In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 14, Bigg Boss has given a new immunity task to the contestants. In this task of Big Boss, the contestants are divided into two teams. During this time, everyone has to please the shopkeepers and buy the goods. In order to please the seniors, the contestants did such things that the fans could not stop laughing.

Rahul Vaidya’s funny dance was worth watching in Tuesday’s episode. To complete the task, Rahul crossed all limits and was determined to please the seniors. In this sequence, he was seen trying to please Siddharth Shukla by wearing a yellow colored printed dress. They dance belly while wearing a dress. Siddharth says to him – ‘I am not like this’, then Rahul’s answer is – ‘You are not like this but I am like this’.

Dance, dance, this funny answer is also making the fans laugh. Rahul Vaidya was trending a lot on Twitter too. Users praised him and wrote that Rahul has done the best in Tuesday’s episode. By the way, their more funny sides are coming out. In the next episode, he will be seen dancing with Ejaz Khan wearing a towel during the task.

Who will win?

Let me tell you, Big Boss has given BB Farm Land Task Contestants to keep themselves safe from the next nomination. Two teams have been formed in this. According to the task, both teams have to make beautiful gardens. In the end, the team whose garden is the most beautiful will win the task. The director of this task is Nikki Tamboli. There is still a lot of controversy over the task. In the upcoming episode, you will know which team will win the task.



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