Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Rishi asking Lakshmi to have sweets. Lakshmi refuses. He says he were given it for her and asks her to open her mouth, says she has to devour for him. Lakshmi opens her mouth. Viraj says they love every different and says even I need to have sweets. Malishka receives irritated and tells Karishma and Sonia that Viraj got here right here to look the diwali and says I will upload greater interest to the Diwali, and asks will you dance with me. She forwards her hand. Rishi thinks she is calling him and forwards his hand. Malishka holds Viraj’s arms and asks him to dance. She asks Rishi to play the tune for them. Everyone dances. Neha sees Ayush and Shalu having a watch lock and asks what goes on? Shalu says he has crushed me. Ayush says I stored her, else she might have fallen down. He asks Neha if he’s good. Neha says you’re candy and says I understood you. Shalu asks Ayush to include him. Neha asks Ayush to include her. Shalu says he’s my friend. They each strive to tug him. Ayush falls with Shalu and Neha falls on Sudeep. Rano comes there and shouts. Ayush receives up and asks Sudeep to head. Rano asks Neha, what she said, and says Servant is wooed with the aid of using her. Neha asks her to inform after thinking. Rano takes her from there.

Malishka and Viraj dance carefully. She makes him preserve her waist even as dancing. Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta plays….Rishi receives jealous seeing them dancing. After dancing, Malishka hugs Viraj. Rishi holds her hand and takes her from there. Shalu brings Ayush downstairs. Bani asks in which are you taking him? Shalu leaves his hand. Ayush asks why she become maintaining his hand with the right. Shalu says I become saving you. Bani asks from whom? Ayush asks if she is like this from before. Neha comes downstairs. Ayush says Neha, what’s up? Shalu holds his hand and takes him from there. Bani thinks what came about to Shalu. Neha thinks she can be able to win the challenge.

Malishka asks Rishi to depart her hand and asks what’s this misbehavior? Rishi takes her to room and says you’ll now no longer pass from right here. Malishka says that is your spouse’s room, who stored you risking her life. Rishi asks her to listen him and says I understand which you are disenchanted with my behavior. Malishka says she is disenchanted, as she got here to understand approximately the truth, his lie etc. She says that Rishi become now no longer mine who become in hospital. She says you’re modified and also you aren’t mine. She says that Rishi become mine who married on my announcing and took off the chain and ring for me. She tells that their relation is over and asks him to depart her and moved on. She says I don’t take care of you now. Rishi asks him to inform truly, if she surely don’t take care of him. Malishka says no, and could in no way do and asks him to move. He asks if she goes to Viraj. Malishka seems at him.

Neelam asks Lakshmi to name Rishi. Lakshmi goes from there and collides with Viraj. He holds her hand. Lakshmi says she is looking Rishi, as Mummy ji known as him. Viraj says shall I include you, and seek Malishka. Lakshmi asks him to return back. Malishka asks what did you say? Rishi says you’re going to Viraj and become dancing carefully with him. Malishka attempts to hit him. Rishi says I love you five times. Malishka says simply go away me. He says you already know that we like every different and asks why is she behaving stupid. He asks why did you deliver Viraj right here, you is aware of nicely that we don’t get alongside on account that childhood. Malishka says no, she added him to rejoice Diwali. Rishi says you added him to make me jealous. Malishka asks what’s your problem, if I need to discover and moved on in life. Rishi asks her if she desires to have relation with Viraj?

Lakshmi asks why is she smiling? Viraj says similar to that. Lakshmi says they shall take a look at in room for Lakshmi. Viraj asks her to return back. Malishka asks Rishi to assume anything he needs and says I added Viraj right here as he desired to look conventional Diwali and your spouse meet him nicely. Rishi asks why are you dragging Lakshmi in our fight? Malishka says she is the cause for our fight. Rishi says don’t deliver her among us. Malishka says she become already among us. She says you can’t be mine, as you’ve got got end up of Lakshmi. He says no, I am simply yours. Malishka says I need to believe you, but…Rishi says I am your antique Rishi. Malishka says you aren’t my Rishi. Lakshmi says that is my room. Rishi hears Lakshmi. Lakshmi opens the door and springs inside.

Ayush and Shalu are withinside the lawn area. He asks what goes on? He says you requested me to take a seat down with you till you end the food. He says I becomes antique, as your velocity is slow. Shalu says you made me fall down. He asks her to take almonds even as leaving. Shalu asks if you’re like this from before. Ayush asks Shalu to hug him and give up the differences. Shalu asks if he has long gone mad and says she can be able to now no longer hug anyone. He says I nonetheless love you. Shalu is ready to hit him. Neha calls him and asks him to return back to kitchen. He asks if Siyappa came about there. Neha says she wishes his assist and asks him to return back. Ayush says I am coming in 2 mins. Shalu asks if Neha known as? Ayush asks if she become spying on him and says terrible manners. Shalu asks him to stop. Neha maintains the flour at the higher rack and thinks whilst he comes right here, she can be able to ask him to take the field down and make it fall on them. She says then they should take the bath. She says she can be able to pop out of toilet and could splash her moist hair on him and could lure him etc.

Viraj says Rishi and Malishka aren’t right here. Malishka asks Rishi, why did he deliver her to toilet and hiding her right here. Rishi says it’s far Lakshmi and his room, what he might have informed her. Lakshmi is ready to exit and reveals the image body fallen down. She says how did it fall down. Viraj asks her to take gain of the state of affairs and inform her darkish secret. Rishi receives irritated and asks how dare he? Malishka seems at him. Viraj asks Lakshmi what’s the cause for her marriage with Rishi. He says all of us has cause right here, property, relation, kundali matching and kundali dosh. He says there is probably a cause to your marriage with Rishi, as I don’t trust that you’ll love boastful Rishi. Lakshmi says she shall inform Mummy that Rishi isn’t right here. Viraj says I recognize that your marriage is a compromise as nicely. Lakshmi says marriage is a compromise maximum of the time for the women and lots of times, they don’t love their husbands. She says you may not have heard that they love their husbands after marriage and tells that during our place, we’ve got love after marriage. He says you don’t love Rishi right. Lakshmi says I don’t love him after marriage, as once I become getting married to him, I become already in love with him. Rishi hears her.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Viraj that every so often she sense that the affection which she has for Rishi, he loves her more. Malishka tells Rishi that she don’t love him. Neelam comes there and asks Rishi to admire the relation wherein he’s. Lakshmi tells Viraj that she can be able to visit Rishi. Malishka asks her now no longer to head and tells that she loves Rishi and says you’ve got got come among us.


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