Big Meeting With DA? Amit Mitra In Nabanna Suddenly On Holidays, Had A Long Meeting At The Finance Department: The state government’s stance on DA (Dearness Allowance) is fairly clear. Nabanna is still unmoved even after the shock in the court. Or it can be said that due to the severe financial crisis, Savanna does not have much room to move forward. In this situation, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s Economic Adviser Amit Mitra suddenly appeared in Savanna on Monday, an official holiday.

Why? Senior former finance minister reached Nabanna on Monday afternoon. Then went straight to the 12th floor to the state finance secretary Manoj Pant’s room. Sources claim, mainly the DA dues of state government employees were discussed. However, there is no reason for the employees to be hopeful in this regard.

The Calcutta High Court ordered the state government employees to settle DA dues within three months. The High Court’s clear ruling was that DA is not a gift of kindness from the government, it is the right of the employees. In fact, the court ordered that the dues be settled by August 19. But the state government filed an appeal demanding a review of the High Court’s verdict. On September 22, the Division Bench dismissed the petition. On the contrary, the division bench of Justice Harish Tandon and Justice Rabindranath Samant ordered that the Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary should be informed by November 4, why the contempt of court rule will not be issued against them.

According to sources in Nabanna, the chief minister’s economic advisor went to Nabanna to discuss the preparation of the statement of what the Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary will tell the High Court. Chief Secretary Harikashna Dwivedi and Finance Secretary Manoj Pant have given their statements in the court by November 4 and the hearing is scheduled to be held on the 9th.

After hitting the High Court, the government is mentally prepared to go to the Supreme Court. Again the employee organization has filed a caveat in the Supreme Court. So that when the government goes to the Supreme Court, they should be called.

Finance Secretary Manoj Pant was called to inquire about today’s meeting. He was also sent a text message. But he didn’t answer. It will be updated in the report if the finance secretary says anything.

According to observers, state government officials do not expect a resolution on the DA any time soon. Because the Calcutta High Court’s decision to settle the arrears of the state government employees is right in the past. But on the contrary, it is also true that the state does not have the huge amount of money required to meet the DA. The state does not have the opportunity to take loans in this regard. Even if the BJP forms the government in Bengal instead of the Trinamool government, it is difficult. Because even the central government cannot go beyond the rules and give special benefits to any state. It is for this reason that the Manmohan government could not help in restructuring the debt of Bengal, even though Trinamool was a partner in the second UPA era. It is for this reason that the Center will not be able to take measures overnight to settle the DA of Bengal employees. It is not possible to give an advantage to any one state in the federal system.

As a result, when the matter will be resolved, it is uncertain. For now, in the short term, it is only to be seen whether the High Court is satisfied with the reply of Nabanna, the Chief Secretary, and the Finance Secretary, or what the High Court orders.

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