Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori asks vibhu to start shayari, vibhu asks why shayari, angoori says you lite candles, vibhu says its for meditation, this is my favored and critical chapter in anger management, angoori says i will cognizance, vibhu says okay take a deep breath, and check out my eyes, and says “i lovam youshami”, angoori says it’s difficult inform me some thing else,vibhu says ok, say “i like you”, angoori says its no longer anger management, vibhu says there is tone difference, angoori says okay and repeats i love you, vibhu imagines angoori dancing, and each making a song together. Vibhu opens eyes and sees ita david,vibhu asks where is bhabhiji, david says i recognise everything you are upto. Tiwari drinking and angry, and says why did i ask angoori to join the class god knows, david walks to him and says why are you ingesting alone, tiwari says because of vibhu, i have never had beverages by myself, by no means can i drink in peace, david laughs and asks what happiness are you hiding, tiwari says nothing, david says cmon inform me, tiwari says vibhu and his anger control elegance, i despatched angoori there and on account that then angoori has grow to be so irritated and traumatic, david says he is aware of nothing its all fraud, he made the faux certificate from prem, he’s looting you, but don’t tell him i advised you. Angoori announcing i like you and deep respiratory, tiwari walks to her and asks to prevent it and tells angoori vibhu is fraud, angoori says dont insult my teacher, tiwari says he is fooling everyone, david told me its a fraud certificates and simply looting us, angoori says i can get all of your cash back, tiwari says we will teach him a lesson, you are a completely clever lady, angoori starts imagining tiwari abusing her, and gets irritated says close up, tiwari says i used to be praising you, appearance vibhu performed with you, he fooled my innocent wife, angoori says i am so sorry, i will strive overlook all he taught me, tiwari says now i will inform you what to do with vibhu. Manohar puts tmt in prison and says happu sir i gained’t depart them, they attacked you, happu says how need to we punish them, manohar says lets give them kalu johari punishment, happu says suitable, tilu says stop scarring us and we’re very sorry and its all vibhutis teachings, happu says why will i agree to what you say, tiwari and angoori stroll in and say they’re telling fact, angoori says sure he is a trainer punish him. Happu says find who made fake certificates, tiwari asks why, happu says i need his assist, tiwari says i have an concept to educate vibhu a lesson, happu agrees. Vibhu imaging giving angoori instructions, and getting near her, he gets name from tiwari, tiwari and angoori act as though they may be arguing, and act as though angoori is attacking tiwari with knife, vibhu sees from window, and sees angoori attacking with knife, angoori says i can homicide you now and acts as though stabbing angoori, tiwari on call says shop me. Vibhu says oh god and rushes to tiwari’s house. Angoori opens door and asks what you need, vibhu says tiwari, angoori says tiwari is in store and will stay there for two-3 days, and kill rats and could give message when he comes bye, vibhu says can i look forward to him internal, angoori says okay , sit right here i can get you some thing, vibhu says i’m true, angoori asks what are you looking for, vibhu says nothing, angoori says i can get something to drink, vibhu sees tiwari’s legs and tiwari lying in the back of couch, vibhu attempts to wake him up.

Precap: satisfied on call. With vibhu, hears angoori stab him. Vibhu sees tiwari’s and happu singh’s dead body.


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