Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Rishi taking Sonia’s images, and says nowadays your images got here top through mistake. Sonia says she poses properly continually. Karishma says we will go away. Rishi says we will watch for Lakshmi. He receives Ayush’s call. He asks did you choose Shalu? Ayush says sure. Sonia asks why Shalu is coming? Rishi says in order that Lakshmi don’t experience by myself withinside the celebration. Ayush and Shalu argue withinside the automobile. He says I am taking you to Viraj celebration and asks her now no longer to expose attitude. He says I have to have added Neha, she changed into excited.

Shalu says you have to have added her. Ayush says Neha is right and has no attitude. Shalu says you don’t recognise her nicely and asks him now no longer to turn out to be her fan. Ayush asks her to inform, why? Shalu says I will now no longer inform. Karishma says we will go away and says they may be getting the calls. She says we are able to ship automobile for Lakshmi once we reached there. Rishi is ready to take a seat down withinside the automobile, whilst Lakshmi comes there, dressed as Heer. Rishi says Heer, beautiful. He smiles searching at her.

Rishi says we will go. They take a seat down withinside the automobile. Sonia asks how did you rectify the dress, it changed into cut. Lakshmi says she has stitched the patched at the cuts. She asks how do you recognize? Karishma says whilst we went for your room, we noticed it. Rishi hears them. Karishma says we will go away.

Malishka hugs her father. He receives glad seeing her. Viraj comes and greets him. He says you’re my family. Abhay says your dad changed into extra than my commercial enterprise accomplice and says he changed into family. Dada ji calls Abhay. Abhay greets Dada ji and desires him glad birthday. Dada ji sees Lakshmi coming there and walks in the direction of her. Abhay asks Kiran, how is she? Kiran ignores him and is going. Viraj asks Malishka if her Mom is comfortable. Malishka says thanks for inviting Dad, as we meet him handiest on parties. Ayush and Shalu attain the celebration. Her dupatta get caught withinside the automobile’s window.

She calls Ayush and says it’s miles caught. Ayush says even my automobile doesn’t like you. He attempts to open the door and says it changed into caught. He asks if she changed into dreaming approximately Hritik and says shall dream, even though it doesn’t fulfill. He says I am hero and could shop you. He asks her now no longer to transport and holds her. They have a take a observe every different. He says I will rely until 3 and we are able to pullthe dupatta. He pulls the dupatta and the door opens. They get uncomfortable and shy. Shalu says thanks. Ayush says I assist all people typically and says you aren’t a person special, simply Shalu. They stroll inside.

Dada ji involves Lakshmi and says I even have visible you somewhere. He recollects and tells which you are the equal female, who’s in my thoughts given that a protracted time. Lakshmi says we didn’t meet earlier than. He says I even have visible you in candies save whilst you changed into giving candies to Karan Kundra and his wife. She asks had been you there? Dada ji says I changed into going from there, and notion I did a mistake through now no longer assembly you,

and says atleast I might have regarded your call. Lakshmi says my call is Lakshmi. He asks if she isn’t always married. Lakshmi says I am married and says her husband is extra top than her. Dada ji thinks even his Viraj is right. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi introduces him as her husband. Dada ji blesses them. Rishi asks who’re you? Dada ji says don’t you recognize me? Lakshmi says Amitabh Bachchan of Shawa Shawa. Dada ji receives glad and says he’s Viraj’s grand father. Lakshmi touches Dada ji’s feet.

Malishka and Viraj come there. Viraj says you already met dada ji. Dada ji says she diagnosed me. Viraj says we can’t. Malishka says you’ll have get French beard like him. Dada ji says top suggestion. Viraj says Rishi is Ranjha. Rishi says I desired to turn out to be Singh of Singh King. Viraj says that is different. Dada ji says even I stated this. Dada ji says so Lakshmi is that this Ranjha’s heer. Malishka says even I am Heer and says if Lakshmi had advised me then I might have turn out to be a person else. Lakshmi says even you didn’t inform me.

Rishi says you’re looking as Simran of DDLJ. Rishi excuses himself as Malishka is going upset. Kiran argues with Abhay. Malishka collides with Kiran and tells her that the whole lot notion her as Simran and says Lakshmi is pairing with Rishi, and he have become Ranjha for her.

She sees Rishi and is going from there. Rishi is going at the back of Malishka. Malishka says I will now no longer listen something from you. Rishi says I got here to get water and now no longer to speak to you. He is going. Malishka is shocked. He thinks how did I behave with Malishka? Malishka thinks what is incorrect with him. He offers water to Lakshmi. Dada ji says you added water for Lakshmi. Rishi says whilst we had been coming here, she stated that she is thirsty and that’s why I gave her water. Dada ji appreciates their Jodi and says God made you each as a pair and wrote every different of their kundalis. He praises them.

Ayush and Shalu come there. Viraj introduces Ayush. Ayush offers him candy container as present and says in case you had saved French beard then others might have apprehend Amitabh Bachchan. Dada ji asks if she is your girlfriend. Lakshmi says my sister. Dada ji says ok. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she made a majority of these candies for Dada ji. Lakshmi says sure and asks why? Rishi says very top, I changed into simply asking. He says how did you get the container, because it changed into withinside the automobile. Lakshmi says you’ve got got given keys to the valet, so I requested him to get the container. Rishi says Mumbai female and appreciates her. She asks if he’s taunting her. He says you’re smart. Kiran tells Malishka that Rishi will visit whoever, his coronary heart desires to go. She asks her to do some thing to divert him in the direction of her, earlier than it stops beating for her. Malishka recollects Rishi getting jealous seeing Viraj and her together. She thinks she is aware of a way to get Rishi back.

Viraj asks Dada ji to return back and revel in the celebration, and asks what happened? Dada ji says I favored Lakshmi and changed into at love in the beginning sight with her. Viraj asks what? Dada ji says for you, and says I even have visible her earlier than her marriage and says she could be very beneficial and kind, she doesn’t take care of herself and cares for others. He says such women are out of inventory and says I continually attempted to go looking her and notion to restoration your marriage with her, however I couldn’t locate her. He says the fellow Rishi is likewise top. Viraj says God is aware of what is going for your thoughts, dada ji. Rishi and Lakshmi see Malishka upset.

The episode ends.


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