Bhagya Lakshmi

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The Episode begins offevolved with Rishi telling Karishma that she is proper, these items take place in TV shows, in which village female saves her husband from troubles, however that is fact and not anything occurs in it, however then additionally she attempted to do some thing for me. He says she isn’t always a metropolis female and is from a village, and doesn’t understand approximately metropolis, she simply knew that I turned into concerned and a female trapped me in fake accusations. He says she got here to keep me, and didn’t see herself or metropolis, and simply noticed me. He says Ayush is proper, all of us shall thank Lakshmi. Neelam receives disillusioned and goes. Karishma says rattling with this and asks Malishka to return back. Sonia takes Malishka from there, and calls Ahana and Devika. Dadi apologizes to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi takes her to her room. Rishi asks Ayush why don’t he inform him at office. Ayush says don’t scold me. Rishi thank you him and hugs him. He says I hate you. Ayush says I hate you too. Rishi’s telecellsmartphone rings. He selections Shalu’s name. Shalu asks how are you? He says I am fine. Shalu asks him now no longer to get irritated on Di. Rishi says I am now no longer irritated on her. He says don’t worry, I am together along with your sister. Shalu asks him to move Siman’s promise. He says Siman’s promise, I will contend with Lakshmi. Bani says you’re pleasant jiju of the sector and tells that she can be able to provide him gift. Rishi asks Siman’s promise. She says yes. He asks her to take care and ends the name.

Neelam involves her room. Virender says Ayush stated proper, he has matured and stated proper approximately Lakshmi, she had forgotten herself for Rishi. He says Lakshmi is a diamond. Neelam says you may say this as she is out of your equal magnificence, and says much like blood can’t change, even magnificence can’t change, even after doing a lot hardwork. Lakshmi comes there and hears them. She thinks why Maaji is speakme to Bau ji like this. She continues the water jug and glass, and says accurate night.

Sonia asks Malishka what’s she questioning? Malishka says not anything. Karishma says Rishi is changed, and asks her to assume. Malishka says Rishi has now no longer changed, and asks her to make Ayush understand. He is taking Lakshmi’s aspect much. Sonia says Ayush doesn’t concentrate to anyone, and he is aware of that Rishi loves you eventually, and that’s why he’s to your aspect. Ayush tells Ahana that he’s on Rishi Bhai’s aspect, however now no longer on Malishka’s aspect. Ahana says I want to see you Lakshmi Bhabhi supporting.

Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi is questioning a lot approximately Rishi. He says after they were given married, I notion they were given married because of Kundali, however she is so proper for him and it’s miles hard to discover such female in actual existence. He says she made him as his existence and Rishi Bhai is fortunate that she is his wife. Ahana says even I assume the equal. Malishka says Ayush is on Lakshmi’s aspect and tells that she has taken Rishi’s take a look at and he loves me. She recollects and a facebook is shocked. She says I attempted to devote suicide and he stored me like always. She says my Rishi loves me most effective and says he doesn’t even examine her, and gambling his element on my sayings. She says Rishi will by no means love Lakshmi. Rishi hears Ayush and Ahana and recollects Ayush’s phrases.

He involves his room and sees Lakshmi standing. He asks what befell Lakshmi? Lakshmi appears sad. He asks her to mention and lifts her head. She says she is looking headache medicine. Rishi says while anyone turned into thinking you, I didn’t get threat to get speak to you. Lakshmi says I did a mistake, the whole thing ruined due to me and your call ruined more. He says my call is getting ruined and those are telling in a roundabout way which you are unfortunate that you purchased me, and my good fortune is right that I were given you. He says human beings are telling that I am fortunate as you’re my wife, you combat with anyone for me, and says that is how my call is ruining. He says formerly I turned into valuable for you, and now you’re valuable for me. She says you’re pronouncing much like that. Rishi says I by no means lie till the problem is set existence and death.

Lakshmi cries. He says I talked accurate issue approximately you and you’re crying. Lakshmi says bau ji extensively utilized to mention this, that he don’t like till the problem is set existence and death. He asks in case you leave out him. Lakshmi says yes. He turns. Lakshmi continues her head on his shoulder and cries. Rishi continues hand on her shoulder. She holds his hand and cries. He thinks of Malishka and her suicide danger and the way Lakshmi stood with him. He asks her now no longer to cry. Lakshmi says I try, however. Song plays…Ishq hai aisi afat banalo. He wipes her tears and symptoms and symptoms her to smile. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi additionally smiles.

Neelam additionally thinks of Ayush’s phrases and couldn’t sleep in night. She receives up. Virender asks what befell, if she isn’t always getting sleep. Neelam says I can’t sleep till our son receives out of this mess.

Neelam and Sonia come to Shanaya’s house. Shanaya asks yes? Sonia asks her to forestall appearing and says don’t you recognize us? Neelam comes there. Malishka says I understand her, however don’t understand you. Sonia says she is Sonia, Rishi’s sister. Neelam says our bahu had come to you, she has achieved mistake that she didn’t convey the cash, however we’ve got introduced cash. Rohan is on name with Shanaya and asks her to name them inside. Shanaya asks them to return back and take a seat down. Neelam says we are able to now no longer take a seat down and says she will simply provide her five minutes. Rohan asks her to matter the cash. Shanaya says I need to matter and receives grasping seeing 50 lakhs. Rohan asks Shanaya now no longer to take the cash and asks her to refuse, says they’ll provide you 1 crore. Neelam asks her to take the cash and take returned the case. Shanaya says no, and says simply 50 lakhs for my recognize. Sonia says to your character. Neelam says I am imparting you cash, as I don’t need my son’s recognize to be ruined. She asks her to determine soon. Malishka says 50 lakhs is less. Neelam says double. Rohan asks her to refuse. Shanaya refuses. Sonia asks her to take 1 crore silently. Neelam says 2 crores. Sonia says Mom. Rohan asks her to refuse and tells the equal dialogue. Shanaya refuses and tells that she needs justice. Neelam says five minutes finished and tells that justice might be given to Rishi, who’s innocent. They leave. Rohan comes there and tells Shanaya that she will call for two hundred crores and more, as soon as Rishi receives arrested again. She says he’s already out on bail. He smiles.

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