Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Ayush displaying the cash bag to Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks from in which did you get a lot cash. He says he has looted the financial institution after which says the notes above are actual and the others are faux withinside the bundle. He asks what to do next? Lakshmi says you’ve got got to name Shanaya and fasten the assembly for tomorrow. She says there you need to supply her greed. Ayush calls Shanaya from his VIP number. Shanaya asks Rohan to place the decision on speaker. Ayush asks if she is Shanaya Thakur? Shanaya says yes. He says he’s businessman Bindra,

and tells that he has heard her call along side Rishi and has a existence converting provide for her, if she wishes then she will be able to come to the lodge Paradise Sherton. Shanaya says I am now no longer interested. Lakshmi says we’re Rishi Oberoi’s competitors and you may advantage from us. Shanaya asks what advantage? Ayush says such matters aren’t talked on telecellsmartphone. Shanaya asks approximately your lodge call. Lakshmi says lodge Vintage Maiden. Shanaya asks who’re you? Ayush says she is owner. Shanaya says adequate and ends the decision. Rohan exams the lodge call. Ayush receives notification and says they may be trapped. He asks Lakshmi what she turns into, and tells that he turns into sardar ji. Lakshmi says she can be able to become aware of me. He says I want again up and asks her to do it for Rishi Bhai. Lakshmi agrees.

Next day, Shanaya and Rohan come to the lodge Paradise Sherton. The receptionist talks to Ayush and he asks her to ship her. Receptionist asks her to visit tenth floor. Ayush and Lakshmi are in disguise. Ayush says Rani maa. Lakshmi says she will be able to’t act. Ayush asks her inform her faux call. Lakshmi says Maharani Savitri Devi. He asks her to take heavy breathe and end up like Neelam Mami. He asks her to recall that they may be doing this for Rishi. Lakshmi takes some thing in her mouth. Ayush opens the door and asks them to return back inside. Lakshmi asks him to ship her inside. Shanaya says I noticed you somewhere. Lakshmi says day earlier than yesterday. Ayush says her interview got here at the magazine. He offers her water and asks her to drink. He says Shanaya ji you didn’t introduce your brother to us. Shanaya says he’s my boyfriend Rohan.

She asks what you need to mention on telecellsmartphone. Ayush suggests the coins briefcase. Rohan asks how tons it’s far? Ayush says 20 crores, and says if it isn’t always enough, then see the manufacturing facility papers, all this may be yours, in case you comply with our provide. Rohan asks why do you watched that we are able to agree in your provide. Lakshmi says we’re positive that you may agree, as enemy of enemy is friend. She says if Rishi Oberoi’s commercial enterprise drowns, then our commercial enterprise will advantage and prosper, in view that you’ve got got filed molestation case on Rishi, we were given tons advantage from it and desires to damage all his commercial enterprise. Shanaya asks what I need to do? Lakshmi says Rishi oberoi jail. Ayush says I recognise his own circle of relatives is pressurizing you, Neelam Madam got here to you yesterday. He says you may’t go into reverse and shall make Rishi jailed, and asks her now no longer to take again case in any greed, or whatever. Shanaya says we want time to talk. Lakshmi says you are becoming such and nevertheless desires time. She asks Ayush to cancel the deal. Ayush asks Lakshmi to present them five mins.

Shanaya and Rohan exit to talk. Malishka calls Ayush and asks him to open Rishi’s pc and take a look at his mails. She says he may have were given mail from the enterprise from in which Shanaya is sent, and tells that she has to ship that to attorney. Ayush says he’s neither at domestic nor at office, he got here out with Lakshmi to lure Shanaya. Malishka asks are you awful? Ayush ends the decision and tells Lakshmi. Malishka calls Ayush and thinks he’s doing a huge mistake, I won’t allow him do any blunder. Ayush says she can be able to suppose we’re doing incorrect. Lakshmi says she didn’t recognise that we got here with complete arrangements, and could now no longer lose.

Virender talks to attorney and asks him to get Rishi bail these days itself. Neelam says I heard, if my son don’t go back via way of means of evening, then I won’t be appropriate for you too. Malishka calls Neelam and tells that Lakshmi has deliberate to lure Shanaya along side Lakshmi’s help. She says they may be withinside the lodge paradise sherton. Ayush switches off Lakshmi’s telecellsmartphone. Neelam asks Virender to name Lakshmi and reveals her telecellsmartphone off. Neelam threatens Virender that if whatever is going incorrect then she can be able to throw Lakshmi out of the house, and could overlook that she has introduced her to keep Rishi. Virender is going to the lodge. Neelam tells Karishma that Lakshmi once more went to problem my son, don’t recognise what to do with her.

Shanaya talks to Rohan and says I experience that that is a trick to lure us. Rohan says we’ve checked on internet and the whole thing appears to be pleasant. Shanaya says I didn’t listen the company’s call. She says it’s far Rishi’s own circle of relatives trick to lure me. Rohan says if this takes place, then Rishi gets 10 years jail. Lakshmi asks Ayush why did he display the cash as it’s far faux. Ayush asks her to have confidence. Rohan tells that they’ll get the manufacturing facility papers and cash, and if whatever is incorrect, then Rishi can be jailed for 10 years.

Malishka involves Rishi and tells him that Lakshmi once more went to Shanaya. Rishi says Shanaya could be very smart and could now no longer go away Lakshmi. Malishka says who will make her apprehend, Shanaya will lure you badly because of her. Malishka says she is troubling everyone. Rishi says she has bothered herself too. Malishka says you’re involved for her. She says you may be proved culprit. She says I were given your bail, then Lakshmi went to Shanaya after which Neelam aunty.

She says I am attempting her name and her telecellsmartphone is off. She says Ayush is with her, and tells that she has a sense that Lakshmi gets lure herself and could lure him too. She says I will name Media myself and says I will inform them that we’ve not anything to do with some thing Lakshmi do, in order that if any issues takes place then she receives trapped, however now no longer you. She says she is so illiterate that she don’t recognise what to do and what to don’t. She assures Rishi that the whole thing can be pleasant, and he or she won’t allow him jail. She is going.

Virender involves the lodge room and locate Ayush and Lakshmi. He identifies Ayush. Lakshmi comes there and calls him Bau ji. She takes him to room, and says Shanaya is here. She says you may scold me. Virender asks what’s taking place here? Lakshmi says I requested ayush to do all this and asks him to go, they’ll come again. Virender says I got here to make you apprehend and says you didn’t recognise that Shanaya could be very smart, and if she defeats then it will likely be awful to your husband.

Karishma says in case you had scolded Lakshmi then she wouldn’t have performed this these days. Neelam asks her to suppose earlier than telling her whatever and tells that she don’t burst her anger on all and sundry with none purpose like her. She says after I understood that Lakshmi desired to keep Rishi, I didn’t experience awful and haven’t any complains with her. Karishma says you haven’t any complains with her. Neelam says Lakshmi went to her, understanding how smart Shanaya is. She says she did equal component with Rishi, Lakshmi and me and I ought to have understood then, that such women can’t be managed via way of means of law.

Karishma says like Malishka is doing. Neelam says like your brother is doing. Virender tells Lakshmi that this plan will now no longer work, they’ll take a look at coins and papers, and asks her to return back from there. Lakshmi says we need to do that for Rishi and some thing Rishi has to bear, and we need to bear. Virender says we are able to combat the case, however if we get stuck here, then no person will go away us. Lakshmi says if we go away, then additionally we are able to get trapped. She asks him to present 15 mins. He says I am placing timer, you may get simply 15 mins. Lakshmi thank you him and is going out. Virender receives involved.

Precap: Karishma shows Neelam to do a press convention that some thing Lakshmi has performed foolishness, they’ve not anything to do with that. Neelam agrees. Rohan asks Lakshmi and Ayush to allow them to rely the cash, and if the whole thing is pleasant then they’ll comply with their demand. Malishka tells Media that Rishi has not anything to do with Lakshmi’s movements, and tells that she is from a village and that’s why don’t take her movements wrongly, like you’ve got got taken final time. Virender comes out and asks Ayush and Lakshmi, what’s taking place, you’re managing them, they’ll promote you. Shanaya and Rohan appears on. Lakshmi and Ayush are shocked.


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