Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Lakshmi telling Rishi that it is ideal what he’s carrying. He seems at the affection band, coughs and says that it changed into given to me through my pal. Malishka hides from Lakshmi. Lakshmi recollects Ahana telling Rishi offered love bands for them. Rishi says I actually have a few paintings and could be back.

Lakshmi receives unhappy. Neelam’s pal Tanuja praises Lakshmi and says I haven’t drank lassi seeing that such a lot of days and asks wherein is she? Neelam says she can be able to come. She sees Lakshmi and calls her. Ahana tells lakshmi that Neelam Mami calling her. Lakshmi involves Neelam and greets the visitors. Neelam introduces her pals Tanuja, Manpreet and others. She says each year…Tanuja says permit me speak. She says I didn’t see such celebration before, it’s far original. Other pal says in case you had instructed then we might have are available in Punjabi attire.

Lakshmi says sorry and tells that each one the preparations are done, and asks them to return back to the clothier room, says attire are prepared. She asks Ahana. Ahana says done. Lakshmi says I had talked to clothier and that they have organized the attire. The visitors visit extrade the attire. Lakshmi excuses herself. Virender tells Neelam that she is calling Billu Rani. Neelam says what nonsense and goes. Malishka involves Rishi’s room. Rishi says I changed into awaiting you seeing that long. Malishka asks what you changed into doing with Lakshmi. He says she didn’t just like the present given through me. Malishka says are you feeling awful that she didn’t like.

Rishi says I had given the present on Dad’s sayings, however it changed into my choice. Malishka says she is listening to him as he’s speakme bad for her. He says bad. Malishka says she didn’t like your present or choice. She says however I love my present as he likes to see him carrying the identical thing, it’s far weird, however it makes her sense that she is hers usually.

Lakshmi is coming to the room to put on dupatta of her marriage, and receives her finger bleed as she touches the pin of the dupatta. Malishka asks him to mention I love you and says you didn’t say such 2 days. He holds her face and says I love you. Malishka says now inform in my ears and kiss me on my brow and hug me like you’ll in no way depart me. He tells in her ears that he loves her. He kisses her brow and says I love you and hugs her. Lakshmi comes there and opens the door.

She turns feeling ache in her finger and sucks it. Rishi and Malishka see her status at the door and damage the hug. Lakshmi turns in the direction of them. Rishi and Malishka cover in the back of the curtain. Lakshmi searches for her dupatta and unearths it at the floor. It is caught with Rishi’s watch. She seems on the curtain and thinks if it’s far caught with a few nail. She is ready to return back there, whilst she by chance hits her foot and sits at the mattress to check.

Ahana asks Ayush if he noticed Malishka. He says yes, I noticed, however don’t realize wherein is she? Ahana asks why are you confused? Ayush says I noticed her, however didn’t realize wherein is she? Ahana says you’re teasing me. Shalu comes there and says if I had brother like you, then might have damaged your nose. He asks why? He tells that whoever loves her, could be gone. A man collides together along with her and asks if she is fine. Ayush tells Bunty that Shalu is beautiful, however in someday her satan comes out from her, and she or he will communicate approximately breaking your nose. Bunty goes. Shalu thinks to whinge to Lakshmi approximately Ayush.

Lakshmi involves the curtain and sees Rishi and Malishka hiding there. She receives greatly surprised and brought aback. Rishi and Malishka asks her to hear. Malishka says something you’re thinking? Lakshmi asks how do you already know what I am thinking? Rishi says something occurring in the back of the curtain. Lakshmi says I changed into right, you each have been collectively usually in kitchen, downstairs etc. Malishka asks her to listen. Lakshmi says I am accurate, however now no longer mad. I can see the reality. She says your affair goes on. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he don’t need to maintain his affair from now onwards.

Malishka is greatly surprised. Lakshmi says I concept you’re accurate. Malishka blames Lakshmi for coming among Rishi and her, and asks her to head and spot her face and fee. She says I requested Rishi to marry you, else he wouldn’t have checked out you. Malishka slaps her for insulting marriage. Rishi says Lakshmi. Lakshmi says what changed into my mistake, I fought with the arena and forgot myself and you. Neelam and Karishma come there. Neelam says what’s occurring? Lakshmi asks do you already know that they’re collectively, and asks them to inform the reality as it’s far out. Neelam continues her head down. Lakshmi asks if every person knows, all of the family. She cries and says you all have lied to me. Malishka says it’s far sufficient of your drama, you don’t have any fee to open your mouth infront of us.

Rishi shouts Malishka and says I am alive because of Lakshmi, if I must be alive, then I want Lakshmi. I don’t want you anymore, I want Lakshmi and now no longer you. Malishka says you’re doing a mistake. Rishi slaps her. It is Malishka’s imagination. She takes to the air the dupatta and throws it at the floor. Lakshmi alternatives it and unearths it torn. She thinks how did it tear? She says ghatbandhan and rounds have took place carrying it, and prays to God to shop her marriage with Rishi. Ahana comes there and asks wherein is Malishka? Her get dressed is with me.

Lakshmi asks her to name Malishka. Ahana sits and asks what’s she doing? Lakshmi says she is sewing her marriage dupatta, as it’s far inauspicious to tear. She says I will sew it. Rishi comes out and silently takes Malishka’s mobile. The telecellsmartphone rings. They transfer it off. Ahana says it appears it rang here. Lakshmi receives prepared together along with her dupatta. Ahana makes her put on it and asks if she is taking rounds again. Lakshmi says marriage occurs once, and people 7 rounds unite us for 7 births. Ahana says shall we go.

They depart. Malishka and Rishi come out. Malishka asks why changed into he worried? Rishi says he’s fine. Malishka says I will visit Sonia’s room and get prepared. Rishi sits at the mattress and thinks why am I affecting with Lakshmi’s mood. The present which I gave to her, she didn’t get happy, however why I am feeling awful. He says whilst chunari were given torn, she were given unhappy or even I felt unhappy like I am…

Precap: Gurucharan Chacha sees Malishka and Rishi dancing intently and tells Lakshmi that some thing goes on among her husband and Malishka, that’s wrong. He says your husband Rishi and Malishka aren’t simply accurate pals, some thing is virtually happening among them. Neelam hears them. Later Lakshmi sees love band in Malishka’s hand and receives greatly surprised. Rishi seems on..


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