Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 23th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Lakshmi telling that if they may now no longer pop out then she can be able to come there. She comes there and couldn’t see each person there. She thinks decorators left all stuff right here and left. She takes out the stuff and is going to hold. Rishi and Malishka conceal below the table. Lakshmi continues the stuff there, whilst her telecellsmartphone falls down and is going in the table. Malishka and Rishi are taken aback. Sonia involves Ayush and asks him to provide automobile keys as she desires to move on a protracted power together along with his friends. Ayush asks her to permit him sleep. Sonia says I will visit Bua and bitch towards you. Ayush says I will bitch to Neelam Mami and says then you may apologize to me. Sonia says she can be able to inform her that he spends time with Shalu. Ayush offers the keys and tells that he doesn’t need to pay attention lecture from mother and asks her to move. Sonia is going. Ahana hears them and tells Ayush that she can be able to now no longer inform each person, as she is aware of that Shalu isn’t always his type. Lakshmi sits to get her telecellsmartphone and appears inside. She receives her telecellsmartphone. Rishi and Malishka are in the back of the table. Malishka says we ought to meet secretly. He says there’s no different manner. Malishka asks him to make her experience that he’s simply hers. He says I am yours only. Malishka says I will move and meet Mom. He says why she didn’t come right here. Malishka says she turned into tired. Rishi asks her to recollect that she don’t want to win from each person, and hugs her. Malishka leaves.

Lakshmi is withinside the kitchen. Virender comes and asks if she didn’t sleep yet. She says she turned into going to sleep. Virender says he turned into making preparation, as Maa and Neelam move and feed the human beings subsequent day after anniversary. He says Karishma can even move. Lakshmi asks shall I come? Virender says children don’t come there and says if she needs then she will come. Lakshmi says ok, I will take care of residence work. Virender asks her to relaxation too. In the morning, Ayush is having breakfast and asks Lakshmi now no longer to inform Rishi that he got here right here simply now. Rishi comes there and sees Lakshmi and Ayush. Ayush says he got here one hour lower back and could come to workplace overdue. Rishi asks Ayush to test the mail. He opens his computer to test the mail. Lakshmi asks Rishi to have sandwich. Rishi says I am running. Lakshmi says you’re running the usage of palms and asks him to devour food. She makes him have sandwich after which attempts to make him have juice. Rishi says don’t do this. Lakshmi says I will now no longer inform which you fed me that day. Ayush smiles. Rishi receives a name from Malishka and she or he asks him to mention I love you. Rishi says there’s I love you in lyrics and says I love you. Ayush receives up and says I will await you withinside the workplace. He is going. Lakshmi asks whose name turned into it? Rishi says I am getting overdue for workplace and receives as much as move. He asks her to tell Mom and pop whilst they arrive from temple. He comes lower back to Lakshmi and takes his pen. Lakshmi smiles. Aashiq banalu…..plays……She thinks of Gurucharan’s words, Rishi’s moments with her, catching Malishka with love band and Rishi’s clarification.

Ayush and Rishi are withinside the automobile. Rishi asks why he got here in his automobile? Ayush says Sonia blackmailed and took his automobile. Rishi asks what happened? Ayush asks if it turned into Malishka’s name. Rishi says yes. Ayush says now you’re married, such matters aren’t good. Rishi asks him to forestall the automobile. Ayush stops the automobile. Rishi says I don’t regard this marriage as marriage, tells that he isn’t always awful, and don’t love Lakshmi. Ayush says she loves you. Rishi says you is aware of that Malishka and I love eachother. Ayush says anything you each have isn’t always love. Rishi asks are you married or have any girlfriend? Ayush says no. He says I realize higher what’s love, and says Lakshmi got here in my existence for a 12 months and that’s it. He asks Ayush now no longer to experience awful and says he isn’t always ignoring Lakshmi and could hold her happy. He says I apprehend your feelings, consider me, what I is probably going through. He says I turned into on my own in prison and the manner she turned into protective me and looking after me, I were given Lakshmi’s mind and later understood that I turned into considering her as there has been not anything else in prison. He says he is apparent approximately his love for Malishka and says we will now no longer communicate approximately this again. They take a seat down withinside the automobile again.

Ayush thinks you shall clean and now no longer me. He thinks it’s far excessive time, you shall understand which you love Lakshmi and accepts marriage with her. He says I will make you understand this.

Sanjay opens the door. A female asks can I meet Rishi? Sanjay says no one is at home. The female Jennifer asks him to name his wife. Lakshmi comes there and sends Sanjay to carry snacks. Jennifer introduces herself and tells that she got here to remind Rishi that he has to return back at 2 pm for inaugurating their jewelry store. She invitations Lakshmi there too. She says they’ve despatched the invite 2 months ago, whilst he turned into now no longer married. She says if she can be able to come, then they may experience good. Jennifer says I will name him. Rishi selections the decision and says I will come on time. Jennifer says I actually have a request. Rishi is busy checking the file. Jennifer asks are you able to carry Lakshmi with me. Ayush says telecellsmartphone is on. She asks will you carry? He says yes, we are able to come on time. Jennifer asks Lakshmi to return back. He tells Ayush that the showroom is of Malishka’s uncle so that they shall move. Ayush says in case you are going. He sees Malishka in the back of Rishi. Malishka hugs Rishi. Rishi receives taken aback and says that is shock. Rishi asks Ayush to mention. Ayush says I will attend the assembly and is going. Rishi says you naughty girl. Malishka asks him to hug her and she or he then hugs him.

Precap: Malishka tells her uncle that they may inaugurate and leave. Shalu sees them inaugurating the shop at the tab and receives taken aback. She informs Lakshmi approximately Rish’s affair and indicates the tab. Karishma calls Rishi or Malishka and tells that Lakshmi got here to realize everything.


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