Bhawanipore Did Not Get Runners Up Trophy In Calcutta League: Mohammedan (Mohammedan) Calcutta league champions on the day I got involved in unwanted controversy. Controversy – Kolkata league winners Mahamedan were given the champion’s trophy on Tuesday but runners-up Bhavanipur were not given any trophy! Prize money, medals—nothing. Not even called. Many were applauding the IFA for ending the Calcutta Football League. But this controversial debate is like a drop of lime in a bucket of milk!

What exactly happened? Mahomedan was the Kolkata League champions before going into Tuesday’s match against East Bengal. On this day, after the draw with East Bengal, Vijayotsav also started. But after that, the controversy started. One reason for the complaint is the format prescribed by the IFA. Bhowanipore played 14 matches and finished as runners-up, while Mahamedan became the champion after playing only 4 matches. And two, while Mahomedan was given the champion’s trophy on that day, Bhavanipur was not given the runner-up trophy, medal, or prize money – nothing.

In this context, Bhawanipur head Srinjay Bose said, “I would say complete mismanagement.” No one has been given the right to insult the IFA in this way. The IFA has always said that the parent body should be respected. But if you give respect, you get respect. I don’t remember that this thing has ever happened.” They say what they say. I can talk about the technical side. My speech is that we became runners after playing fourteen matches. And Mahamedan is the champion after playing four matches. Did it become an unequal competition? And if our boys were called today, given awards, they would also be encouraged.”

IFA – What are they saying? IFA Secretary Anirban Dutt was saying, “Let the games of the other division of the Kolkata League be over, after that the champions and runners-up teams will be rewarded.” Then why is there an exception in the case of Mahademan? Now Anirban’s answer is, “Since Mahamedan became the champion today, plus it was their last match, the trophy was handed over to them today so that they can celebrate with the members-supporters.”

IFA Vice President Sourav Pal was asked about this and said, “Bhavanipur’s demand is reasonable. It would be great if it could be done. The first thing is that Bhavanipur Club is the champion club in the qualifying round. The format of the Kolkata League is unfortunate where a team’s championship is decided after four matches are played. It was the IFA rules, the Durand Cup, and various issues. The presentation of runners’ trophies was discussed. But we could not honor the champion and runners team together due to lack of time. I apologize for this. I will tell the Bhavanipur club not to mind.” Swarup Biswas, another vice president of IFA, said, “Today, I have handed over the award to the champion team only. We have a plan, when the CFL is over, in the big event, the award, runner’s trophy will be given away with due respect to Bhavanipur.”

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