Rani Chatterjee, who is called the queen of Bhojpuri industry, is very active on social media. His pictures and videos become viral as soon as he comes on social media. She is the only actress from Bhojpuri industry who plays her lead roles. Even without a hero, his movies and music videos are super hit. 


A lot of Rani Chatterjee’s song is being seen these days. The special thing is that Bhojpuri and Bollywood actor Ravi Kishan are also in this song. The song of Ravi Kishan and Rani Chatterjee is named ‘Khola Khola Dori Choli Ke’. In this song, romantic chemistry is being seen between the two. Its music is also very cute. 


Udit Narayan sang a song


Ravi Kishan Casual and Rani Chatterjee are seen in a traditional look in Bhojpuri Song ‘Khola Khola Dori Choli Ke’. In this song, both the pair are being liked a lot. Its music is very good. It is sung by Bollywood veteran singers Udit Narayan and Deepa Narayan. The lyrics of this song have blossomed by Sudhakar Sharma. 


Watch the song of Ravi Kishan and Rani Chatterjee here

Found over 1 million views


The song ‘Khola Khola Dori Choli’ has been directed by Raj Sen and Dheeraj Sen. The song was launched on Wave Music’s YouTube channel in February 2017. The song has so far received more than 10 lakhs i.e. 1,093,037 views. Yeh Song Bhojpuri film ‘Jodi no. 1 ‘ Like this song, this film too became a superhit.


Rani charges 10 lakhs for a film


After this, Rani worked with all Bhojpuri stars including Ravi Kishan, Nirhua, Khesari. She takes 8 to 10 lakh rupees for a film. Rani Chatterjee is very active on social media and often talks about her routine life with fans. Along with this, she also shares her photos and videos with the fans.


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