Bhagya Lakshmi

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The Episode begins with Virendra calling Sanjay and asks do you need reward check or not. Sanjay says sorry sir, Rishi sir called me to design the space for flame light supper. Virendra gets glad and embraces him, and inquires as to for what reason didn’t you advise me previously. He gives him check and requests that he go. Dadi comes there and inquires as to whether he is conveying embraces too alongside cash. Virendra says Rishi had called Sanjay to enhance the space for flame light supper. Dadi gets glad and says Rishi is attempting to keep Lakshmi cheerful.

She gets some information about flame light supper. Virendra says I get everything and requests that she talk in low tone. Dadi inquires as to whether I fear anybody. Virendra says Neelam. Dadi gets strained. Virendra grins. Dadi chastens him. Virendra says I am extremely cheerful, however you kindly don’t tell anybody. Ahana and Devika hear them and leave from that point. Dadi says it isn’t not exactly a wonder, that Rishi is doing this when Malishka is at home. Virendra says somebody is causing him to do this, Ganapati Bappa. He says I petitioned Bappa that Rishi and Lakshmi will join together. Dadi says even I and says howdy five. She embraces him and says you are my top choice and dear to me. Lakshmi is going to her room. Virendra says Lakshmi’s bliss will be a lot of when she goes to Rishi’s room.

Lakshmi goes to her room and sees the adornment. She gets happy and grins. Rishi says I won’t call it as a shock, as you thought about it. Lakshmi says I didn’t realize that it will be so lovely. Rishi says Sanjay did this, I will offer your commendation to him. Lakshmi says however shock is yours. Rishi says you have the point. Lakshmi gives her hand in his grasp. Rishi is astounded and requests that she come inside. She strolls on the blossom petals holding his hands. Melody plays kabhi socha na itna pyar karo. Rishi eliminates the covers. Lakshmi takes a gander at the chole kulche and says you recollect it. She expresses gratitude toward him. Rishi says I will thank you for whatever you have accomplished for me. Lakshmi says no need of thank you, as our connection is such, we have taken adjusts and guaranteed each other to secure one another and I did likewise.

Rishi thinks you had taken the guarantee, yet I just represented Malishka and Mom and to save my life. Lakshmi says when I was doing this, I didn’t recollect guarantees or adjusts, I just saw you and needed to save you, regardless of whether anything happens to me. She says there is a strength in 7 rounds, they tie the two for 7 births. She gets sorrowful eyes and inquires as to whether she told a lot. He says indeed, we will discuss different births later and says let choose about this birth. Lakshmi asks what was the deal? Rishi says you are excellent, Lakshmi. Lakshmi grins while the tune tu meri aarzoo… .plays… .

Malishka goes to her room and is fretful. Sonia inquires as to whether she is thinking what is happening among Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka says there is nothing similar to that. Lakshmi says even you are acceptable, more acceptable than me. Rishi says there is nothing similar to this and asks her not to say.

Lakshmi asks him not to say. Rishi inquires as to whether she is duplicating him. Lakshmi says no, I am saying this as I feel frightened that assuming you acclaim me so great, I will get pride on myself. Rishi grins. Lakshmi says I am not kidding truly, on the off chance that you like me more? Rishi says as much, you don’t need me to like you. Lakshmi says no, I need you to like just me without question and says I don’t need you to adulate me. Rishi says I have seen the young lady interestingly, who don’t prefer to hear somebody commending her. He inquires as to why you will feel pride?

Lakshmi says in the event that ‘the Rishi Oberoi likes me’, I will feel pride. She says one will not have pride as it breaks. Malishka thinks God knows, what’s going on with they? She thinks botch is mine, I ought to have said something. Rishi says all is great, assuming you need then, at that point, can impart something to me. Lakshmi says I used to feel glad that I have best guardians of the world, however presently I don’t have them, and my pride is broken. He says at whatever point I meet you and invest energy with you, I decover a novel, new thing about you, in great way. He says beneficial thing will not be said about you. Lakshmi says you can say by eyes.

Rishi looks on. Lakshmi keeps her hand on the table and gets cut on her finger. He says he will bring salve for her. Lakshmi says it is little sliced and asks him not to stress. He gives her tissue to clean her finger.

Rishi asks her not to hurt herself. Lakshmi says will we eat? Rishi says I will serve. He serves her food. Melody plays… .He serves food in his plate and requests that she eat. Lakshmi attempts to eat and feels consuming sensation in her finger because of stew in the chole. Rishi wipes her finger with tissue and offers food nibble to her. Lakshmi says I will eat without help from anyone else. He inquires as to whether she will feel disgrace, on the off chance that he causes her to eat and says I won’t tell anybody. Ahana and Devika takes a gander at them and grin. Lakshmi requests that Rishi eat. He takes a chomp and afterward makes her eat. Principle phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…

.Devika says it appears bhabhi is harmed and that is the reason he is causing her to eat with his hand. Ahana says bhabhi is acceptable, bhai can’t avoid her. Devika says at whatever point he is with Malishka, he has anxiety and animosity all over and when he is with Lakshmi, he looks delicate and mindful as though he is getting harmony. Ahana says Malishka is keen on Bhai as a big part of her business is because of Bhai’s lodgings. Devika says Malishka is childish and difficult, what she needs will get, and couldn’t care less with regards to others’ opinions. Ahana says she doesn’t care for me, however enjoys Sonia. Devika says she doesn’t care for me. Ahana says Bhai satisfies every one of her desires. Devika says her desires are rarely correct. Ahana wishes that Lakshmi stays with Rishi consistently.

Devika says it is my desire as well and says we will uphold her without telling anybody. Ahana says alright, yet let me take a gander at them. Lakshmi says she had sufficient food. Rishi says even I, can’t eat desert. Lakshmi asks what is in desserts? She takes a gander at gulab jamun and yells enthusiastically. He says it is your top pick. She says I used to eat it when cake was cut. She offers him gulab jamun in the spoon. She says you caused me to eat the food and requests that he have it. Malishka comes there and sees Rishi going to eat gulab jamun. She tosses the jar. Rishi goes out. Lakshmi additionally comes out. Malishka says Ahana and Devika were standing and she didn’t consider the to be as it fell. Lakshmi says she will pick it. Devika says I will request that Servant pick it. lakshmi says its alright. She inquires as to whether you have any work. Malishka says she has some work with Rishi, however you both were appreciating supper.

She says I will converse with him tomorrow, I am going at this point. She goes. Rishi advises Lakshmi that he will converse with Malishka and come. He goes behind her. Malishka goes to the room. Sonia asks what was the deal? Malishka requests that she ask her sibling. Sonia comes behind her requesting that she stand by. Rishi comes there and asks where is Malishka. Sonia says she recently left. Rishi goes behind Malishka and requests that she converse with him. Malishka says you have desserts with her hand. Rishi says what’s nothing to joke about on the off chance that I caused her to have food with my hand. Malishka says you caused her to have food with your hand, it was heartfelt.

He says Lakshmi had a cut in her grasp and that is the reason I caused her to have food. He asks what is the issue, in the event that I caused her to have food once with my hand. He requests that she trust him and inquires as to whether this is your trust, I need to offer clarification to you. Malishka says I am possessive with regards to you, you got hitched because of me, really focused on her and eats with her. She says I can’t bear and won’t impart your adoration and care to somebody. She says it is only mine. She says she can’t impart him to anybody.

Lakshmi holds back the jar. She thinks Rishi went behind Malishka, despite the fact that she said that she will converse with him tomorrow. She thinks what was the desperation to converse with her?

Precap will be added later.


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