Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu praises TMT says they are so down to earth even after making a lot of money, Angoori says they became so decent after winning at lottery, Tilu says we won’t have pride no matter what, Teeka says we’re broken down on the floor, Vibhu whispers at the market, Anu says TMT is coming to dinner, Angoori says we’re being kept, Tiwari and Vibhu are arguing, Anu says enough, let’s leave him,

and says Vibhu is coming home soon because you are going to cook dinner and leave. TMT gives Vibhu the order to drink. TMT, Tiwari and Vibhu drink at the party, Vibhu says this party for your victory, Teeka says liar, Tilu says it’s because of our money, Tiwari says I always treated you like a son, Tilu says that I did not give the salary for 6 months, Vibhu tells how you could have behaved like this with a poor man, Tiwari. Malkan says sorry, we are millionaires, Master enters, Vibhu says not to show off too much, Tiwari says they will until they have the money.

Tiwari asks TMT what they are going to do with so much money, Vibhu says to help us with this money, Teeka says we should help them, Vibhu whispers to Tiwari that they are trapped. Tiwari asks for 20 lakh, Vibhu asks for 50 lakh, Tilu says it is done but we have a condition, and he puts alcohol in his shoes and says to drink it and if you do that you will get money . Master gets up and looks at everything. Tiwari says to stop taking advantage of the situation, Vibhu says to drink it, Tiwari says that Angoori and Anu if they see it they will hate me, Vibhu says I don’t care, I will,

Tiwari says that’s okay with me too then and the two are going to drink, Anu and Angoori come out and laugh at them for their behavior, Angoori says i hate them so much, Anu says they are They weren’t rich, they were doing it because we asked them too. Vibhu slaps TMT.Tiwari and Vibhu go to Angoori and Anu and apologize, Angoori says we don’t talk to greedy people, Anu says you are right, Vibhu says it was a mistake and we are sorry, Tiwari says we got scared, Angoori says you broke my trust, Saxena comes in and says I have 2.5 Cr,

use the money and solve the problem, and give them the check, Vibhu tears up the check and thanks Saxena and they all leave the two. Angoori says I’m proud of you. Tiwari and Vibhu out, Tiwari says you did it right, Saxena goes to them and says you’re so stupid, Vibhu slaps him, Saxena says don’t tear this is the last, Vibhu tear him up again, and puts Saxena in her mouth, Saxena says you’re both dead now, Vibhu says we look stupid, Saxena says yes because both checks were original. The Maestro goes to Saxena’s and thanks him for lending the money. Vibhu says we made a big mistake again. Prem Master and Gupta go to TMT for insulting them and hitting them hard. TMT says don’t worry, Rhusa won’t refuse us, she loves us and not our money, the commissioner goes to them with Rhusa and refuses TMT, she slaps them and leaves. Malkan is training, Tilu wakes up Teeka says the tea is there, Teeka says it’s such a romantic atmosphere it feels like drinking,

Tilu says we should be working now, Teeka says what I’m working on no pay Tilu says okay it doesn’t pay but i work honestly Malkan says stop making jokes Teeka says go play poker Tilu says i have a job Malkan says forget, let go , Tilu says I want to come with you but Tiwari won’t allow departures, Teeka says tell him you’re not okay, Tilu says he won’t agree, Teeka says tell him you had an accident. Tiwari walks dressed as a peanut vendor, Master and Gupta think it’s da Tiwari and hit him, Tiwari says it’s me, Gupta asks what all this is, Tiwari says it’s Pandit’s solution Rampals,

I have to sell peanuts in front of a brewery, Gupta and the Master laugh, the Master says if it works on you too I will try, Tiwari says it won’t work for everyone, Gupta and the Master leave.Tiwari gets a call from Tilu, Teeka says Tilu had an accident, Tiwari says take her to the hospital even if I come, Malkan says don’t worry we’ll get there, Tiwari says it’s okay, hey know me. TMT at the beer store, buying alcohol, Tiwari disguised as selling peanuts, TMt discusses Tiwari’s plunder and abuse, Tiwari reveals himself, Teeka Malkan runs away, Tiwari slaps Tilu.

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