Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Dadi inviting a person on call. Ahana comes there and asks her to put on the get dressed despatched through Lakshmi Bhabhi. Dadi asks her to inform what passed off suddenly. Ahana asks her to return back prepared at 7:30 pm. Devika involves Rishi and offers him garments, asking him to put on it, and are available at 7:30. She says there’s a put off of 30 mins. She involves Karishma and Sonia, and supply their dresses.

Ahana involves Neelam and Virender and asks them to return back carrying those garments at 7:30 pm. Neelam refuses to put on. Virender asks her to put on it for Lakshmi. Malishka comes domestic and thinks she can be able to see Lakshmi’s tamasha infront of all people. She seems on the decorations. Rishi and others additionally come. Rishi asks what’s all this? Malishka thinks what the hell, how can the entirety may be so lovely? Lakshmi congrats Virender and Neelam for the wedding anniversary. She asks how is the ornament. Virender says very quality and precise like you. Karishma says seriously, did you want it? Dadi says even I preferred it.

Ahana and Devika inform that it’s so lovely. Karishma says however what approximately those outfits, it’s far tacky. Virender says it’s far definitely lovely. He asks all people to examine his wife, and asks if everyone regarded so lovely like her. Rishi says no person may be lovely than my mom. Neelam asks Rishi now no longer to guide him. Rishi says it’s far truth. Virender thank you Lakshmi for her lovely private contact and says if I changed into Raja or Maharaja, then might have given necklace to you. He asks Rishi to convey the present and supply to Lakshmi. Malishka is tensed.

Karishma asks Malishka to return back. Ahana and Devika asks her to return back. Malishka says I concept that the birthday birthday celebration may be modern, however it’s far Desi. Ayush says it’s so true. Ahana and Devika inform that they prefer it. Dadi says she is feeling actual party in actual existence. Devika says fine vibe is coming. Ahana says it looks as if characteristic is taking place at domestic and now no longer in hotel. Virender says because of Lakshmi’s private contact.

Karishma says it isn’t always bad, however is old style for Canada and Australian friends. Dadi says the folks who’re linked through roots will like it. Virender says they may like it. Karishma asks Malishka approximately the lunch. Malishka says true and indicates the massive greeting card with their wishes. Neelam says it’s so lovely, thank from our behalf. Malishka says she thanked them. Rishi comes back. Virender says sorry for asking Rishi to convey the gifts. Dadi asks Rishi to provide the present. Devika continues her hand on Lakshmi’s eyes. Rishi makes Lakshmi put on gold bangles.

Everyone claps. Lakshmi seems on the bangles and appears at Rishi sadly. Ahana seems on. The visitors come and get in touch with Neelam and Virender. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she didn’t just like the present. She says no, it’s far true. He seems at Malishka and is going. Shalu says you informed that it changed into love band. Lakshmi says can be he desired to provide me later. Ayush involves Lakshmi and says you’ve got got completed wonder. He asks how did you get such an concept? Lakshmi says Gurucharan Chacha. She tells that she had known as him. A facebook is shown. Lakshmi takes his assist to get the ornament stuff from the shop. She says he had added such matters which don’t want needles and might restore fast. Shalu teases him and is going. Ayush asks in which is he? Lakshmi says he’ll pass domestic and include Chachi. She makes him flavor lassi. Ayush says visitors will inform how is it? The visitors take the lassi and prefer it.

Virender asks Neelam to take it, as it’s far with Lakshmi’s contact. He says later. Karishma says till while Lakshmi will take care of, all people gets bored, while there’s no music. Sonia says how the ornament passed off so soon, we’ve ruined it. Karishma says no concept and asks her to return back. Dadi hears them. Lakshmi seems at her gold bangle and thinks that love band is extra treasured to her. Rishi seems for Lakshmi. The visitor come there and compliments Rishi to be Punjab’s munda. They ask approximately the couple for tonight. Rishi asks them to return back. The visitors from Australia thank you Neelam and Virender for calling them. Virender thank you them for coming them. The man says there’s no in shape for Punjab. The girl says there’s no in shape for Punjabi bahu. The man says Lakshmi has completed those decorations. The girl says seek Lakshmi like bahu for us, our existence may be set. Rishi hears them. Malishka seems angrily.

Dadi scolds Karishma and Sonia for ruining the ornament which pressured Lakshmi to alternate it. She scolds Karishma and threatens to inform Neelam. She says she has true coronary heart and don’t make scheme like you, and asks her if she don’t sense ashamed to smash bhai and bhabhi’s massive day. Karishma stops her. Dadi says you aren’t apologizing, couldn’t take care of your house and attempted to smash it. Sonia says Dadi, why are you upset, all people is satisfied seeing the Punjabi theme. Dadi asks her to live farfar from evil, if she desires to set her existence. She is going. Sonia says if Dadi tells this to everyone. Karishma says she wishes happiness and could now no longer inform. She says I don’t need Lakshmi to live here.

Lakshmi reminisces her mother, telling approximately residing and death together along with her husband, and tells that Mata Rani blesses the couple to live for existence at some point of anniversary. Fb ends. Lakshmi prays to Mata Rani to bless them. She thinks to exit and convey some thing from Devika. Rishi is going at the back of Malishka. Lakshmi comes infront of him. Rishi asks didn’t you want the bangles given through me? Lakshmi says I preferred it, however. She says I concept you’re approximately to provide me some thing and appears at love band in his heand, says it’s far very true. Rishi coughs and says it changed into given to me through my friend.

Precap: Malishka asks Rishi to mention I love you. He says I love you in her ear and hugs her. Lakshmi comes there. Rishi breaks the hug and appears at her.


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