Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 22th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Nana ji asking Lakshmi to hug him and say peri pauna. Lakshmi hugs him and says peri pauna. Neelam is surprised. Nana ji asks Rishi what changed into he telling, that if she will be able to compete with him or now no longer. Malishka says first cake slicing will be carried out, we are able to communicate later. Nana ji asks Karishma, if he’s associated with her. He asks her to inform Malishka that every time he talks, simplest he talks and no person shall communicate inbetween. Karishma asks Malishka now no longer to speak in among. Malishka says sorry, and tells Karishma that she stated as he requested her to moved quickly up. She says he doesn’t like me. Nana ji asks Rishi how he to discover if Lakshmi can compete with him or now no longer? Rishi says Lakshmi, do you don’t forget that I had promised my pals that we can dance. A facebook is shown. Lakshmi says I don’t forget however dance. Rishi says yes. Virender asks Lakshmi to bop. Lakshmi asks a way to dance. Rishi whispers in her ears that they’ve to bop, to maintain anyone busy until the cake comes. Lakshmi says ok. Nana ji asks Rishi what did he inform that she agree? He says I stated I like her, and likes to bop together along with her. Ayush says I will play songs, I am DJ now. He asks them to return back and take them to bop. Malishka receives disillusioned and is set to cross. Karishma calls her. Rano involves Karishma and says this shadeation is suiting you, and you’re looking handsome. She thinks she can be able to smile as I praised her, thinks anyone is hungry of appraisal. She asks Karishma to reflect onconsideration on Ayush’s marriage. Karishma is going.

Lakshmi says do you don’t forget that your pals requested you to bop. He says his all guarantees are Siman’s guarantees. He holds her Lakshmi and begins offevolved dancing together along with her. Na seekha maine…plays…..Malishka receives jealous seeing them dancing. Everyone enjoys their dance.

Nana ji says Rishi is a higher dancer, however Lakshmi is greater higher than Rishi, as she lived the dance and have become of Rishi together along with her coronary heart. He says I noticed this type of lovely love for the primary time. Everyone claps for them. Ayush says properly carried out to Lakshmi. Rishi congratulates Lakshmi and whispers in her ears that cake is arrived. Nana ji says cake slicing time. Malishka asks Lakshmi to carry it. lakshmi says I will carry and is going. Sonia, Karishma and Malishka gossip that what purpose will she deliver for now no longer bringing the cake. Lakshmi brings the cake unexpected the trio. Everyone sees Neelam and Virender’s wedding ceremony % at the cake. Nana ji acknowledges it. Rishi tells that Lakshmi requested for the % and so he gave. He says we could reduce the cake. Neelam and Virender reduce the cake. Neelam makes Virender have cake. Virender then makes Neelam have it. Neelam makes Nana ji, Dadi, and others. She asks Lakshmi to have the cake and makes her chachi and sisters have it. Virender says I will make her have cake and makes her eat. Neelam’s pals recognize Lakshmi for preserving up their culture. Dadi praises Lakshmi. Nana ji says Lakshmi is ideal at coronary heart, and praises her. He says now it’s far my flip to offer you gift, which I gave to Lakshmi and Rishi. He says honeymoon tickets and says he’s joking. He asks Virender if he’s nonetheless afraid of Neelam. Everyone laughs. Nana ji says I got here right here to seize those moments and notice it every time I omit it, and says secondly I got here to satisfy Rishi and thirdly I had come to hug Lakshmi. Lakshmi hugs him. Neelam receives disillusioned.

Ayush asks Rishi if they are able to cross overdue to office. Rishi asks what? Ayush asks if I can come overdue tomorrow. Rishi says no, 8:30. Ayush says I am being exploited and says allow me sleep. Rishi says ok, come overdue tomorrow. Ayush hugs him. Lakshmi involves Rishi. Ayush asks her to address Rishi. Lakshmi says I am satisfied that everybody went properly. Rishi says you’re famous person of the event.
Lakshmi says even you, and thank you him. She says in case you haven’t helped me on the quit second, then all my hardwork could have long past waste. He says anyone changed into praising you withinside the birthday birthday celebration and asks her now no longer to offer credit. She says if cake could had been ruined, then anyone could had been disillusioned. She thank you him for his well timed assist and reward him, says you’ve got got introduced the cake. Malishka says I misplaced because of Rishi, and thinks Lakshmi gained from her.

Virender tells Neelam that it changed into a super night, and tells that this second will maintain close to his coronary heart always. Neelam asks what has happened? Virender says your smile. I get very satisfied whilst you laugh. He says I even have recording. She says she laughed for a second. He says your function will now no longer get less, in case you laugh. Neelam says I am now no longer liking seeing Papa liking her, and says I concept Papa will now no longer like her,

and I will inform him that the wedding ended after a year. She says if Papa involves understand the actual purpose, then what is going to happen. Virender asks her to stay for today. Neelam says I am now no longer you. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he’ll take her credit, ok. Malishka is going disillusioned. Rishi is going at the back of her. Malishka tells that I even have misplaced from Lakshmi and spoils everytime. Rishi says what happened? Malishka says why did you carry new cake? She says your dad changed into praising her lots and tells that she has spoiled cake together with Karishma, and were given a brand new cake, however you’ve got got ruined. He says you’re excellent and tells that his emotions will now no longer change.

Malishka asks why you bought the cake. He says for mother and dad, and says I will assist her once more for mother and dad. He says you shall now no longer are available Bua’s talks and says you aren’t such man or woman who’s bad. Malishka says I don’t like sharing and says I am given that your love, care and subject are dispensing among Lakshmi and me. She is set to cross, Rishi pulls her seeing Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks who’s hiding there and calls Ahana, Bau ji. She says I will now no longer get scared and asks Bau ji to return back. She says I will come there. She comes there.

Precp: A jewelry shop worker invitations Lakshmi to the jewelry shop, and tells that Rishi is coming to inaugurate their jewelry shop. Lakshmi says I will come. Later Shalu reveals Rishi and Mallishka’s withinside the information and tells Lakshmi approximately their affair. Karishma tells Malishka or Rishi approximately Lakshmi coming to understand everything.


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