Biden on Roosevelt's way:Like Roosevelt, a list of 100 days of work was made to get America out of the crisis, fast decisions are being taken.

The new president of the United States, Joe Biden, is still in office for the second week. In such a short time, he overturned Trump’s decision and signed 45 big orders including H-1B, return to Paris Agreement. Also set a record for fast work. Biden’s homework is the major reason for making fast decisions.

The situation in which they have to handle the country, in the recent 7-8 decades, no other President of America has faced such a crisis. He therefore spent several weeks in-depth study of books, biographies and prior 100-day work associated with former President Franklin D. Roosevelt before taking office. The biggest reason for Roosevelt to follow in his footsteps is to be almost the same then and today.

Like Roosevelt, Biden wants to continue his pace. This is the reason that when Parliament starts in February, he wants to get the corona package of 1.9 lakh crore (about 140 lakh crore rupees) approved first. Alsadair S., director of the School of Public Policy at Massachusetts Amherst University, writing on Roosevelt’s first 100 days of work. Roberts said that the Biden administration took very good decisions as soon as it took power. Rapid decisions with priority have begun to compensate for the damage done by Trump’s decisions.

Why are you following Roosevelt?
When Roosevelt took charge of the country in 1933, there was a severe recession in America. More than 20% of the population was unemployed. Roosevelt ran a number of programs that employed people. He implemented the Emergency Banking, Social Security Act. His efforts also supported the economy.

Trump’s biggest facilitator gave money to the riot rally in the Capitol.
Trump’s biggest donor, Julie Jenkins Fansley, gave $ 3 million (about 2.2 crores) for the Capitol Hill rally. This claim has been made in the Wall Street Journal report. Later the same rally sparked riots in the US capital. According to the report, the owner of the super market chain is one of the biggest donors in Julie Trump’s campaign. Trump has been accused of inciting his supporters to stay in the White House. This is why these riots took place.


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