Demonstrations of students stubbornly demanding the opening of BHU at full capacity continued for the second day on Tuesday. Like Monday, he did not let the main gate open on Tuesday. They are protesting at the main gate itself. He also burnt copies of the order of the BHU administration which said to open the university in a phased manner. In the evening, the university student, Prof. MK Singh Dharnarat came to convince the students but nobody listened to them. Pro. MK Singh had to return.

Demand for students to start studying offline in all classes is going on since Monday. They demand that the university should be opened with full potential so that there is no loss of studies. He said what is the point of partially opening BHU when restrictions have been lifted from all institutions. At the same time, the BHU administration says that no central university has been opened yet. Students disagreeing with the university administration’s argument that their picketing will continue until the demand is met. In the evening, the student professor Prof. MK Singh reached out among the students with a message from VC. He talked to the students for a long time. The students said that if Delhi University is not opening, then it means BHU should not be opened. The students said that there is a difference in the circumstances of Benares and Delhi. In UP, the infection is largely under control.

Argument with the student The
atmosphere at Simhadwar got heated up in the morning when a student stubbornly entered the campus from the middle of the dharna. He did a lot of argument with the students who were staging the sit-in. Later, after some people persuaded, she agreed.

Students taking care of the patients and ambulances are allowing the patients and ambulances inside the main gate. For a while, they closed the main gate completely. But later the vehicles and ambulances of the patients were let go. This did not cause any problem for the patients going to Sir Sunderlal Hospital. The walkway was also open.

There was pressure on BHU’s Naria and Seer Gate on Tuesday, due to the stoppage of vehicles from the jam main gateway. Both routes were jammed for a long time. Those who came in the peak hours in the morning and evening had to face a lot of trouble. People also had trouble going to the trauma center.


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