Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in tears, Vibhu walks to her and asks why is she disenchanted, Angoori says there’s ache in my lifestyles, my necklace were given stolen and the whole lot is terrible now, Vibhu thinks it’s all me bhabhiji, God please forgive me. Angoori says why are you disenchanted, Vibhu says I am questioning a way to assist you, Angoori says Tiwari is depressed too, and I am chargeable for all this, I am the terrible in Tiwari’s lifestyles and I am stupid, Vibhu says prevent crying, Angoori says I am now no longer a very good spouse, Angoori says off route you’re, it’s destiny, the necklace got here to you, you had a few excellent time now it went away, God is excellent, Angoori says I curse the thief. Vibhu says don’t and leaves.

Prem asks Vibhu why did he name him at tea stall, Vibhu says couldn’t you lie, I had advised Anu earlier than you cane that your spouse isn’t anyt any extra however you spoiled things, and now Anu could be very indignant and are available domestic and act as when you have misplaced your intellectual peace due to the fact you misplaced your spouse otherwise you’ll free a pal who become continually with you, Prem says when, Vibhu says in case you don’t persuade Anu she won’t permit me see you, Prem says first-class with me, Vibhu continues counting problems, Prem says he has substitute for anybody, Vibhu says Anu will hate you, Prem says no problem, Saxena asks them how is his drawing, and yells at them, Vibhu says its thoughts blowing, Saxena says its a well-known drawing piece, its of a lovely necklace and whichever girl wears it, her destiny will begin shining.

Vibhu thinks now I will provide this necklace to Anu and all may be first-class, and that is why Angoori become so scared.

Anu on name with Meenal, Sulochana Prem’s spouse comes domestic, Anu receives scared, Vibhu walks in and doesn’t see her and says Anu we could present a photo body of Sulochana photographs for Prem. Anu says appearance behind, Vibhu shouts, Sulochana says I am right here to ask for celebration you do come and leaves
Vibhu says I am sorry, you demanded present, I went to Manhole and located necklace and tells entire tale to Anu.
Anu says what’s in that necklace, Vibhu says its Kubers necklace and it’s valuable and if a ladies wears it and anybody round her lives extrade for excellent, Anu says wow I need to put on it.

Angoori informs Daddu on name approximately situation, Amaji walks in and says don’t fear I am right here, Tiwari walks in, Amaji begins offevolved hitting him for now no longer looking after necklace, Tiwari says she slept carrying it, it’s her fault, Amaji says you may take care why have to she continually, you slept and continually blame her and now you’ll take a seat down on a vessel on hearthplace and meditate. Angoori asks have to hearthplace be medium or high. Amaji says low and now don’t fear all may be excellent and Tiwari for 10 mins chant this mantra for excellent business.

Vibhu doesn’t locate the necklace in cupboard, Vibhu tells Anu there isn’t any necklace right here. Anu says are you certain you saved it right here, Vibhu says yes, Anu receives disenchanted and leaves.

Tilu Malkan glad approximately stealing necklace, Commissioner walks to them and says you’re beneathneath arrest for containing RDX, Malkan says however we don’t understand anything, Comissioner receives a name, commissioner apologise to them after name as they have been simply appearance a like. Commissioner receives any other name and he blames Tilu Malkan once more for disguising beneathneath burkha and planting RDX. Commissioner once more receives name abd leaves. Malkan takes to the air the necklace, Comissioner apologise once more to Tilu Malkan pronouncing it become a mistake and leaves. Malkan says I will put on necklace once more, Tilu says wait this necklace isn’t fortunate for men, so we could promote I actually have an idea.

Pre cap: Anu asks Vibhu to move thieve necklace once more, Vibhu says you don’t like stealing, Anu says you aren’t stealing taking lower back what’s ours.
Tiwari and Angoori trap Vibhu of their bedroom.


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