Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in bed room talking to munmun says i recollect you were so young in the course of wedding ceremony. Munmun says yes bhabhi and do your take into account how i were given locked in lavatory in the course of marriage, i was crying plenty. Angoori says i consider. Tiwari walks in and ask who’re you talking to. Angoori says i’m talking for your cousin munmun wait i’ll placed phone on speaker. Tiwari ask how are you child you in no way omit us. Munmun says i went to california for similarly studies. Tiwari says that’s excellent make tiwari circle of relatives proud. Munmun says i was questioning to come and meet you i’m missing you plenty. Angoori says yes come you’re maximum welcome will cook one-of-a-kind sort of dishes for you.

Munmun says ok i’ll come day after today and continues smartphone. Angoori says now i ought to smooth house munmun is coming and may be needing a few assist. Tiwari says don’t worry tillu is there to help don’t fear i’ll ask him emotionally then he’ll do work. Angoori says i’ll also ask tillu for paintings now let’s go to sleep. Tiwari says wait i feel like doing simply romance. Vibhu and prem drinking and listening songs. Vibhu says to prem what are you listening play something else. Prem we’re consuming so what you need to hear bhakti songs, we’re ingesting and i really like to pay attention object songs.

Vibhu mocks him. Anu gets in and see them playing. Vibhuti and prem see anu. Prem gets up greet her and run away. Vibhu says you unexpectedly. Anu says why don’t you sit down without problems it’s gonna be lengthy verbal exchange. Anu says why do i sense love it’s now not my house it’s a bar, my flight were given cancelled and thank god it were given cancelled in order that i were given to recognize what you do in the back of me. Vibhuti says what horrific i did it became simply prem and why do you hate him.

Anu says because when he flow his eyes he seems like wilder beast. Vibhu says he is right from coronary heart, he has taken lot if care of me. Anu says what he took lot of care of him so do one issue cross and live with him because i don’t need my residence to transform into bar, please % your bag and go from right here. Vibhu says i’m sitting like this after an yr. Anu says so that you use to birthday celebration in advance. Vibhu says when closing time tou went to lakhimpur. Anu says so on every occasion i’m going lakhimpur you birthday party and examine my lips. Vibhuti says you aren’t doing right. Anu says i apprehend very well what’s right ot incorrect now please don’t test my endurance.

Vibhu grabs all aspect. Anu take cash from him and go away. Next morning, angoori in her hall singing. Tiwari walks un says what manifest you are doing the entirety alone. Angoori says sure i did the whole thing alone, your sister is coming so i’m making veg biryani for her. Tiwari says so that you will do the entirety by myself. Angoori says thenwho will do. Tiwari says i referred to as tillu he will assist you. Angoori says he can’t do the whole lot by myself. Tillu walks in greet angoori. Tiwari make tillu take a seat beside him says we were missing you.

Tillu says what appear you too candy with me today. Tiwari says i’m usually candy to you. Tillu says i recognize when you are too sweet to me whilst you don’t need to present me my profits. Tiwari says i’ve distinct sort of emotions for you i do not forget you as my more youthful brother. Tillu says okay but this component ought to not hassle my income and says to angoori inform me i trust you. Angoori says i consider you as my brother, i’ll get samosa for you. Tillu says i’ll have tea with it. Tiwari says i definitely love you. Tillu mocks him and says inform me what’s the work. Tiwari says my cousin sister is coming that too first time so assist angoori to finish work then visit bus stand to pick her up she is coming in dhurra premnagar bus. Tillu ask how is she, i mean when is she coming. Tiwari says she is coming now.

Tillu ask her age and her name. Tiwari says her call is munmun. Tillu thinks she is probably cute like her name and ask hiw does she appearance so that i can realise her. Tiwari mocks her and says write munmun on cardboard she will be able to apprehend it’s you presently pass. Tillu says first i’ll devour then i’ll move and thinks about munmun. Vibhu at tea stall having tea says i’m in malicious program hassle due to anu,

now i can not cross domestic and ship me out to get in kore hassle. Prem come and ask why did you call me. Vibhu says i’m in pain, in trouble so referred to as you. Prem says why have i taken your duty. Vibhuti says you’re my bestfriend don’t say like this. Prem says uf you will be my bestfriend then could have done some thing for me, what have you ever executed for me. Vibhuti says i did many things for you, inform me what number of time i’ve stored you from from bhabhi. Prem says you in no way communicate infront of my wife and each time you assert i constantly get caught due to you. Vibhu says my wife have kicked ne out of residence please help to live somewhere for few days, what approximately your afimkothi house. Prem says i’ve saved a woman for that. Vibhu says and what about your ramnarayan marketplace house.

Prem says i have rented that to gullus cousin. Vibhu ask what approximately your jhakarkatti residence. He says that i have rented to bhabhi in which i visit meet her, that’s my non-public. He says you don’t have place in your friend. He says i’ve masses if area in my coronary heart for my friend i desire you could stay there, i’m going and cope with my motorbike will come again soon and leaves. Vibhu says he’s a canine and says to tea stall man if someone come to pick automobile then says we don’t understand about this automobile and let them take.

Tillu at bus station seeking out munmun sees pely says what are yoi doing here. Pelu deliver him slip and mocks him. Tillu says i need your rickshaw for a while. Pelu provide him slip says why do you need. Tillu says tiwari’s cousin is coming so i need to take her that’s why i need and ask how a great deal do you earn in mordern colony 50rs, here i’ll give you 100rs. Pelu smile and leaves. Tillu anticipating munmun.

Munmun walks to tillu and says did tiwari ship you i’m his sister munmun. Tillu lost in munmun. Munmun says what are you searching at can’t you listen what i’m saying. Tillu says i’m sorry myself tillu supervisor of chameli chaap undergarments and thinks she is so lovely and pray to god to make munmun fall in love with him. Munmun says you are supervisor in my brother’s organization so you journey this rickshaw component time. Tillu says your brother ask me carry you safely so i idea i’ll experience this rickshaw individually and take you. Munmun says so let’s move.

Tillu says sure sit down we will go. Vibhuti at saxena’s house says when every door is closed in my life then handiest one door is open for me that’s saxena’s residence i absolutely love this guy and try to open, says it’s locked he might be inner and knocks. Saxena come out pronouncing don’t attempt to cheat with me and near door, ask vibhuti what show up says. Vibhu says don’t say that anu has kicked me out of my house. Saxena says no i received’t say you tell me. Vibhu says anu by way of mistake anu took all key’s now i’m caught outside. Saxena says how bhabhiji can do like this. Vibhu says she is busy ladies so would possibly have neglect. Saxena says i understand her thoroughly she did it on cause.

Vibhu says i’m saying by mistake she took key’s but still you are troubling me. Saxena says properly we are able to recognize afterwards approximately keys however for now tell me how am i able to assist you. Vibhu says do you mind if i stay at your home for one night time. Saxena says few of my friends come from the united states and they have flight for tonight 1a. M after that you can come there are four pals 2 boy’s and a couple of girls one in every of them is in bed room when you consider that they came. Vibhu says it approach i cannot stay in your own home.

Saxena stated i instructed you return after 1a. M and shouts it’s my turn wait and get’s inside house. Angoori and helan in angoori’s house. Helan says i like gajar halwa in iciness. Angoori says thanks to her. Tiwari walks to them at the same time as speakme on smartphone with agrawal says i have send geyser to your home, now take bath in warm water and continues telephone and greets helan. Helan says tiwari did you exchange your business you have been speakme about geyser. Tiwari says i have an client called agrawal in order a present i send geyser to his house. Angoori says exact on this have gajar halwa, try and feed him and drops it on tiwari says i’m sorry. Tiwari says don’t be in hurry now cross and smooth it. Angoori says no need to fear i’ll wash it in godrej liquid detergent. Tiwari now take this and wash it.

Tillu on rickshaw with munmun making a song for her. Same night tillu serving dinner to munmun and making a song, says now you sing from t. Munmun sing tune. Vibhu walks in with baggage and accurate there song. Munmun ask who are you. Vibhu says ask tillu he’s going to inform. Tillu says i don’t recognize who is he. Angoori walks in and greet him and says to munmun he’s our family friend. Munmun says to 1 who’s unemployed. Vibhu ask who’s she, she felt to be from tiwari’s aspect of own family. Angoori says you are proper she is tiwari’s cousin. Vibhu says okay so you are tiwari’s sister suitable it approach you’re mys sister too. Munmun says so am i able to call you vibhu bro. He says ofcourse, through the manner whats your name. She says myself munmun but the way glead meeting you, you have terrific character. He says you are also quite cute smart wise no longer like your brother. Munmun says my brother have an horrible personality.

Angoori says i’m numb after seeing you speakme in english, i desire i could says same manner. Munmun says he’s your neighbour and your family friend so why don’t you examine english from him. Vibhu says i’m seeking to teach her from a few years however she doesn’t listen. Angoori says while did you train me english. Vibhuti says i always accurate your english. Tillu says cognizance on food otherwise tiwari will come. Vibhu begin ingesting. Tiwari walks in.

Precap. Munmun get hurt. Tillu pick. Her up in her arms. Tillu says to angoori i need to marry munmun. Tiwari says you have no recognition to get married to my sister and push him. Angoori ask saxena how an awful lot authentic it’s authentic about tillu. Saxena says it’s right he’s son of well-known business guy bc billu chopra


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