Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranbir asks Rhea why did you visit my room? She says, I noticed your pockets, so concept to offer it to you. He says it’s an antique pockets, I use new pockets now. I don’t need each person on this residence to do matters that Prachi used to do. He leaves. Rhea tells Pallavi that he nevertheless recollects Prachi.

Sushma offers a brand new saree to Prachi announcing while metropolis is changing, reason is changing, in case you extrade little bit yourself, then existence will routinely extrade. When existence is in a problem, it’s very vital to offer existence a brand new mission. Your ache will routinely reduce. Ranbir is doing the equal factor. He doesn’t consider you or time you spent collectively. He is best considering himself and his enterprise and is transferring on. You will ought to do equal factor. Not to reveal him down, however for yourself. You will ought to take first step. Pragya extensively utilized to put on saree like this.

Rhea is disturbed. She tells Pallavi that is why I requested you to do my and Ranbir’s marriage. He nevertheless has Prachi in his mind. If he sees her again, then he’s going to fall for her. Pallavi tells her, you’re being greater negative. He isn’t always remembering Prachi, he is making an attempt to get her out of his mind. Rhea says he must be irritated each time he thinks approximately Prachi. He must now no longer get emotional like this. He must best see one factor that he noticed Prachi and Sid collectively in a room. Pallavi can not forestall sharing her situation approximately Ranbir.

Rhea receives irritated. Pallavi says, that Prachi took my son’s smile. You will ought to deliver him happiness, however this won’t be clean. You will ought to deliver him time to restart his existence. Rhea asks why greater time? We had determined to stop Ranbir and Prachi’s relation after which Ranbir and I gets married. Sushma aunty simply got here and stated that Prachi won’t come returned on this residence,

then why are we now no longer following our plan? Pallavi says, I need you to get married, however Ranbir won’t get married simply through me telling him to. Give him a few time. Rhea says, you’re right. After Pallavi leaves, Rhea says that she forcefully has to accept as true with Pallavi. Pallavi neither have become an amazing mom nor an amazing mom-in-law. She will best pay attention to Pallavi till she receives married to Ranbir, after that she can be able to kick Pallavi out of Ranbir’s existence in addition to she fears from Pallavi’s love for Ranbir as well.

Prachi reaches Bangalore with Sushma. Prachi is in a brand new look. Sushma receives satisfied seeing Prachi stroll expectantly withinside the office. They visit a convention room. She sees Sid there and receives shocked. She begins offevolved getting flashbacks, Ranbir’s accusations. Sid says hello to her and asks how are you? Prachi runs out. Ranbir sees Prachi and takes out his sunglasses. Prachi loses her stability while she comes close to him. Her saree’s pallu is going on Ranbir’s face. Prachi sees him and receives shocked. He asks, are you okay? He offers her a hand. It seems that it became a few exclusive lady who fell close to Ranbir and Prachi fell down someplace else and a person else gave her a hand. Prachi involves a room and cries. A lodge personnel comes there and asks her if she’s fine. Sushma known as her and requested to test on her. Prachi says, I am fine.

Prachi thinks approximately Ranbir and says, it became so clean for Ranbir to take away her from his existence and circulate on, however it’s so hard for her to transport on. He ended the relation, however what approximately love? Love by no means ends. She cries announcing, why you aren’t with me, Ranbir? We took vows to stay with every other, however nowadays we aren’t collectively. I desire I should say to you that I will now no longer pass everywhere leaving you. I became irritated due to the fact you doubted my love. It’s been one month, however time has stopped for me. You are residing there with out me and I am slowly death right here with out you. Other side, Ranbir receives chest ache. Shiv asks him why he has saved his hand on his chest? Ranbir remembers him telling Prachi that after she doesn’t speak to him, he feels the ache in his heart. He tells Shiv to begin the presentation. Shiv begins offevolved the presentation, however Ranbir isn’t always capable of focus. He maintains considering Prachi and moments they spent collectively. He takes out his frustration on his personnel. In his frustration, he is taking Prachi’s call that she made him comprehend that… He leaves the room. Shiv wonders Prachi?

Sushma involves Prachi. Prachi says, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved like that there. You delivered me for Maa’s dream venture and I reacted like that seeing Sid. Sushma asks did you certainly have an affair with Sid? Prachi says no. Sushma says, then why did you run farfar from there? It appeared such as you have been scared to stand Sid. Prachi says, I became scared to stand my past. Sushma says, ladies ought to combat in each segment in their lives. I am happy that Pragya has taught you a way to combat. It’s precise which you left that residence due to the fact that combat became approximately your identity.

Precap: Ranbir receives livid seeing a video wherein Sid and Prachi are collectively in a restaurant. Rhea cries announcing they’re nevertheless collectively. They are so shameless. Sid tells Prachi that I will inform you the truth. Vikram Chacha, Pallavi Chachi, and Rhea’s truth.


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