Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu calls Vibhuti. Vibhu come here is your espresso precisely how you like hot. Anu asks where is accessory. Vibhu says which accessory. Anu says presently you’ll says whenever who are you madam. Vibhu says don’t stress I’ll get your neckband back thinking how to get it back. Anu says its not my concern. Vibhu says what befall you, you began like radio you don’t comprehend I guarantee you sick return it back. Anu says you have guaranteed me so often yet I have never got any.

TMT come and welcomes Anu and says on account of your endowments we three won lottery of 30 crore. Vibhu gets astonished and says what. Teeka says to Vibhu do you realize the number of zeros are there in 1 crore. Tillu says you include zeros out of 30 crore and bhabhi you have desserts. Saxena come and begin hitting the dance floor with TMT and goes. TMT says to Anu kindly permit us to leave. Anu says to Vibhu how’s your confidence they three won 30 crore, I know nothing I need my neckband back. Vibhu says don’t stress you will get your neckband back and will get one more jewelry with that old one.

Tillu goes to Tiwari’s home and request that he have sweet. Tiwari says what are you doing in and wouldn’t you be able to know prior to coming, don’t request compensation to me. Tillu says I came to request pay, you just keep change. Tiwari asks then for what valid reason did you came. Tillu says god gave you eyes look from that here have sweet. Tiwari says I’m not eating you more likely than not blended poision in it. Tillu says what will I get subsequent to killing you lifetime prison and assuming that occur, I’ll free 30 crore from my hand. Tiwari says mention to me what you did.

Tillu says prepare yourself TMT won 30 crore lottery. Tiwari yells, Angoori come and ask what occur. Tillu says he is stunned. Tiwari says you are lying. Tillu says with your gifts TMT won 30 crore lottery, 10 crore each. Tiwari says don’t trust them. Tillu says I swear on bhabhi I’m not lying. Tiwari says to himself he never takes bogus swear of Angoori. Angoori says now you have not to accomplish any work for anybody you can carry on with your life. Tillu says now I don’t need to work under ravenous, modest man. Angoori says believe it or not, I’ll bring sweet for you. Tillu asks Tiwari do you have nay thought for business however you are business think just with regards to underpants. Saxena come begin singing tune and prods Tiwari.

Gupta, Prem and Masterji in market having tea. Gupta says to Master in light of this pandemic there is World wide ravenous and needy individuals. Prem says for what reason are you searching for world you can check in Kanpur itself individuals have bubble water and drank entire year. Expert says individuals like government work like us are battling such a lot of shouldn’t something be said about youth from private area,

he says me made parcel of fun of TMT yesterday they should be in part of battle. Prem concurs. TMT come moving and singing and gives everybody sweet and tells everybody we won lottery of 30 crore. Prem says do you at any point realize the number of commas are there is 30 crore. Tillu says we donyhave time for that and they leave singing. Gupta, Master and Prem in shock. Prem says I think I need to begin side business with these three.

Tiwari in his room accessible as needs be with Agrawal. Agrawal pull out his request, Tiwari ask him not to or, in all likelihood he will be in huge misfortune. Angoori come and ask what occur for what reason are you so hyper. Tiwari says my customer Agrawal took his request back at end time and I’ll not get my development of 3 lakh which I took from market. Angoori request that he quiet down and says Daddu will help you and calls him.

Angoori welcomes him and says Tiwari needed to endure loos in business work on something for him. Tiwari converses with Daddu, Daddu chides him and Tiwari hungs up. Angoori asks what occur. Tiwari says he mishandled m and figures I should converse with TMT they won lottery will call them for supper will unquestionably help me and says to Angoori call TMT for supper theybwill certainly help us. Angoori says alright and ask what manhandles Daddu gave you. Tiwari yells on her.

Anu in her home strolling. Vibhu come and Anu ask where were you. Vibhu says simply walking first floor. Anu taunts Vibhuti. Vibhu says you insult me a ton. Anu says my wird hurt you shouldn’t something be said about your activities. Vibhu says what I fouled up, I accomplished for your assistance. Anu says for what reason didn’t you sell something of yourself. Vibhu says I offer myself to deal yet didn’t got any purchaser its not my issue. Anu says you could have purchase lottery ticket, you have brilliant karma in this field. Vibhu says I’ll get cash by buckling down not by betting or lottery. Anu says you can simply talk no activity and leaves.

Everybody camouflaged in wrap in market and conversing with one another hanging tight for lottery fellow. Somebody streams Tiwari and eliminate cloak. Vibhu says its you. Tiwari says yes and I definitely realized it was you. Vibhu says I came to see that you generally lie or is there any reality. Tiwari says I additionally came to see and ridicules one another. Vibhu says thank god this courteous fellow removed your wrap. Tiwari yells who are you. It was Prem, Master and Gupta. Vibhu and Tiwari gets stunned and says all are on same page.

Tillu says to Teeka from where did you bought this. Teeka ridicules him and says I requested it from Japan. Malkhan says quit talking trash as though we don’t realize you leased this dress. Tillu says to Malkhan say courteously somebody will hear. Tiwari come and asks hiw are you my children what occur. Malkhan says talk regarding business we don’t have the opportunity to squander. Tillu says you don’t have capacity to converse with us so talk with deference.

Tiwari says alright I’ll says you sir and might want to welcome you on supper. Teeka says excuse me let me check my timetable and says sorry unrealistic around evening time we have some different plans. Tiwari says OK no issue your bhabhi maa advised me to welcome you well no concerns. TMT yells stand by talk about to one another and says we will be coming and Tillu says to Tiwari kindly bring our image. Tiwari says come.

Tiwari says everybody is out to purchase lottery. Gupta says who doesn’t care for cash. Expert says when they can have karma, then, at that point, what’s going on is us. Prem says I purchase lottery every day except didn’t won any. Expert says you can attempt every day perhaps you will win one day. Babulal come and says who at any point need lottery ticket take it. Everybody surge towards him. Babulal yells bum and I reviles you, you will be transient for entire long lasting.

Malkhan and Tillu come in suite and says you look like mogul. Malkhan says when an individual gets cash then you can see look all over. Tillu says would you be able to see all over. Malkhan says yes we both look mogul from our face. Tillu says however our Teeka consistently look hobo. Teeka come in suite and says what trash you were discussing me. Tillu and Malkhan gets stunned and says from where did you plundered this suit. Teeka derides him.

PreCap Vibhu says to TMT I need 5 lakh rupees. Tillu says wipe my shoes you will get cash.


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