Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Lakshmi telling Viraj that she turned into in love with Rishi, after they had been getting married. He asks whilst did you fall in love with him. Lakshmi says whilst we got here to Mumbai, after our parents’ death, Chachi delivered us right here and I agreed to marry everyone for soul peace of my father. She says however I turned into destined to marry Rishi. She says you stated proper, he turned into arrogant, once I met him for the primary time, he broke his promise. Rishi hears her. Lakshmi says that point I noticed that Rishi, that you humans see, however later I see the real Rishi.

She says Shalu tells that God stopped making Devtas like man now, and says he could be very right. She says he constantly supported me, and says one man attempted to maligned my image, however Rishi supported me with out wondering at me once. She says handiest a real individual can try this and says after doing a lot for me, he by no means display off. She says she didn’t realize approximately love before, and didn’t realize whilst she fall in love with him. She says she used to get goals of him, and tells that she can be able to live with him even if their hair flip white. She says Rishi stated that I am made for him, and my entire international is you.

Viraj says yes, you certainly love him and asks do he love you too. Lakshmi says you shall ask him. Viraj says Rishi isn’t always right here and asks did he inform you, I love you. Lakshmi says stated many times, however now no longer my mouth, some thing he does for me, it’s miles visible. Viraj asks what does he do? Lakshmi says what a existence associate do, and says he’s my Saarthi. She says on occasion I experience that he loves me extra than I love him. She says he even recollects what I informed him on date and he fulfilled my wish. He asks what? Lakshmi says he delivered chole kulche for me. She says the purpose is Rishi for my love for him, and says our relation is unique because of him.

He asks why are you smiling? Lakshmi says Rishi protected me with blanket once I turned into sick, bandaged my harm and scolded me with love, and didn’t permit me stand up from the bed. She says my Bau ji used to mention that I gets the existence associate who will love me extra than myself, and says his prayers’ fruit, I were given Rishi. Viraj asks what did Rishi do for you? Lakshmi smiles. Viraj says Rishi would possibly have informed you that your smile is beautiful. Rishi thinks why Viraj is telling such things. She says Mummy ji is probably looking Rishi. Viraj says sorry in case you assume that I am crossing the line. She says I won’t permit everyone do. Rishi smiles. They leave.

Rishi involves Malishka. Malishka says I don’t love you, as you like Lakshmi. Rishi says Malishka. Malishka says she felt cold, so that you switched off AC and brought care of her or even bandaged her foot. He says yes, she turned into sick and that’s why I did. Malishka says you like her. Neelam comes there and hears them combating in bathroom. Malishka thank you Rishi for bringing her there, and says I heard the entirety some thing she informed. They pop out of the bathroom. Rishi asks her to listen. Neelam sees them.

Shalu asks Ayush if some thing passed off? Ayush asks if she is possessive approximately him. Shalu says Neha desires to woo him. Ayush says our Neha and receives happy. He says my call for is increased. Shalu asks if Neha is Ms. India or Ms. World. She asks him to woo every other lady and says Neha isn’t always proper for you. She asks why are you now no longer believing me? Ayush says I can like her, and says you aren’t lady friend material, simply buddy type. Shalu asks from wherein I got here? Ayush says it passed off with me, and says you’ll suggest me. Shalu says it isn’t always like that, you’re right dewar of my sister. Ayush says you started. He asks her now no longer to keep him from Neha. He is going from there. Shalu thinks what to do?

Rishi says Mom. Neelam says I will now no longer ask some thing turned into happening, and says forestall it. She says Lakshmi and Viraj had come right here looking you. She tells Malishka that she didn’t count on this from her. She tells Rishi that that is Lakshmi and his room, and he shall have decency. She says some thing you each need to do, can’t do it right here, that is Lakshmi’s room as well. She says don’t make everyone experience ashamed, whilst doing such foolishness, specially me. Malishka is going from there. Neelam asks Rishi to admire the relation, wherein he’s in. She says I didn’t ask you to neglect about Malishka. She asks him to admire his marriage and Lakshmi till she is right here. She says it’s miles our helplessness, however we will now no longer decrease our character. She says you aren’t that of a individual, don’t forget this. She says I referred to as you to get the thread tied via way of means of Pandit ji.

Ayush involves Neha and asks why did you name me? Neha asks him to get supari field from the rack. Ayush asks Sudeep to get it. Neha receives angry. Ayush says ok, I will take the field down. Neha says now he’s trapped and thinks that flour field will fall on us after which filmy romantic scene will begin. She thinks to message Mom to set up get dressed for her. Ayush receives Shalu’s message requesting his assist. He thinks to assist Shalu. Ayush symptoms and symptoms Sudeep to take out the field. Sudeep takes to the air the field and the flour falls on him. Neha thinks he’s Ayush and pours a few flour on herself. She says we’re collectively and hugs him. Rano comes there and shouts, asking who’s he? Sudeep tells his name.

Viraj asks Lakshmi if Rishi and Malishka eloped. Lakshmi smiles and says no, Malishka is right here. Viraj tells Malishka which you left me, however fortunately Lakshmi turned into right here. Malishka says Lakshmi wins everyone’s heart, it’s miles an art. Viraj asks wherein is your mind? Malishka says we could burn the crackers. Lakshmi says I will see Rishi. Rishi and Neelam come there. Malishka stops her and says don’t cross close to Rishi. She says now you’re my buddy and asks her to spend time with her. She says we could burn the anaar, it’s miles my favorite. She takes her out. Viraj says I will include Rishi. Malishka angrily takes Lakshmi out. Lakshmi asks if there may be any problem? Malishka says you understood and says you’re the purpose for my trouble. Lakshmi asks what did I do? Malishka says I need Rishi and also you took him. Lakshmi is shocked.

Precap: Lakshmi says you’re buddy of Rishi. Malishka says now no longer buddy, I love him from forever. Lakshmi says Rishi is my husband and suhaag, how can you suspect like this. Malishka says all of it passed off because of you. Later Lakshmi and Malishka get caught whilst crackers are bursted. Ayush throws jacket at Rishi. Rishi catches it and runs to keep Malishka. He then sees Lakshmi scared and seeking to keep herself.


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