Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Lakshmi bringing tea for everybody. Neelam says Rishi is on bail, however what approximately the insult and defaming of Rishi and us. She says till this courtroom docket case will move on, this may move on. Virender says you have to have knowledgeable me whilst you went to satisfy the woman. Neelam says you didn’t say some thing while Lakshmi went to satisfy that woman with out asking anyone. He says everybody turned into pronouncing a lot, if I turned into wanted to mention some thing. Neelam says you didn’t discover the want to mention some thing. Rishi asks them now no longer to argue and says we can combat the case and win. Karishma says this woman could be very clever and player.

Dadi says you adjustments facet and instructed a lot to Lakshmi, and Neelam did right. Karishma says I certainly sense which you shouldn’t have long gone there. Ayush says I instructed you a lot the day before today, everybody is attempting to assist Rishi bhai, in case you can’t assist then don’t criticize. Karishma says I will slap you now. Just then Police comes there. Virender says we don’t count on you early morning. Inspector says your spouse Neelam went to Shanaya early morning and attempted to bribe her and threatened her to take returned the case.

He says while Shanaya refused to take returned the case, Neelam threatened her. He asks Rishi to return back to the PS for threatening Shanaya. Neelam says I threatened her and now no longer Rishi. Inspector says I am arresting your son, some thing you need inform in courtroom docket. Lakshmi asks Inspector now no longer to arrest him and says Maa went to her as she is a mom and loves him. Inspector says the day before today you had long gone and the next day your father in regulation will move. He asks Rishi to return back. Ayush asks for arrest warrant. Inspector indicates the arrest warrant and handcuffs Rishi. Virender says no person will visit that woman. Karishma known as Malishka and stated that Rishi is arrested again. Malishka asks what?

Neelam asks Nana ji to do some thing and produce out Rishi. Nana ji says that woman could be very clever, else she couldn’t face up to infront of Lakshmi’s words. Neelam asks him to return back there. He says he’s out if u . s . a . and could come there. He asks her to agree with Virender and says he’ll deal with the whole thing. Neelam thinks he can’t do some thing. Karishma says this came about because of Neelam aunty and asks motive force to take the automobile to the PS. Lakshmi involves the PS. Rishi asks why did you return back right here? Lakshmi says I am with you from my heart, and says I desired to inform you some thing seeing that morning, and a person turned into coming, so I notion to inform you. Rishi asks her to inform. Lakshmi says I noticed the dream wherein all of the accusations from you turned into relieved and you’re glad as before. She says I noticed this withinside the morning and my morning goals additionally fulfills. She asks him now no longer to get dissatisfied and asks him to agree with that the whole thing goes to be exceptional and don’t depart hope. Rishi says no person instructed me this manner to have agree with on hope. Lakshmi says the whole thing could be exceptional, Bau ji is attempting. Ayush guarantees Rishi that he won’t be right here until long.

Rishi asks him to take Lakshmi from there. Malishka comes there and says what the hell, how will you get arrested again. She holds his hand and says I can’t you spot this, she says luckily Karishma aunty instructed me. Rishi says not anything is in my hands. Malishka leaves his hand and says I will move. Lakshmi asks Malishka, what are you hiding, I recognize matters late, however in the end I recognize. She says I recognise what’s Rishi’s area for you for your existence. She says I recognize seeing you in Shimla hospital, you couldn’t prevent your self and got here right here. She says handiest a real pal comes and helps. She thank you her for saving her husband and says there are very much less pals like you. Lady constable asks them to depart. Malishka and Ayush move out. Lakshmi asks Rishi now no longer to fear and bear in mind early morning dream. Rishi nods his head.

Neelam cries seeing Rishi and her pic. Karishma asks wherein is Bhai? Neelam says he went to satisfy lawyer. Karishma asks her to take a seat down and asks her now no longer to cry. Neelam says I did a large mistake, and my son is jailed because of me. Karishma says Malishka is likewise seeking to keep Rishi and I am certain that she can be able to keep him. Neelam says even we’ve top contacts, however I did incorrect to provide her bribe. She says how the whole thing could be stored now. She needs Lakshmi’s kundali saves him, if that is attack. Karishma says I simply pray that Malishka’s strive get successful.

Lakshmi sees Shanaya giving interview to the reporters. Ayush comes there and asks Lakshmi why she is seeing the news. Lakshmi says she desires to recognize and asks if he’ll sense horrific if she says some thing. Ayush asks what? Lakshmi says we went to satisfy Shanaya and gave her respect, however she turned into gambling hints with us, she says we ought to deceive convey out her fact. She says the lie that is stated to keep a person, is greater than any fact. Ayush asks her to bear in mind her words. She says Mummy ji went to her and supplied her cash, however she needs greater than cash and desires to set her existence. She says we ought to show Shanaya’s fact to keep Rishi.

She says we ought to make her confess. Ayush asks why will she confess? Lakshmi says we can provide her cash and lots greater. He asks who will provide? She says you’ll provide and you’ll say which you are Rishi’s competitor Mr. Bindra. Ayush asks what I ought to do? Lakshmi says you shall ask for proofs towards Rishi after which she can be able to refuse, and we can document all her confession withinside the mobile. Ayush says it’s far difficult. Lakshmi says we will strive. Ayush says for rivals. He says while we inform her that we’re rivals, they’ll seek us on internet and that’s why we ought to make internet site at the internet. He makes faux internet site. Lady constable tells Rishi that his spouse is praying for her and could keep him. Lakshmi asks for faux employer papers and address. Ayush goes. Rishi thinks of Lakshmi withinside the lock up and thinks of her dream. Aap hamari jaan bangaye plays……

Precap: Ayush calls Shanaya and says we’ve existence converting provide for you and asks her to return back to motel paradise sherton. Rohan additionally hears the call. Malishka tells a person on telecellsmartphone that Lakshmi goes to do the equal mistake and this time Ayush is with her. Neelam tells Virender that this woman has already completed a lot and if she does some thing greater then our son could be trapped. Malishka involves the motel. She attempts to discover lakshmi who’s in disguise. Neelam tells Virender that if Rishi lands in trouble because of Lakshmi then she can be able to neglect about that she added Lakshmi right here to keep Rishi’s existence. Karishma hears them. Shanaya tells Rohan that that is Rishi’s own circle of relatives trick to lure her. Rohan says he’ll get Rishi jailed for atleast 10 years.


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