Abhinav Shukla will be seen as upset and emotional in Saturday’s Bigg Boss show ‘Weekend Ka War’. Abhinav tries to talk to the host of the show Salman Khan about Rakhi Sawant’s behavior but Salman is not interested in it at all.

Actually the promotional video for the next weekend’s war show has been released. The video begins with a conversation between Salman and Nikki Tamboli, in which Salman is seen angrily asking Nikki, “Nikki, what change came in you, in you, you are not even talking to me. Despite this you behave like this I am talking to you. I explained once, did not understand. I did not understand it the second time. Go to hell after the third time. ”

After this Salman turns to Rakhi and asks, “Rakhi is the biggest entertainer of this house. Who is benefiting the most?” Then Rubina says, “the whole house.” Salman said in response, “So you are right or is the rest of the house right?”

To this, Rubina said, “There is no wrong and right here.” After this, Salman said in a loud voice, “Here it is! Only and only Abhinav is benefiting.” Abhinav immediately folded his hands and said, “Okay sir, I don’t want that benefit at all. I want to say in front of everyone with folded hands.”

Salman interrupts Abhinav, saying, “Abhinav, Abhinav, wait let me finish. First, you don’t have to over react to things like this. We would have made a discus by making an issue if it was a straightforward thing. . ”

Abhinav then stands up and declares, “If it’s entertainment, I want to go home now!” During this, tears also appeared in his eyes, then Rubina hugged him in the luggage room.


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