Bhagya Lakshmi

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The Episode begins offevolved with Rishi telling Viraj that Malishka isn’t always withinside the body of thoughts to marry anybody now. Viraj asks do you realize her so well. Rishi says yes. Kiran asks approximately Malishka. Viraj tells her and asks Rishi to assist him, as he goes to speak to his Dada ji. Malishka says permit Dadu assume some thing is he wondering and says he doesn’t realize the reality, however you realize the reality. Abhay says reality is modified with time and attempts to persuade her to marry Viraj. He says Viraj will hold you glad and doesn’t realize approximately your beyond.

He says viraj’s dada ji loves you a lot and could hold you as his daughter, and says it’s far a blessing for me to peer my daughter on this family. Malishka says I simply love Rishi and could make him as my lifestyles partner. Abhay says Rishi is your beyond now and tells that marriage isn’t always for a year, however for lifetime. Malishka asks why your marriage broke off? Abhay says my marriage didn’t paintings as your Mom desired a Servant and now no longer a lifestyles partner. He says Marriage is the knowledge among the 2 and now no longer the rule. He says I actually have visible knowledge, aid in Lakshmi. He asks her to examine herself and asks her to assume why Rishi desires Lakshmi’s kundali, why? To shop his lifestyles. He says till Rishi will goodness, and says I am calling her candy in only one meeting. Malishka says Dad. Abhay asks her now no longer to mislead herself and says Rishi is a superb man and could now no longer depart Lakshmi with none reason. He says I advised you the distinction among the reality and illusion, some thing making a decision I need to agree.

Dadu asks Lakshmi, if he advised proper with the aid of using saying the marriage. Lakshmi says do I want to inform you, I realize which you are the whole lot for Viraj and you adore him a lot. Dadu asks how do you realize? Lakshmi says she turned into from village and all of the village turned into a one huge family. She says I realize which you love your grand son greater than your son and says you didn’t do incorrect with the aid of using making this announcement. She says Viraj will hold her glad and says he would possibly love her a lot. Dadu says I concept there’s some thing among them. Rishi and Viraj listen her. Lakshmi says you’ve got got taken proper choice and says each Viraj and Malishka match every other.

Dadu says Lakshmi stated that I did proper. He is ready to hug Viraj. Rishi says Viraj doesn’t need to marry Malishka and says he isn’t always of the marriageable age. Dadu is surprised. Lakshmi asks why are you saying? Rishi says Viraj shall talk to Dadu. Viraj takes Dadu to speak to him. Rishi receives disenchanted with Lakshmi and is going. Lakshmi is going in the back of her. Rishi asks her to act and asks what you turned into telling Viraj’s Dada ji that they match every other. Lakshmi says it’s far reality. Rishi says you don’t realize some thing approximately Malishka and asks if you’ll determine approximately Viraj. Lakshmi asks what happened, why are you behaving this way. Rishi says I am irritated as Malishka’s marriage is fixed. Lakshmi asks why are you irritated? Rishi says I am irritated, as no one requested Malishka.

He says Malishka turned into performing with Viraj to reveal a person. Lakshmi asks why? She asks him to say. Rishi says who’re you to intrude and says Malishka can take her personal decisions. Lakshmi says I didn’t inform some thing approximately Malishka, however advised approximately Viraj. Rishi says you realize him greater than required, it turned into my mistake. He receives disenchanted and is going. Lakshmi says why Rishi is tensed, and behaving indifferently. Lakshmi thinks why we’re preventing and thinks what’s our reference to Viraj and Malishka’s marriage.

Shalu asks Ayush, why is he so glad as Malishka is getting married. Ayush says you’ll now no longer recognize and acts as SRK. An antique girl sees them collectively and thinks they’re additionally a couple, thinks to inform Lakshmi. Ayush congrats Rishi. Rishi is going disenchanted. Ayush says he didn’t get the deal which he desired. Shalu asks what’s it?

Dadu tells Viraj that Malishka and him match well. Viraj says there’s not anything like that. dadu asks him to agree and says it is going to be precise for you. He says Malishka is my friend’s daughter and if she does some thing then I will pull her ear. Viraj says I don’t need to marry her. dadu asks her to reconsider approximately what he advised. He says if he don’t agree then I will cancel your marriage with her. Viraj says best and is going.

Dadu thinks you each will match well, however Viraj isn’t always agreeing. He thinks to speak to Lakshmi. Rishi searches for Malishka and thinks wherein is she? Kiran says I talked to her. She stated that she can be able to marry Viraj. Rishi asks what? He asks if Malishka advised this. Kiran says yes, she advised me. She says I concept she might be disenchanted, however she agreed and says I assume her Dad has satisfied her. Rishi says she would possibly have agreed as she is irritated with me. He asks wherein is she? She says proper aspect corner. Rishi searches for Malishka and thinks wherein is she? He involves Malishka.

Lakshmi searches for Rishi and thinks if he thinks that Malishka can get greater precise man than Viraj. She says Viraj is a superb man. Rishi asks what goes on in her thoughts. Malishka says don’t communicate to me on this tone. She is going. Lakshmi comes there, however her telecellsmartphone falls down. She bends right all the way down to select out the telecellsmartphone, whilst Rishi is going in the back of Malishka.

Dadu calls Lakshmi and says I turned into looking you and desires your assist. Lakshmi asks him to say. He says I advised that I need Punjabi topic party, however don’t realize what he advised to People, that they got here carrying bollywood movies clothes. He says however you added goodies for me. Lakshmi says I concept. Dadu says I can’t depart Punjab, and that’s why my son is abroad. Lakshmi is sad. Dadu asks her to say. Lakshmi says it’s far a be counted among husband and spouse. Dadu says you’re very knowledge. Lakshmi asks what assist you want? Dadu says there might be your advantage too, with my advantage. He says if Viraj and Malishka get married, then it is going to be beneficial to you too.

Malishka is going to a room. The antique girl tells her that she had advised Viraj’s Dadu approximately them. She then praises Lakshmi infront of Rishi and is going. Malishka receives disenchanted. Rishi asks Malishka if there has been some thing among Viraj and you, that the antique girl noticed some thing among you each. He says all people is speakme how he stored you on Diwali night. Malishka says even you’ve got got stored Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi is my spouse and says you do that act to make me jealous. Malishka shouts at him after which slaps him. Rishi is taken aback and says have a notable lifestyles Malishka. He says congratulations, you may be glad with Viraj. Malishka threatens to leap off. Rishi is going out of the room. Malishka closes the door. Rishi comes again and sees her withinside the window approximately to leap. He holds her and hugs her. Malishka asks him to go away her.

Precap: Malishka asks Rishi to interrupt his marriage with Lakshmi after which she can be able to name off her wedding ceremony with Viraj. Viraj tells Lakshmi that Malishka agreed for marriage, however she don’t need to marry. Dadu tells that she is different, the whole lot is right till she loves and whilst she hates a person then the restrict of her hatredness can’t be precise for the opposite person. Rishi consents to marry Malishka. Malishka hugs him. Lakshmi comes there.


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