Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

YBhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori on telephone conversing with Ammaji says what are you saying in the wake of doing this custom Tiwari will be exceptionally gainful for him on then sick him to do this custom and will tell and hungs up telephone. Angoori calls Tiwari and says Ammaji called says you need to do custom which assist you with becoming effective and well off. Tiwari asks what is custom. Angoori says you need to apply bison compost oner your body for ine week.

Tiwari says you and Ammaji keep your custom with you, you realize how much regard I have in mordern settlement individuals bow before me in regard and you wany to apply wild oxen compost on my body, you ought to be embarrassed. Angoori says yet figure you will have cash surrounding you. Tiwari says housefly will associate with me and to get help from awful stench I need to apply entire aroma. Angoori says mockingly you don’t smell pleasant after aroma and flee. Tiwari says to himself Amma and Angoori both are fool.

A man in market yelling purchase lottery and open satisfaction. TMT come, Teeka says to Babulal what a decent Shop you have opened, it should be fun, would you be able to help us as well. Babulal says I definitely know you, you are extremely confident individuals however will reveal to you something dont feel terrible, certain individuals’ karma are continually dozing. Teeka says what are you saying. Babulal says take a gander at that old person he use to purchase tickets from my dad now he purchases from me, on the off chance that he will be alive will purchase from my child.

Teeka says for what reason are you contrasting us and him. Babulal says I’m simply advising you uf you have cash eat something dont squander it in lottery. Malkhan says he is testing our karma now we need to purchase ut. Tillu says give us your most costly Lottery. Babulal gives them 30 crore lottery and says I can says with promise you won’t win 3rs. Malkhan says I couldn’t say whether his tongue is misfortune or we. Babulal says you are misfortune. Teeka says see you soon and TMT leave.

Vibhu in kitchen cleaving vegetable. Anu calls him. Vibhu says right now im cleaving vegetable then, at that point, cook it after that I’ll was your garments. Anu says that you’ll do it however presently thing is unique, I checked in my storage my jewelry is absent. Vibhu ssys then go to police headquarters and record a report. Anu says I’ll do that yet you might come in issue. Vibhu says how it will be my concern. Anu says I checked banks library and it was triumphing ultimately your last passage so what is the new reason. Vibhu says yes I got it, I recollect and this is reality not a reason, you recall that I gave you cash a half year back for the lease of your preparing classes. Anu says yes you brought that cash.

Vibhu says did you ask from where did I get, I kept that neckband as home loan and bring cash. Anu yells at him says you kept my neckband as home loan to save yourself, I don’t accept this that is so costly on the off chance that you labor for a considerable length of time consistently you wont have the option to acquire it, it was if 10 lakh rupees. Vibhu says why you generally talk about cash I can free a realm for you. Anu says this is the contrast between you and me, I will take that regal state. Vibhu says I knew it that is contrast between you and me, you generally pursue cash, I suspect as much we are jumbled, is she that Anu who use to adore me a ton. Anu says yes she is that Anu who is currently poor in the wake of cherishing you a great deal since circumstance had made me cash disapproved.

Saxena outside kitchen window moving and leaves.

Vibhu, Prem, Masterji and Gupta sitting together in market. Tiwari accompany desserts and says have it everybody my more youthful sibling laddu finished in his test. Gupta asks the amount he scored. Tiwari says I don’t stress over scores I don’t need him to turn into an official. Tiwari says he will sit on shop. Tiwari says don’t ridicule my business and it assists with running my home and this is pleasant occupation which you jobless individuals don’t have.

TMT come singing. Tiwari taunts TMT and Vibhuti. Prem says due to Anu Vibhuti doesn’t come in there classification others wish these young men are revolting for mordern settlement. Malkhan says stand by brief you are taunting us to an extreme. Tiwari says why god make these sort of young men. Masterji says yes you are correct they are misfortune. Vibhu says excuse me I don’t come in there class I have elevated expectation then them, they are frog. Prem taunts them more. Tillu says make fun the amount you need to our time will likewise change. Teeka says we will likewise have cash. Malkhan says there will be day when individuals will request cash from us. Saxena come and begin moving and singing and leaves. TMT gives everybody look and leaves.

Angoori outside her home expecting vegetable. Anu come and says its called as customer court and you are correct plundering is occurring that too in house and individuals don’t have the foggiest idea. Angoori says it implies something us missing from your safe. Anu says yes something to that effect. Angoori says how about you take him to police headquarters, beat him.

Anu says I would do precisely the thing you are saying in case Vibhu was not involved, ge contract my neckband to help me just yet without disclosing to me he kept my experience accessory as home loan, he generally do this to me ruin my things and bring in cash. Angoori says this is off-base I figure he should begin working. Anu says precisely I say to him yet he says cash is dust. Angoori says I’m seeing Tiwari is getting too self-important nowadays. Anu says at whatever point he meet me he extends regard and talks amiably to me. Angoori says observe cautiously he has become too proudy.

Tiwari on telephone conversing with Gulzari about land says my property go under expressway then I should get parcels if cash atleast 10 crore, call me when they take estimations I’ll be there and hungs up. Vibhu come and says something. Tiwari asks when did you come. Vibhu says when you were examining about land. Tiwari says yes there is a real estate parcel going under interstate so I was conversing with my accountant. Vibhu says how much land you have.

Tiwari says that all data my clerk have however I have around of 100 sections of land. Vibhu says just 100 sections of land that we provide for our cattles. Tiwari says you never disclosed to me you are from journal family. Vibhu says I don’t think regarding that our entire family drank that milk. Tiwari says that is the reason you are jobless your family probably worked together for that. Vibhu says I’m from regal family, I’m conceived rich. Tiwari says how much cash you have 1-2 crore. Vibhu says that we spend on our laborers kid marriage.

Tiwari and Vibhu thumps one another and begin contending. Vibhu says once I overlooked check of 10 crore which her dad offered me to leave Anita yet I torned it. Tiwari says I need to get some information about this to Anita. Vibhu says she don’t have any piece of information. Tiwari says once Angooris father offer me 100 sections of land however I didn’t took any in the event that it. Vibhu taunts him and leave.

Babulal yelling and selling his lottery ticket. TMT come and Babulal says you are back here again and derides them. Teeka says we are here to check on the off chance that we won lottery or not. Malkhan give him ticket and says really look at it and tell in the event that we won or not. Tillu says to Teeka and Malkhan I suspect as much we will win this time. Chacha hack. Babulal says that chacha is attempting to says you won’t win.

Tillu says quit being chachas interpreter. Teeka says simply check and advise us. Babulal says alright he checks and says you won lottery of 30 crore. TMT get stunned and begin yelling. Saxena come and they all beginning moving and TMT leave. Babulal says everyone gets lucky sometimes.

PreCap Anu says to Vibhuti TMT is more fortunate then you they won 30 crore rupees lottery, I don’t realize I need my neckband back. Tiwari says to Angoori my business companion Mr.Gupta provided me request of 10 lakh and presently dumped me, Tiwari says to himself TMT have won lottery I’ll call them on supper and I have confidence they will help me


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