Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Neha checking out Rishi and Malishka embracing one another. Karishma says alright folks and goes to check out them. She sees Neha and calls her. Rishi and Malishka break the embrace. Virendra requests that Lakshmi converse with Neelam’s father and says he is my manager prior to turning into my sasur and requests that she save him. Lakshmi takes the portable in her grasp. Karishma asks Neha not to advise this to Lakshmi. Lakshmi welcomes Nana ji and says peri pauna. Nana ji says I heard this after a ton of time. He inquires as to whether Neelam is close to you. Lakshmi says no. Nana ji says he has taken her number from Virendra and requests that she take his number from him.

He inquires as to whether Neelam inconveniences you. Lakshmi says no, she resembles my mom. Nana ji says everybody is terrified of Neelam there, however she is frightened of me. He asks her not to fear in that house, as her solidarity Nana ji is with her. Lakshmi says alright Nana ji. He inquires as to whether Visarjan occurred? Lakshmi says yes. Nana ji requests that she plant tulsi plant in the visarjan mud and says my better half used to do this, I didn’t tell Neelam so she didn’t do, presently my heart asked me to handover your nani’s virasat to you. Lakshmi says I am extremely fortunate that you requested that I do this, and says she will certainly do this. Nana ji favors her.

Lakshmi returns Virendra’s telephone. Neelam asks what did Papa say? Lakshmi says he requested that I plant tulsi plant in the visarjan mud. Neelam says my mother used to do it, however Papa never requested that we do this. She says Papa gave mother’s virasat to you. Lakshmi says even he said something very similar. Neelam says Dad likes you, he prefers not many individuals. Virendra says even he enjoys me.

Rano hears him and says that is the reason he gave his girl to you. Virendra says he gave me his best thing. Neelam says whoever merits will get. Virendra says thanks to her. Neelam goes. Rano says your better half isn’t anything to joke about, she won’t ever chuckle. Virendra says yet I do. Dadi comes and calls Virendra. Rano says everybody is cherished of their moms, even Rishi who never declines his mom’s words. Lakshmi says what’s going on in this, the child who complies with his mom, will regard his better half, sisters and others as well. She says assuming Rishi is acceptable now, it is a result of Mummy ji. She says kids are guardians’ appearance and says even you may have seen the hero like Rishi. Bani says you have happened to your sasural. Lakshmi says they all are acceptable.

Karishma asks Neha not to advise anything to Lakshmi. Malishka says assuming you advise anything to Lakshmi, all our unexpected will be spoilt. Neha says shock. Malishka says it implies Neha didn’t hear and advises that I gave a plan to Rishi to take Lakshmi for a candle light supper, and that too in supper. Rishi says I told that I will cause her to eat at home, it will be shock. Malishka says you said this because of work.

Malishka says don’t tell anybody. Shalu hears them and says she won’t tell anybody. Neha additionally goes. Rishi expresses gratitude toward Malishka. Malishka expresses gratitude toward Karishma. Rishi requests that Ayush accompany him and admonishes him for not dealing with Neha.

Ayush runs and takes cover behind Lakshmi. He requests that Lakshmi save him from her better half and says I was unable to tackle his job and presently he is beating me. Rishi asks what do you feel that I will stop in the event that she advises me. Lakshmi asks Rishi not to beat her dewar. Rishi stops and takes a gander at Lakshmi. Ayush says you halted as Lakshmi said. Lakshmi and Rishi say sorry to one another. She goes to go.

Rishi takes a gander at her. Ayush additionally checks out Rishi. Rishi says I need to converse with you. Ayush says I have a significant work. Rishi and Lakshmi check out one another. Lakshmi thinks she asked him with the right and he likewise halted. Rishi thinks she said and I halted, why? They turn and glance back at one another. Naina tu buddy paas. Lakshmi goes to her room and thinks why she is feeling so cheerful. Rano says this can’t occur that Karishma thinks about their issue and says this can’t be valid. Neha says I am telling truth. Rano says I have no rest in my eyes since the previous evening, yet you resemble your dad.

Dadi comes there and asks what are they talking? Rano says she isn’t paying attention to me. Dadi requests that she tell. Rano says she is demanding to go in taxi, while I am requesting that she come in auto. Neha says my hair gets ruined. Dadi says I will request that Ayush drop you. Rano says for what reason to inconvenience him? Dadi says alright, I won’t tell Ayush. Rano says we can’t reject elderly folks’ idioms, we will go with Ayush.

Rishi comes to Malishka and inquires as to for what reason did she lie? He says I can’t do candle light supper with Lakshmi. Malishka says this is an amazement, so Shalu and Neha won’t tell Lakshmi, requests that he unwind. Rishi goes. Karishma says we need to converse with him. Dadi requests that Ayush drop Bajwa family to their home. Ayush says alright.

Lakshmi asks would you say you are saying truth? Shalu says indeed, and asks her not to tell jiju that she told as it is a shock. Lakshmi asks what is flame light supper. Bani asks didn’t you find in films, it will be enjoyable. Ayush hears them and thinks to educate Rishi. Rano goes to Lakshmi’s room and advises that Ayush is holding on to drop them home. Shalu inquires as to why? Rano asks would you like to go in auto.
Lakshmi requests that they proceed to embrace them. They go from her room. Rishi gets Ayush’s message that Lakshmi thinks about shock candle light supper, you need to eat with her. Rishi messages him where right? Ayush says going to office, and need to drop Bajwa family coming. Neha sits on the front seat with Ayush and thinks Neha concocted the rationalization to conceal her demonstration. She thinks on the off chance that Rishi succumbs to Lakshmi while acting, what, she thinks Lakshmi is a victor. Shalu thinks Neha needs to trap Ayush.

Neelam thinks about Virendra’s words that they will request that Malishka go to her room. Karishma comes there and says I need to converse with you. Neelam inquires as to whether you need to discuss Malishka. Karishma says you requested that Lakshmi do visarjan of Bappa, assuming I am feeling so annoying, think how Malishka would have felt. Neelam says it is off-base for Malishka to feel terrible and wrong to come here. Karishma says you requested that I make her total the customs. Neelam says I said this, as she is your family member and you need Rishi and Malishka to join together, infact they are ideal couple.

Karishma inquires as to whether just I needed that they will meet up. Neelam says even we all need, however we made Lakshmi as our bahu, and she is our bahu for society as well. Karishma asks will we fail to remember Malishka. Neelam says infact indeed, until further notice and requests that she request that Malishka leave from that point. She says it is useful for everybody, she ought to go. She says on the off chance that you know when I was glad last, since I came to think about Rishi’s markesh dosh, I am troubled, else you wouldn’t have said this. Karishma says I know. Neelam says what do you imagine that Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage resembles doing havan, when it finished, then, at that point, clean the spot and continue on. She says no, Lakshmi is a person and her connection is with Rishi and we all. She says I am concerned for Rishi, I made him Lakshmi’s significant other. He remains with her in a similar room.

She is a decent young lady, and he can’t discover shortcoming in her for a long time, her kundali is excessively solid to the point that he can’t imagine Malishka. She says he, at the end of the day, is a hero and can’t battle with his integrity. She says he will battle with himself, similar to us. She says Virendra is as of now feeling regretful and even I feel awful. She says I am a mother and for a mother, there is just my child’s life. She says I have done this, and in the event that the conditions are same in the future, I will rehash this as well. Karishma says what regarding Malishka? Neelam says Malishka is a decent fellow and Rishi’s joy, yet joy can be any young lady. She says nothing is more than Rishi’s life and his life is Lakshmi. She requests that she recollect what she said, prior to saying anything sometime later.

Precap: Malishka reveals to Rishi that she can’t impart his affection to anybody. She says she can’t impart him to Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi is a decent young lady. Karishma says that is the reason you like her. Lakshmi says she feels pleased that she is his significant other and says one will not be glad as it breaks. Malishka comes there and ruins their flame light supper second and pushes the jar to make it tumble down.


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