Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Rishi let Malishka know that occasionally his likes her frenzy, don’t be grieved, its alright. She says it isn’t frenzy, yet fire. He says adoring resembles behaving recklessly. Ahana and Devika say that this is Malishka, assuming something occurs against her desire, what will occur. Rishi asks Malishka not to stress as he has a lot of work in office, so he won’t return home and won’t see Lakshmi. He says envy suits you. Malishka says don’t make it end. He says assuming you trust me, no issue will come throughout everyday life. Malishka says I trust myself more than you,

no person can leave me and go to that Lakshmi. Rishi says you are having such a lot of pride. Malishka inquires as to whether it isn’t right. She says Lakshmi has no class, I concurred for the marriage seeing her photos, my Rishi won’t ever like young lady like her. She kisses on his brow and cheeks. She says I love you and see you soon. She goes. Rishi grins. Ahana and Devika go from that point. Lakshmi comes there searching for Rishi. Rishi turns and sees Lakshmi standing. He requests that she rest, as he will work till late evening, and he will be occupied from tomorrow. He is going to go and reviews her words. He returns to Lakshmi and asks her not to think a lot, and says you look great while grinning. He says great evening and goes.

Following day, Rishi goes to the inn. Ayush requests that guardian request that Vinod leave the vehicle. Rishi lets Ayush know that they couldn’t focus on business and disregarded it. Ayush says I figured you will rest today after visarjan. He says lets accomplish the work. He says we need to take meet for the chief. Rishi says we as of now have administrator. Ayush says she went on maternity leave. He calls secretary and requests that he send the possibility for the meeting. Assistant sends her.

Malishka lets Karishma know that she was unable to bear to see Rishi with Lakshmi. Karishma says you have full right on her. Malishka says Rishi is considering me and closures the call. Ahana lets Karishma know that she prefers Lakshmi and says I truly like her. Karishma says Malishka is our family member and assuming Malishka and Rishi wed, it’s not possible for anyone to shake my spot in the house. She says Ayush is likewise prepared working for Rishi and says I won’t take off from my sibling’s home. She asks her not to utilize her mind and do as she says.

Malishka calls Rishi. Rishi says I was attempting your number and says you ought to have stand by. Malishka says are you battling with me. He says no. Malishka requests that he say I love you to her multiple times. He asks what is the funda of multiple times? She says at whatever point I get vexed, you come behind me in 5 mins. Rishi says I love you multiple times and the call gets detaches. He picks the call and says I love you 2 additional occasions. Lakshmi is available to come in to work. He requests that she say thinking her as Malishka. Lakshmi says how to say and is going to say I..Ahana comes there and says Nani is calling you. Malishka calls Rishi once more. Rishi says I love you. She inquires as to whether anything occurred. He figures he will not say else she will get hyper. She says I love you and finishes the call.

The applicant comes for Manager’s meeting. Ayush sends her to Rishi’s lodge. The young lady presents herself as Shanaya Thakur. He doesn’t take a gander at her and requests that she sit. He really looks at her profile and gets some information about her work insight. She says she is in friendliness industry since 7 years. He says you have changed occupation multiple times. She says I needed to work in your lodging, it is my fantasy.

Rishi says it is dream of many individuals, yet you are not able for the position. She holds his hand and says allow me an opportunity, I will keep you exceptionally glad. Rishi says your meeting is finished, kindly leave. She says you haven’t seen me. Rishi says what do you believe that you will manage job doing this and says we regard ladies and such thing isn’t valued here. She says I realize what occurs in the organizations and says we will simply have a good time and I won’t let anybody. She attempts to draw nearer to him. Rishi pushes her out and calls Security. She says I was allowing you an opportunity and you embarrassed me. Rishi requests that Security ensure that she don’t go to their office once more. Security takes her.

Lakshmi comes to Dadi and inquires as to whether she needs anything. Dadi inquires as to whether I am childish? Lakshmi says no. Dadi says when did you come here, you don’t have the foggiest idea how I joke? She requests that she unwind. Lakshmi says I got frightened. Ahana says Nani is cutest. Nani says even you have same right as Rishi, Ayush, Sonia and different kids. Ahana says Nani’s trick will go on. Dadi tells about her devilish side in her town. She requests that she show her Punjab through her eyes. Lakshmi tells about the place that is known for Punjab,

enormous ranches, wild oxen, cows, waterways, neighbors, relations with them, all the town resembled a family. Dadi inquires as to whether Gurudwaras are same. Lakshmi says they are same, it enjoys same harmony and dedication, individuals feel that whatever they got will get. Dadi says your voice has so honesty and pleasantness, and says I thought I went to Gurudwara. She inquires as to whether anybody let you know that your voice is sweet. Lakshmi reviews Rishi telling her and grins. Dadi says somebody told, however she was unable to say.

Rishi gives the show. Ayush says Malishka will be educated for the candles. Rishi says the subject will be. All at once Police Inspector comes there with Constable. Rishi comes outside. Assessor asks do you know Shanaya Thakur. Rishi says no. Assessor says I realized that you will say this. She has come for meet at 11 am. Rishi recalls and tells him. He asks how did she respond? Ayush requests that he come tomorrow. Controller says I am not conversing with you and tells Rishi that Shanaya thakur recorded attack case on you. Rishi is stunned.

Neelam calls Rishi and his telephone is ringing. Virendra says Rishi is occupied. Neelam alarms. She says she has conversed with Pandit ji, yet she isn’t stressed over what he had said. She says the present date is definitely not a decent number. Virendra says numerology, not again Neelam. Neelam says I would prefer not to blow up at this point.

Rishi lets Inspector know that he didn’t contact her and will not go to the PS. Overseer asks him not to drive him mad and requests that he come. Ayush tells that his sibling is Devta. Overseer requests that he come. Rishi says my father’s standing will be destroyed. He says how might you trust Shanaya, requests that he have her experience looked at. Auditor says atleast she came clean, and you lied.

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