Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

100-2 hundred years in the past in mordern colony a few guy come walking closer to nicely and take a seat down on it, takes out jewelry says until the time I’m alive no one should contact this necklace. Kallem come and holds his father hand says no father. Man says how dare you maintaining your father’s hand, you can’t take this jewelry from me, they drop jewelry on floor and fell into nicely.

Anu speaking on telecellsmartphone Minal says why intresting need to I inform you how can I make matters and inform you. Vibhu input with espresso. Anu says most effective that is thrilling in ky lifestyles Vibhuti introduced espresso for me however permit ke inform you it’s transient due to the fact someday his espresso dosent flavor proper which destroy my morning mood, it’s a wonder for me everyday. Vibhu says come to factor speak to me. Anu hungs up name. Vibhu says what nonsense have been you speaking approximately me in your buddy. Anu says you most effective supply black espresso to me other than this what actual skills you were given. Vibhu says I’m tiered of explaining you, I’ll have my espresso in garden and he receives up. Anu supply him appearance he take a seat down down Anu says how gets threat to make for you in case you won’t get angry.

Vibhu says you harm me a lot. Anu ask what’s unique on this month. Vibhu says it’s Bhabhiji’s Masi’s seventy fifth birthday and she or he continues to be alive. Anu ask and what extra. Vibhu says not anything unique at all. Anu says that’s why you deserve scolding you don’t recall out wedding ceremony anniversary. Vibhu says you idea I forgot no methods it’s our happiest day of lifestyles inform me what you need. Anu says will you capable of supply me what I ask for. Vibhu says sure I’ll get you. Anu says this time I want some thing grand for my birthday, I don’t need whatever emotional this time I need a actual grand present. Vibhu says I’ll try and locate some thing exceptional for you. Anu says earlier than that you need to do some thing, rest room pipes are chock please lead them to clear.

Vibhu outdoor residence taking walks. Prem come and blow horn of his moped says how did you want my gorn Vibhuti I imported from Japan. Vibhu says why from Japan that too horn. Prem says a while earlier than there has been information Japan and India are going to be buddies to be able to make commercial enterprise humans like me must step in. Vibhu ask why humans like you. Prem says due to the fact I even have masses of cash and Hindi Japanese brother, when you have cash you can assist our country. Vibhu says then assist humans close to round you and says my wedding ceremony anniversary is coming and looking ahead to an high priced present from me however I don’t have cash to offer that high priced present don’t understand what need to I do. Prem says quite simple don’t supply her present. Vibhu says she have fath in me otherwise she can be able to free that wish. Prem says she misplaced all her wish whilst she married to you. Vibhu says in place of speaking garbage supply me cash due to the fact you’ve got got a lot. Prem says sure I even have however I’m going to make investments with my worldwide buddy and leaves.

Angoori are available in garden and watering plants. Vibhu walks to her and flirts with her. Angoori says I didn’t understood. Vibhu says I’m in hassle. Angoori says what show up the whole thing is fine. Vibhu says I’m not able to look genuinely from my eyes. Angoori says are you capable of see me, inform me coloration of my saree.

Vibhu says you’re sporting blue coloration saree. Angoori says its red. Vibhu says I can’t see coloration. Angoori says your eyes are in horrific circumstance pass and do checkup. Vibhu says you realize my monetary circumstance and if I inform Anu she can be able to get harm, says are you able to assist me. Angoori says so do you watched me as a few unknown I’m your neighbour will really assist you, don’t fear I’ll do some thing thill evening. Vibhu receives excited and says until evening. Angoori says sure I were given clean Ghee from village, wilo make Kajal for you and you may observe beneath your eyes and your trouble can be cured of eyes. Vibhu ask is there any stone close to round, he’s taking the field he turned into wearing and begin hitting himself with that and says physician informed me to deal with my sickness nicely and ask do you assist me. Angoori says sure. Vibhu says I want cash for treatment. Tiwari name Angoori and stroll outdoor to them ask what show up who’s in hassle. Angoori says Vibhuti is in hassle can’t see genuinely even he informed my saree coloration incorrect please assist him with a few cash. Tiwari mocks Vibhu. Vibhu says in case you can’t assist me then no want to disrespect me. Tiwari says however you don’t have any admire. Angoori says why are you disrespecting him, he’ll get harm. Tiwari scolds Angoori and says no want to offer him and pass inside. Angoori says I’ll make tea for you and says to Vibhuti I’ll make Kajal for you and she or he leaves.
Tiwari says to Vibhu concentrate to me cautiously no want to take cash from Angoori. Vibhu whispers some thing into Tiwari’s ear and leaves.

Malkhan and Tillu taking walks close to tea stall and gambling recreation. Masterji receives up after having tea and encounter them. Tillu says recreation is over now and shouts at Masterji. Masterji begin hitting them, Saxena push Tillu and Malkhan and take all of the hit. Masterji says why did you intervene in punishment. Saxena says I turned into having an urge to get beatun up so I driven them fullfill my urge. Masterji leaves. Tillu says way to Saxena for taking sll the beating. Malkhan ask what all you wearing Saxena says I introduced all this from library and going to do studies on morden colony. Tillu says means. Saxena sasy 150-three hundred years age there use to be a temple of Kuber in Mughal empire and that temple turned into beneath this morden colony and that temple continues to be here. Malkhan says what are you saying. Saxena says are you scared wait I’ll scare you extra and says that temple comprise a paranormal necklace and if any ladies put on that necklace then she receives fortunate and matters modifications for her, that necklace turned into made via way of means of a well-known jeweller Heerabadiye Dhanzaybhar made a necklace past this international known as as Kuber Necklace.

Vibhu in deserted location says now don’t understand in which else I must pass extra to satisfy my spouse demands, its plastic anywhere and says no one is concerned approximately surroundings and begin casting off the whole thing, he receives some thing and says this appear like a necklace however who will throw this here, it is probably replica however I can paintings with this.

Tiwari calls Angoori and says get mr breakfast I must leave. Angoori says wait I’m bringing. Tiwari receives name from Gupta says you gonna stay lengthy I turned into remembering you, Tiwari says what no want to recall you, don’t do like this it’ll be disastrous for me, elastic isn’t always proper in underclothes don’t fear I’ll begin manufacturing however Gupta hungs up. Angoori brings breakfast for Tiwari and ask what show up to you. Tiwari says I can’t apprehend few matters. Angoori says have this you may apprehend matters and I even have made some thing unique for you I’ll convey that for you. Tiwari receives name from Agrawal and ask the whole thing fine. Tiwari says what not anything is fine, please don’t do this otherwise I’ll come on road please don’t do this, don’t use curse phrases and Agrawal hungs up. Angoori brings candy for her and says have it, inform me what show up. Tiwari take bite. Angoori ask inform me how’s it and says I want some thing from you, from many time I didn’t take any present from you so I want necklace for me. Tiwari says so that you made all this for necklace, herr my commercial enterprise is on stake and also you need necklace. Angoori says are you remaining commercial enterprise. Tiwari says I were given name for cancelling order however you didn’t question me what show up, you have been busy together along with your breakfast, shouts at her and says throw away all this. Angoori says I’ll throw it however after which you eill get necklace for me.

Vibhu walks in residence and contact Anu. Anu walks to her and says what show up why are you screaming. Vibhu says I even have a wonder for you. Anu says eww why are you stinking. Vibhu says you overlook you informed me pipe are choke so I entered into manhole and easy it. Anu says and you return back directly, hold your legs down and prevent spoiling my furniture. Vibhu says your overlook in university days whilst you have been approaching moped and I turned into on cycle then we encounter eachother I experience in manhole then you definitely assist me to get out and easy me and kissed me a lot. Anu says that turned into exceptional time, we have been having romance as it didn’t remember and now we’ve got scent of manhole that’s insufferable so please pass and bathe. Vibhu says I introduced an anniversary present for you. Anu ask what it is. Vibhu brings out necklace for her. Anu shouts eww and leaves. Vibhu says what a time there may be no admire for husband. Anu include room freshener and ask Vibhuti to dangle necklace on roller. Vibhu hangs it and says I offered this necklace for you earlier. Anu say can I ask you query and says how will you convey some thing grimy and tasteless present for me. Vibhu says it’s antique necklace and it’s one and most effective in international. Anu says sure it might most effective one in universa no layout no right completing and it’s horrific how will you get guft like this for me, take it I don’t need this. Vibhu says you didn’t like it. Anu says no take it and pass take bathe and make it easy due to the fact you each are stinking.

Vibhu guve necklace to Angoori and says take this present and it’ll satisfy your each wishes.

Tiwari ask Angoori who gave you this necklace. Angoori says Vibhu. Tiwari shouts and says throw it. Tiwari receives name from Gupta says I’m providing you with your order lower back again.


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