Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 22th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Rishi asking Lakshmi now no longer to reward him. Lakshmi says that is truth, you’ve got got supported me from day 1 and reminds him that she had come to his workplace and concealed in his cabin. She says Shalu noticed your picturegraph there and instructed which you are handsome. Rishi asks what did you think? She says not anything, however there has been a few connection among us, now no longer of this delivery, however of many births, and that’s why we met and united. She is ready to cross, he holds her Pallu. Alvida track plays….Rishi says first you’ve got got to inform the entirety.

Lakshmi says what? He says something and says I want to pay attention you, and experience peace at heart. Lakshmi says we get compliments approximately the appears and you’re complimenting me on my talks. He asks her to retain and smiles. Lakshmi says don’t have a take a observe me this way. Lakshmi says it feels unusual and asks him to say. He asks in case you experience peace once I talk. She asks shall I replica you or say some thing original. He says original. Lakshmi says while you talk, I experience your lifestyles in my existence. He says this praise is good.

Lakshmi says it’s miles good. Rishi asks her to say. Lakshmi asks him to invite her and says she can be able to reply. He asks whom you want the most? Lakshmi says Bau ji. Rishi asks her to take a few different name. She says my sisters. Rishi says now no longer blood family and asks whom you want in our residence. She says mummy ji. Rishi says leaving every body, and says whom you want among Ayush and me.

Lakshmi says I like Ayush extra than you. Rishi says you’re unusual, and says you want every body and says you took every body’s name, leaving my name. Ayush comes there. Lakshmi says I don’t like you. Rishi says you don’t like me. Lakshmi ays you’re in me, my identification and soul. She says that’s why I simply don’t like you, however love you. She says I love you and hugs him. Rishi holds her hesitantly. Ayush smiles listening to her love confession. Sindoori lagta hai….track plays….

She hugs him again. Rishi holds her. Ayush comes out of the room and thank you God, for making this Jodi. Karishma comes there and asks what’s he doing here? Ayush wears googles and asks if he is calling nice. Karishma goes to Rishi’s room. Ayush stops her and says don’t cross there. Karishma says I need to speak to Rishi, it’s miles urgent. She says Malishka’s mother known as and stated that she would possibly do some thing. Ayush says it’s miles nautanki. Karishma says I want to speak to Rishi and is ready to cross. Ayush acts and says I am the doorstep son. Karishma says cross and notice your delivery certificate. Ayush says it is probably fake, and suggests his tears. He says I experience that I am the doorstep son, you don’t deal with me. Karishma asks what befell to you, my son.

Lakshmi involves Rishi and asks can I say? Rishi says sure and asks her now no longer to maintain her emotions in heart. She says don’t maintain moist towel at the mattress and says it’s miles a horrific habit. She says I am seeing this from the day 1 and says scent will come from the mattress, you live smooth and asks him now no longer to do this. Rishi says you scold me much, as I am liking it and you’re scolding me together along with your rights. She says I am telling seriously. He guarantees her.

Karishma asks Ayush what befell? Ayush says he had breakup and asks her to live with him for two days. Neelam comes there. Karishma tells her approximately Neelam. Neelam says we will get him married to that lady, we have to deal with this with care and shall meet that lady’s family. She asks who’s that lady? Karishma says sure and Ayush didn’t point out approximately her. Ayush runs to are trying to find Virender’s help.

Lakshmi and Rishi collide with every different. She collides with him again. He asks why she collided with him. She tells the village cause that black canine will chunk them. He laughs and collide his head with her. She says that is stated in our village. She collides his head with him and that they fall at the mattress.

Ayush involves Virender’s room and tells that Rishi and Lakshmi had been hugging, and I were given emotional and were given teary eyes. Virender receives happy. Ayush tells that Mom got here there and I stopped her from going there and gave cause of damage up. He says Mom instructed Mami approximately my breakup. Now they need to realize approximately the lady. Neelam and Karishma come there. They ask approximately the lady with whom he had damaged up. Ayush says Mama ji is aware of the entirety.

Neelam says what befell to you, who knew the entirety and didn’t inform me. Virender says I didn’t realize and says I didn’t realize that he has hobby in guys. Karishma asks if my son will convey husband on this residence. Ayush says I am first-class and okay. Karishma asks are you first-class? Virender says there’s not anything like lady and guy, he were given emotional as he misplaced enterprise project. Karishma says you’re careworn approximately enterprise. Ayush says once I misplaced that project, I felt breakup. Karishma asks him now no longer to experience horrific and says you’ll get any other project. Ayush thank you Virender.

In the morning, Lakshmi movements the curtain and the daylight falls on Rishi’s face. She maintains her hand on his brow in order that his sleep don’t get disturbed. Tu thodi der plays……Rishi opens his eyes and appears at her.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Shalu that she doubted on Rishi that he’s having an affair, and says how can I doubt him. Rishi involves Malishka and says I love you. Lakshmi says he has simply me in his existence. Rishi tells Malishka that every time he’s with her, he feels different, mad, loopy and violent. He says he can kill absolutely each person and himself too. An antique woman involves Oberoi’s residence and blesses Lakshmi. She blesses her husband to have lengthy existence and loves her so much. Rishi says if I love Lakshmi, then will now no longer have a take a observe you. Malishka appears at him. An antique woman blesses Lakshmi to have prosper. Karishma hears them and thinks to damage Lakshmi.


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