Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari sitting in utensil lit on hearthplace and chanting. Tillu and Malkhan walks in. Tillu begin mocking Tiwari. Malkhan chuckle at him. Tiwari additionally movks him lower back. Angoori walks in, Tillu and Malkhan greets her Angoori ask do you need to have some thing. Tillu says first we notion og having breakfast at domestic however then we realised we’re coming right here so notion of consuming right here. Tiwari says we didn’t open any mess and says you don’t have any self recognize I actually have now no longer given you revenue from final 6 months however nevertheless you vome to my residence. Tillu says I maintain my slef recognize apart and ask Malkhan to speak. Malkhan says you stated whoever will provide you with information of necklace will provide him cash and says we added necklace with us. Tillu display necklace. Angoori thank God and says to Tiwari we were given necklace due to Ammaji ritual. Malkhan assist Tiwari yo vome out of utensil. Angoori ask is the whole lot fine. Tiwari ask for necklace. Tillu says first guve me cash then unwell provide you with necklace. Tiwari ask Angoori to deliver checkbook. Tillu provide necklace to Tiwari and take take a look at from Angoori. Angoori says permit me deliver some thing a good way to devour.

Angoori cooking and singing. Anu walks to her window and greets her. Angoori ask how are you and are you coming from shopping. Anu says I’m coming from grooming classes, sees necklace and ask what’s this. Angoori says that is spinach. Anu says I’m asking approximately what you arr wearing. Angoori says that is high priced and fortunate necklace from the time we were given this necklace our lifestyles is complete of happiness. Anu thinks that is the equal necklace Vinhu changed into gifting me how should you be so silly Anu. Angoori says Vibhuti provide me this necklace as present he may be very excellent individual and you understand a person stole tgis necklace then I pray for it and it go back lower back. Anu says you ought to have pray difficult says I actually have a few paintings so will see you round and leaves.

Malkhan and Tillu sitting close to tea stall. Tillu says to Malkhan there aren’t anyt any women to peer in morden colony. Beggar come and says I don’t have anything to devour please assist me. Malkhan says we don’t have something now however come after few days we can be having cash and ask tea stall seller to make tea for baba. Beggar says way to them. Tillu says why did you inform beggar we have become cash, this stuff aren’t to be stated in open. Malkhan says ok from subsequent time we can do it in our room. Tillu says I changed into questioning it’s a completely unique necklace and we can get fortunate handiest while a few female put on it. Malkhan says that’s why Tiwari took that necklace and provide us take a look at, what changed into the call who made necklace. A guy walks in and take a seat down beside them and hassle them in locating that call. Tillu scolds him, ask him to move and says his call changed into Hirabadiye Dhanezebar Khua Khualwa. Beggar sitting them thinks eventually I were given to understand approximately my extraordinary grandmother’s belongings.

Anu in corridor calling Vibhu. Vibhuti walks in ask what show up you appearance in tension. Anu says I noticed that necklace Angoori wearing. Vibhu says I stole that necklace personally, you stated you need that necklace. Anu says I don’t understand a way to react in this. Vibhu says we didn’t thieve it I changed into simply taking that lower back however I don’t apprehend how did it exit from our residence. Anu says did Tiwari thieve it. Vibhu says I’m certain he stole it, I don’t like such individuals who thieve from a person’s residence. Anu says and also you thieve it from out of doors window. Vibhu says permit’s now no longer get into it. Anu says sure you’re proper and I need you to move this night and convey that necklace lower back. Vibhu says you’re grasping girl. Anu says in case you are performed then deliver espresso for me.

Same night time Beggar input into Tiwari’s room from window. Tiwari and Angoori sleeping. Beggar listen noise says a person is coming and disguise below bed. Vibhuti input the room hassle Tiwari in sleep and search for necklace says have been is necklace Tiwari ought to have ask to maintain in cabinet and flirts with Angoori, he attempt to open cabinet and sneez. Angoori and Tiwari awaken scared and spot Vibhu in there room. Tiwari ask what are you doing in our bedroom. Angoori says in case you need something you may have advised me. Vibhuti says tea might be extraordinary. Angoori approximately to get up. Tiwari shouts at her and ask wherein is your necklace. Angoori and Tiwari in shock.

Anu, Vibhu, Tiwari and Angoori in Tiwari’s residence. Anu says I’m sorry in behalf of Vibhu. Tiwari says you now no longer want to mention sorry, you didn’t thieve something you no want to apologise its Vibhu who thieve necklace. Vibhu says I didn’t do something. Tiwari says while police will take you and beat then you definately you may inform the whole lot. Vibhu says to Anu he’s threatening me. Anu says no want to contain police. Tiwari says why now no longer he thieve necklace and me and Angoori see him. Anu says he didn’t understand it changed into my necklace. Angoori says you gave me Anu’s necklace. Vibhuti says I changed into not able to peer Bhabhiji’s ache so I gave her as present. Tiwari ask wehre it’s miles written will you inform me Vibhutiya. Vibhu ask Anu inform him now no longer to name me this or I’ll lose my calm. Anu says don’t name him this and says while Vibhu gave me this necklace and we were given a few false impression so he talented you that necklace however appearance how type coronary heart he’s he changed into seeking to make you happy. Vibhuti says I love you baby. Anu says now inform wherein is necklace. Vibhu says I don’t have it. Tiwari says see how he’s lying. Tiwari and Vibhuti receives into argument. Tiwari move and hit Vibhu with pillow and take gim to different room. Vibhu and Tiwari come lower back in terrible condition. Tiwari hit Vibhu once more. Anu shouts why arr you preventing as opposed to that attempt to parent out who took necklace. Angoori says Anu is announcing proper. Anu says who’s this guy who took necklace.

Old guy close to properly takes out necklace says sorry to disturb you dadaji, mamy humans had eye in this necklace, my spouse is already lifeless that’s why that is of no need for me and won’t permit this necklace be if a person else belongings and throws it in properly.

Next day. Tillu and Malkhan close to tea stall. Malkhan says what that financial institution supervisor didn’t provide you with cash. Tillu says that Tiwari blocked that take a look at, I in no way noticed a merciless individual like him and curse Tiwari. Tiwari listen the whole lot walks to them and ask what I did now. Malkhan says you stopped our take a look at, you have to alternate your call. Tiwari slaps him and says that necklace changed into stolen once more why have to I provide you with cash, did you thieve it. Tillu says we aren’t that terrible that we move into your room and thieve necklace. Tiwari take a seat down beside Tillu and slap him says inform me the way you understand it were given stolen from Angooris neck, it’s verify you each stole it and attempt to name police. Malkhan and Tillu stops him and says we swear on our lady friend we didn’t thieve. Tiwari says ok and bear in mind now no longer to name me fraud any longer otherwise I’ll now no longer depart you and walks away.

Vibhuti deliver espresso for Anu and says I use to mention all of us my spouse is tremendous wise and says any longer most of these recognize isn’t to be had for you, after I gave you necklace you may have taken that and prevented this chaos however your picks made matters difficult. Anu says I’m sorry for that. Vibhuti says while Laxmi come to our residence we have to take delivery of it. Anu says now overlook it matters are over now. Prem walks to them begin crying. Vibhuti ask why are you crying. Prem says my spouse left me, she died now how I’ll stay my lifestyles.

Tiwari says my cousin sister is coming Munmun. Tillu begin liking Munmun and says to Angoori I need to get married to Munmun. Tiwari says you don’t have any popularity that you may get married to my sister. He push Tillu. Tillu hit his head into door.


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