Bhagya Lakshmi

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The Episode begins with Rishi inquiring as to whether Shanaya is solid or not, how might you trust her without really taking a look at her experience. Controller says she is more solid than you, as she came clean with all and you deceived me. He says I asked you, on the off chance that you know Shanaya Thakur and you lied.

Rishi says I didn’t lie, she had come here for a meeting, I truly don’t have the foggiest idea. Many individuals come here for talk with, I was unable to recollect everybody. I had recently seen her document and afterward she left. He won’t go to the Police station. Overseer says you need to go to the PS, even your relatives will come. Ayush and others attempt to stop the Inspector. He inquires as to whether you realizes who is Rishi Oberoi? Overseer says do you realize who am I? He says you are preventing me from tackling my job, I will capture even presently.

Media comes there and begins tapping the photographs.. Columnist asks did you attack the young lady? She asks what was your relationship with the young lady. Other correspondent gets some information about it? Columnist asks how might you do this? Rishi says I didn’t contact her. The columnist says why the young lady will destroy her regard. She lets the watchers know that this is Rishi Oberoi’s genuine face. Rishi requests that Ayush tell Dad and not others. The journalist tells that he was in the information for his marriage, and presently attacked a young lady and he isn’t embarrassed about his wrongdoing and acted mischievously with media. She requests that Cameraman come, as his family may have arrived at the PS, we will get genuine masala there.

Virendra goes to the kitchen and tells that he is getting the acceptable smell of food. He says he generally thought to have food at 8 pm. He says as you have come, we will eat at 8 pm now. Lakshmi says you are applauding me a great deal. Virendra says I need food at 8 pm, couldn’t say whether it gets wrapped up by 9 pm. Lakshmi says whatever I make never get less. Virendra says you are Annapurna. Lakshmi says even Bau ji used to say this. He asks what are you making in food? Lakshmi says shahi paneer, dal makhani and jaggery in desserts. He says jaggery, extremely terrible. She says we will discard desserts subsequent to having great food. He does greetings five with her and says you are my companion as well, and my most loved one.

You will deal with my wellbeing. He says on the off chance that somebody asks you not to make food, let cook makes nourishment for them, however you make nourishment for me. Ayush calls Virendra and requests that he listen cautiously. He tells that he is going to the PS and requests that he mastermind the legal counselor. He says Rishi is captured for attack charges. Virendra drops the telephone on the ground. Lakshmi asks what was the deal? Virendra says nothing and goes out. He says he will come. He requests that Sanjay bring his vehicle keys without telling Neelam.

The columnist lets another journalist know that this news will cause Rishi and his family to endure misfortunes. She says they need to make resorts in Bangalore, however who will contribute now. Other correspondent says he isn’t demonstrated blameworthy. She says yet we will get the news. Rishi is brought to the PS. The columnists barrage him with many inquiries and pose on the off chance that he has illicit relationship with her. Rishi is stunned.

Shanaya comes there. Rishi inquires as to whether she isn’t feeling embarrassed to blame him wrongly and asks her to tell for what reason he pushed her out of his lodge. Examiner says she let me know that she declined your blessings. Rishi says she is lying and tells that when he had wouldn’t give her the work, she embraced me coercively and said that she will do anything. Rishi says I disagreed and pushed her out of my lodge. Ayush says this young lady is lying. Investigator tells that he won’t leave them and requests that Rishi perceive the amount she is frightened, he says assuming your dad is rich, you will do anything. He says even I have a girl and I won’t leave such individual.

Shanaya says thanks to Inspector not to leave him and says I was not fit to satisfy his requests, and he requested that I fulfill him to land the position. She says when I rejected, then, at that point, he attempted to constrained me. She says when I attempted to run. He pushed me to turn out to be acceptable infront of his staff. Ayush requests that she shut up and says my sibling can’t do this. Controller requests that Constable put Ayush in the lock-up. The columnist says Rishi’s sibling is put in the slammer for taking side of Rishi. Ayush requests that the columnists get out.

Lakshmi serves supper to everybody. Neelam requests that Sanjay call Virendra. Sanjay says he went out in a rush. Karishma gets the information on Rishi’s capture. Neelam asks what was the deal? Karishma looks on stunned. Devika, Ahana and Sonia get calls and messages. Ahana says this can’t be valid. Devika gets a call and says this is false. Dadi asks what was the deal? Neelam gets a call and asks where are controllers gone? Sanjay says Virendra sir took the remote.

Neelam requests that he bring another remote. Sanjay gets the remote. Neelam turns on the camera. Everybody watches correspondents asking him for what reason did they attack Shanaya Thakur, when he got as of late wedded to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says this is completely false. Neelam says I can’t let him be, and will go. Lakshmi says even I will go. Neelam requests that she be with Dadi and goes with Karishma. Lakshmi cries.

Malishka gets a call and gets stunned. She then, at that point, calls Rishi and Ayush. She thinks they are not picking the call. She watches the information on Rishi’s capture and correspondents addressing him. She requests that Driver take her to the PS and calls Lawyer. Virendra arrives at the PS. Rishi lets Virendra know that he didn’t do anything, have not contacted her. Virendra says you are my pride, I realize you haven’t done anything. Columnist lets watchers know that Rishi’s mom has shown up, lets see what is her interpretation of this? They question Neelam.

Neelam says Rishi is honest, he is our pride and tells that their family esteems are model for other people. She says this load of allegations are off-base and requests that she show to the watchers what she said. Columnist says each mother trusts her child and feels pride. She says Shanaya’s allegations match with Rishi’s assertion. Neelam inquires as to whether you will choose or court will choose. She says I will allow my child to have media preliminary, assuming anybody composes or show anything wrong against my child, I will sue that channel. Columnist says Rishi’s mom is compromising us, however we will draw out reality and won’t be terrified.

Dadi gets stunned. Lakshmi requests that Ahana switch off TV and says Mummy ji said right and will deal with. Rishi asks Neelam for what good reason did you come here? Karishma inquires as to why Ayush is here? Neelam asks Inspector. Reviewer says he won’t say. Virendra gets attorney’s call and Lawyer tells that bail wasn’t possible, as until he arrived at the court, judge went. Neelam says my child can’t be here in night and requests that Inspector leave Rishi and Ayush. Lakshmi appeals to God and says you realize that Rishi is exceptionally honest and regards ladies. She requests that God take care of all the issue and brings him home demonstrating his guiltless, get him far from every awful individual.

Auditor says your child is blameworthy. Shanaya inquires as to whether she can go, she has given the photographs. Constable says I will drop you. Neelam asks Shanaya for what good reason are you accusing my child wrongly. Shanaya inquires as to whether you was there, no. She says for what reason will I lie. I had gone for meeting and he attempted to draw nearer to me. He requested that I satisfy me, assuming I need to land the position. Neelam is stunned.

Precap: Malishka asks Inspector for what valid reason he kept them in a correctional facility. Controller asks her not to give him address and requests that she bring bail papers. Malishka says she has brought bail papers. Dadi tells Rishi that Neelam and Virendra will free you. Neelam says we didn’t do anything, Malishka got his bail. Rano tells Lakshmi that I told you not to wed Rishi, yet you was showing mentality to me. Lakshmi says Rishi can never be off-base, can’t do this with any lady. Rishi hears her words. Shanaya converses with somebody and says he showed me out of his office, I will kick out his tranquility from his life. Karishma lets Malishka know that this young lady isn’t careless, yet sure and extremely cunning as well. Shanaya says this is only the beginning, presently you see how I manage Rishi Oberoi. Rishi gets dismal. s


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