Rubina, what did Abhinav choose? Because Abhinav Shukla won the nomination task Jewel Thief. So they got immunity. Now Bigg Boss placed a condition in front of Abhinav. The actor was told that either you retain your immunity, or you can change the tag of the rejected on your wife, Rubina, to be selected, by abandoning your immunity. After doing this, Rubina will get an entry in the house. They will not have to live in the garden.

Abhinav had to take a decision on this. Everyone thought that Abhinav would select Rubina. But the twist is that it did not happen. Abhinav Shukla flatly refuses to give up his immunity. This means that Rubina will have to remain in the garden area till the next order. However, no one asked him anything about Abhinav’s decision. Nor did Rubina talk to Abhinav on this issue.

Now it will be fun to see when Rubina will get a chance to come to the main house again. After the boys in Bigg Boss 14, now girls too have a chance to get immunity. There is going to be a strong task between the female characters in the upcoming episode. During this, there will be catfight in them to get immunity.


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