Bhagya Lakshmi

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Rishi wakes up and sees Lakshmi blocking off daylight together along with her hand. He asks her what are you doing? She says, you had been dozing and daylight changed into coming. She asks him to sleep. He asks, you may live like that the entire time? She says, yes. He seems at her. She then says no. He says now I am awake. She asks if she ought to get coffee. He assessments his telecellsmartphone and says he has many meetings, he’s going to must visit office. He needs her satisfied new yr and is going for bathe. She smiles searching at her hand. She then recalls Malishka changed into additionally harm and thinks to name her and ask how she is now.

Malishka’s mom brings milkshake for her and asks if she changed into capable of sleep. Her telecellsmartphone rings. She receives excited questioning it’s Rishi, however it’s Viraj. Hearing her voice, Viraj asks if she continues to be mad. She says, I am exceptional and thank you for calling. She hangs up. Viraj says, what did I do this she’s behaving like this with me? Typical Malishka. He calls her again. Lakshmi is likewise attempting to name, however Malishka’s line is busy.

Viraj asks Malishka if he did something incorrect and tells her that she danced nicely the day gone by. He asks if she is aware of any occasion agency as he wishes to prepare an occasion for his grandpa. She is going to her touch listing to ship occasion agency’s range and sees Rishi’s call. She thinks he did now no longer name her final night. She will must block him now. Her mom asks why did you block him? She says due to the fact he has blocked me from his lifestyles. In past, he couldn’t withstand with out calling after our fight. He got here here. Her mom asks what is going to you get via way of means of blocking off him? She says I gets peace. I will suppose that I blocked him and now no longer that he blocked me.

There isn’t anyt any one to attend to me. Her mom says, Rishi is there. She says, Rishi is busy in looking after Lakshmi. I actually have visible Rishi could be very distinct with Lakshmi. How can I inform you that Rishi is changing, in reality, he has changed. I can see it clearly.

Rishi comes out of his bathe and throws his towel at the bed. Lakshmi takes it and tells him that Neelam referred to as him for breakfast. He is in rush. He sees Malishka’s bangle even as checking his documents and calls her, however can’t connect. He turns and bumps into Lakshmi who’s taking clothes. He takes them from her and asks, can’t you rest? She says, I am exceptional. He holds her hand and he or she screams. He says, you aren’t exceptional. Others will do residence work.

He offers her ointment and tells her to use it as he’s in rush and asks her to rest. Neelam brings breakfast withinside the room. Rishi says, I am in rush and could consume some thing withinside the office, however Neelam doesn’t permit him cross till he is taking a bite. She reminds him approximately a marriage they must visit tomorrow. Lakshmi smiles searching at Rishi, recalling how he took care of her. Rishi seems at her. She is going withinside the room. Shalu comes to fulfill Lakshmi. Shalu and Ayush encounter every other. Shalu saves

Ayush from falling. She asks him to mention thank you. He says why? I wouldn’t have fell in case you didn’t keep me. She attempts liberating him and he screams and says thank you. She says, you may have stated it earlier than only. He says, I did it purposely and asks her why she usually maintains bumping into him. They maintain fighting. He indicates Shalu how she humorous her stroll is. Shalu says, Neha walks like that. He says he didn’t recognize that he commenced noticing Neha a lot. He asks if Neha is at domestic proper now.

She asks why? He says similar to that. She says inform me why. He asks why do you question me such a lot of questions? Who am I to you? She seems on. He tells her to breath. He simply likes dialogues from a movie, so he used one talk on her. He tells her now no longer to take him seriously. She leaves. Devika involves him and asks what’s occurring? He ignores her query and leaves. Shalu smiles and says, ‘jhalla’( crazy) to Ayush.

Shalu involves Lakshmi and asks how are you? She says, I am exceptional. Shalu enables her with the ointment. Lakshmi seems at Rishi’s image and smiles. Shalu asks what happened? Lakshmi says, in childhood, every time I were given harm, you used to return back to me first and ask how I felt and Bapuji used to attend to me. Shalu says, sorry, I changed into going to return back… Lakshmi interrupts and says, Rishi changed into there with me.

He took care of me. He changed into so overdue for office, he didn’t have time to consume breakfast, however nevertheless he remembered approximately the ointment. In reality, he stated that if he had time, he could have carried out ointment himself. He cares a lot approximately me. Shalu says, you’re so pleasant that’s why. Lakshmi says, I am now no longer pleasant. Rishi does a lot for me, however I doubted on him that he has an affair. She praises him and says, he can by no means have an affair. Only I am in his lifestyles. Other side, Rishi reaches Malishka’s domestic. She receives indignant seeing him. He says, I love you, Malishka.

Devika keeps teasing Ayush and asks why he changed into flirting with Shalu. Ayush tells her now no longer to mention stuff like that and leaves. Sonia hears this. She involves Devika and scolds her for becoming a member of Ayush’s call with Shalu. Devika says, I changed into simply joking. Sonia says that is the way it starts. She tells Devika now no longer to pressure her to recollect that she isn’t her actual sister. She would possibly have emotions for middle-magnificence people, however she or her own circle of relatives don’t. Devika receives harm and cries.

Malishka ignores Rishi. He grabs her hand and asks if she blocked him. She says yes. He asks her to unblock him. She asks why. He says, in order that I can name you. She says, proper… the day gone by and this morning you referred to as me such a lot of times. You had been lacking me a lot which you got here to fulfill me here. He asks, why are you being so sarcastic? She tells him to invite himself. You have blocked me out of your mind, your lifestyles, so I determined to dam you as nicely. I am now no longer going to unblock you. He says, you may have referred to as me too. She asks, did I ever name you after any fight? No. Why could I this time? He says, however you got here domestic after fight.

She says, due to Viraj. He says, lie. You desired to look me and this is why you got here domestic. Diwali changed into simply an excuse. She says, you realize I love you a lot, however nevertheless you referred to as Lakshmi your spouse in the front of me and cared for her as opposed to me. He smiles announcing a lot jealousy. That is why you’re indignant proper? He asks her to apprehend him and supply him a few area. She says, so Lakshmi can input in that area and I cross away, proper? In reality that’s what’s happening. He says it’s now no longer like that. Only she is in his heart. He tells her that if he’s in her residence and speakme to her, then it’s Lakshmi at the back of that. He asks her to accept as true with him. She says, I am going to Viraj. Rishi seems on.

Precap: Rishi tells Malishka every time I am with you, I sense distinct, crazy. I can take anyone’s lifestyles, even my own. If I ever love Lakshmi, then I won’t even have a take a observe you. Other side, an aged female blesses Lakshmi for her married lifestyles. Malishka receives indignant seeing Rishi blowing air on Lakshmi’s face and smiling. Karishma additionally sees it and thinks Malishka might not do something, however I will break your lifestyles, Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells Rishi, I recognise what’s occurring among you and Malishka and I recognise the purpose for that as nicely that I am for your lifestyles now. Rishi seems on.


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