Be it Bollywood or Hollywood or any film industry in the world, women actresses have often revealed casting couch. He has often told the story of sexual atrophy with actresses. These incidents prove that the actresses who play modern and powerful characters in front of us often fall prey to the casting couch of filmmakers, producers and directors.

This has always happened in the cinema industry all over the world. But now one such case has come from Pakistan. Popular TV actress Saba Bukhari of Pakistan says that she has done casting couch. She has earned her name from the serial ‘Dil Na Ashi Hi Sahi’. He recently told in an interview to BBC Urdu that he was asked to sleep in lieu of offering the role.

Good character and money in exchange for gold

Saba Bukhari said in the interview, “I got a call from the makers after giving me a role in a serial. They told me that the role is yours. We will give you a good payment but you will have to pay something in return. I thought If they want money in return, I said yes, if you want money, don’t pay me. ”

Casting Couch Revealed

Saba continued, “But they refused to do so …. Then they asked me to sleep with them. Hearing this, the ground had slipped from my feet and I immediately cut the call.” Before this, he revealed the casting couch with a beautiful picture of him. And the talk with a man was written in detail in its caption.

See the Instagram post of Saba Bukhari here-

Saba Bukhari wrote in his Instagram post, “He told me, ‘You are such a confidence that you can not go ahead in the media. The issue is you are a good girl and good girls do not work in this field. How is that It is possible that no one has paid attention to you. Why should we give you work and also give money while girls here are also ready to sleep for work. ”


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