Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Lakshmi telling Rishi that he will be satisfied that this marriage is constant because of him. He remembers Malishka’s phrases that he shall wreck his marriage with Lakshmi proper away. Rishi says I am seeking to recognize what I need. She asks did you get the solution and gives to assist him if he stocks his emotions with her. Rishi thinks Malishka become telling her the truth, however why I haven’t damaged my marriage with Lakshmi. He thinks if he doesn’t love Malishka then why did he sense awful listening to her marriage with Viraj. He thinks why the entirety is complicated. Lakshmi asks if the problem is ready business, and says she doesn’t recognize approximately it, however can decrease his anxiety. He asks how? Lakshmi asks him now no longer to disturb her, something she goes to do now. She holds his hand and closes her eyes. She then maintains her head on his head.

Neelam asks Virender to hit the thief. Virender thinks he’s going to die and could make me die too. Ayush says meow. Virender says it’s far a cat there. Neelam says I will test myself. Ayush hides. Neelam assessments and says there has been a person right here. Virender acts bizarre and says he’s going to drink water from the kitchen. Neelam thinks water is withinside the room, what become the want to visit kitchen to drink water. Ayush is handing to the wall.

Rishi asks what do you do? He asks if black canine will chew me now. She says no, I even have taken all of your anxiety from you and known as it in my mind. Rishi laughs and says you assert anything. Lakshmi says you become concerned and now laughing, so it confirmed effect. She asks him to inform that he’s relieved. Rishi thinks he’s wondering to betray and depart her, and she or he is supporting him. He says he’s feeling mild and unburdened. She does hifive with him and asks him to rest. Rishi smiles. She calls him cool dude and is going. He thinks what’s going on with him, he couldn’t apprehend.

Ayush thinks a way to manipulate my excitement. Virender comes out of his room and slaps Ayush. Ayush says don’t beat me and asks him to promise. Virender asks him to mention and says you’ve got got damaged Neelam and my sleep. Ayush tells approximately Malishka and Viraj’s roka day after the following day and marriage date can be finalized soon. Virender is satisfied and asks him to do gai dance. Neelam comes out of the room and asks who’s gone? Virender says cat went, which become in our room. Rishi comes there and asks in case your mild went? Ayush says you can’t come right here now. Neelam says I recognize you each properly and says you’re dancing surprisingly after he informed him the joke. Rishi asks why you become dancing at this time. Neelam says he doesn’t care approximately the time and place. She asks Rishi approximately the birthday birthday celebration. Lakshmi comes there and asks didn’t you all sleep? She says Sudeep informed which you have slept. Neelam says we had slept, however. Virender says cat had are available in our room. Rishi says birthday birthday celebration become good. Neelam is going to her room to sleep. Lakshmi tells Rishi that Viraj known as and insists to speak to you.

Lakshmi asks Virender why become he satisfied and asks him to mention. Virender thinks he become afraid that Malishka will take her place, however now his worry is gone. Rishi calls Lakshmi. Virender asks her to move and says you each shall live collectively usually and satisfied. Lakshmi hugs him and is going. Virender prays to Bappa to unite them. Lakshmi involves the room. Rishi says he isn’t getting his phone. Lakshmi searches it. She says it become withinside the room most effective. She searches for it and asks wherein did you hold it remaining time? Rishi says I become calling M…She asks Maa ji. Rishi says I become lacking her. lakshmi says it is probably withinside the cabinet and opens it. She asks him to return back and notice wherein he has stored the phone. Rishi unearths it withinside the cabinet, together with pockets and says I will take it. He is ready to take it, whilst the field falls down. Lakshmi asks him to speak to Viraj and says she can be able to select out the stuff.

Rishi calls Viraj and asks what’s the problem? Viraj says he desires to ask him approximately guy to guy communicate. He says I even have a sense that Malishka loves a person out of your residence, and she or he become harm as that character haven’t stored her from fire. Rishi asks him to return back to point. Viraj asks him to mention virtually and asks if Malishka is having affair with a person for your residence, Ayush or…..He says I like her or even she known as me simply now and stated that she likes me and desires to marry me. Rishi is shocked. Viraj says I agreed because of Lakshmi’s sayings and says I don’t need Malishka to repent later and asks do you suspect she is prepared for this marriage. Rishi asks him to speak to Malishka and says most effective she will inform you. Viraj asks if she is taking this selection from her heart. Rishi says can be Malishka desires to marry you, and says infact needs this, says there may be no scope of doubt. He says I will communicate to you the following day. Viraj thank you him and ends the call. He thinks Rishi become proper, Malishka desires to marry me and feels good. Lakshmi says Viraj is probably nervous, as anyone needs honest and sincere lifepartner. She unearths the loveband which Rishi claimed to had given to Malishka, because it become simply one.

Malishka thinks she become silly to throw the affection band after which went to get it back. She says you don’t deserve me and don’t love me. She cries and tears his pic. Lakshmi indicates the affection band to Rishi and asks what’s it? you had informed that it become simply one, and also you had given it to Malishka because it become now no longer in pair, then what’s it?

Precap: Kiran tells Malishka that if Rishi sincerely loves then you he’s going to apprehend that he can’t stay with out her, whom he loves himself. Malishka says this is me. She involves Rishi’s residence and asks if he didn’t inform every person that Viraj and her alliance is constant. Everyone is shocked. Malishka tells Neelam that if Rishi desires to live with her, then he has to interrupt his marriage with Lakshmi. Neelam is shocked…


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