Bhagyashree was seen partying with her 4 friends, sharing this photo

The 1989 film Maine Pyaar Kiya was one of the superhit films of its decade. In this film, Bhagyashree appeared in the lead role alongside Salman Khan. Actress Bhagyashree started her film career with this film. In the meantime, Bhagyashree is very active on social media these days and is seen sharing her dance videos. Recently, he kept a party in his house in which his friends appeared to be having a lot of fun. He shared the picture of this party. In this picture, she is seen posing stylishly with her friends in a balcony on the sea shore.

At the same time, Bhagyashree wrote in the caption of the photos that, where you meet 4 friends and I do not know what to do. Whereas I like the sound of ‘action’. His friends were seen commenting on these photos. These photos of Bhagyashree are being well liked. Recently, the actress shared some pictures on her birthday too, which became very viral.

Let me tell you Bhagyashree started her career with a TV show. She had appeared in the 1989 film Maine Pyaar Kiya alongside actress Salman Khan. Both the pair were well liked by the audience. Actress Bhagyashree started her film career with this film. But it is surprising that after this film, Bhagyashree could not do anything special in Bollywood.


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