Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari calls Angoori and says please deliver me meals I’m feeling hungry. Angoori come and says you got here these days early. Tiwari says so what must I do there have been no consumer at keep and I changed into feeling hungry so got here lower back, don’t ask many questions simply deliver me meals and shouts at her. Angoori says why are you shouting wait I’m making ready meals it’ll take greater 1 hour. Tiwari says 1 hour and begin shouting. Ammaji come. Angoori crying greets her. Ammaji asks what take place. Angoori says I’m hurt. Tiwari says I’ll let you know what take place I got here inner tiered and feeling hungry. Ammaji says why are you farmer or what. Tiwari says best farmers don’t get tiered a enterprise guy additionally. Angoori says so what I additionally do families paintings I awaken 5am and do paintings. Tiwari says you’re evaluating my a enterprise guy paintings yo your family paintings. Ammaji says to Tiwari you don’t recall family paintings essential. Tiwari says if she take a seat down on keep will now no longer be capable of do anything. Angoori says you won’t be capable of do families paintings. Ammaji says then its k from the following day onwards Angoori will visit keep and Tiwari will de families paintings. Tiwari says if she can be able to take a seat down on keep then not anything excellent will take place. Ammaji asks how an awful lot you earn. Tiwari says 1lakh according to month. Ammaji says then k she can be able to earn 1.5lakhs rupees according to month to show you. Tiwari says if she didn’t earn then. Ammaji says then she can be able to go together with me. Tiwari says k. Ammaji says from the following day you’ll do enterprise and Tiwari will do families paintings and ask her to exit and feature pizza.

Vibhu in marketplace is going to Angooris residence and says goodmorning bhabhiji. Tiwari flip round and says excellent morning. Vibhu asks why are you watering flowers. Tiwari says its my residence I’m watering them. Vibhu no you could’t do it its Angooris youngster. Tiwari says them I’m there dad. Vibhu says no I’m there father and says on this garden many flowers are given through me which Anu abandoned. Tiwari says then its bhabhiji youngster I’ll contend with them. Vibhu says no those are mine and Angoori is already taking excellent care of them. Tiwari says from now Angoori will now no longer do. Vibhu begin calling Angoori. Tiwari says she isn’t right here. Vibhu asks them in which is she. Tiwari says who’re you asking me approximately my spouse. Vibhu says I’m neighbour. Tiwari says then be like neighbour.
Teeka include Saxena with leash round Saxena’s neck and treating him like canine. Saxena sniffing Vibhuti. Vibhu pushes him lower back and asks what’s this. Teeka says his internal canine awakened and is paying me to take excellent care of him and deliver him unconditional love. Tiwari says while he pay then you definitely how’s this unconditional love. Saxena mocks Tiwari. Vibhu ask Teeka to take him away. Teeka takes him. Vibhu says this colony is complete of ediots. Tiwari says sure and you’re one if them. Vibhu says in which is bhabhiji did you kidnap her. Tiwari says are you from your mind. Vibhu says you by no means recognise and get’s inner his residence.

Masterji and Gupta is going to teas stall and ask for tea. Pelu sitting there already and Malkhan come. Gupta says what take place to Pelu. Masterji says I assume so he’s unwell. Malkhan says he can not be unwell. Pelu sneezing. Malkhan says what take place why are you sneezing. Pelu deliver Malkhan slip announcing I’m having viral fever. Everyone ask him to take medicinal drug. Pelu deliver any other slip announcing I’m already having boiled rum as medicinal drug to kill viruses. Masterji says now his rickshaw might be status with none income. Pelu deliver any other slip announcing I’m equipped to offer my rickshaw on hire for per week whoever want it could take his fees and deliver me cash. Malkhan asks Pelu to offer him. Pelu deliver any other slip announcing in case you didn’t manage my rickshaw efficaciously then I’ll promote your organs. Vibhu walks in and ask Masterji and Gupta did you spot Angoori. Prem walks in and says to Vibhuti I noticed her going to keep with Tillu. Vibhu depart. A guy walks in and ask what’s similarity in spouse and Kashmir. Everyone say no. Man says if a neighbour see it we experience bad. Prem asks however who’re you. Man says I’m buddy of Saxena simply pop out of intellectual asylum so should you please inform me his address. Prem says take proper then left after which take u flip or anything flip you want. Man leaves.

Tiwari in kitchen slicing vegetable says why those vegetable aren’t getting cut, did I perform a little sort of mistake through accepting this project. Anu walks in her kitchen seeking out sugar. Tiwari seems at Anita and says what am I seeing, Anu in kitchen as a substitute then Vibhuti and calls Anu. Anu sees Tiwari and says what’s this what are you doing in kitchen. Tiwari says I’m cooking. Anu says however why are you cooking. Tiwari says she is on keep. Tiwari says there’s an project among we each that she can be able to take a seat down on keep manage it and I’ll do families paintings. Anu laughs. Tiwari says what take place. Anu says I’m giggling searching at you. Tiwari says a poem for her. Anu asks Tiwari to make espresso for her and depart.

Angoori at keep with Tillu. Tillu displaying undergarments to consumer. Customer ask approximately the fee. Tillu says first study undergarments. Customer says no first inform me fee I’m poor. Tillu says I can come up with in 100rs. Customer says I already instructed you I’m poor. Tillu says then you could do one aspect move and suicide. Customer says k I’ll do it however then will you feed my spouse. Tillu says no person’s spouse die hungry. Angoori says why are you arguing deliver him undergarments. Tillu says I’m giving 100rs a pair. Angoori says there’s not anything essential then human and deliver him pair’s and ask him to offer cash afterwards. Tillu says if you’ll deliver the whole lot in loose then Tiwari will come on avenue and you’ll now no longer have the ability to finish your target, I’m scared in case you free project you’ll go together with Ammaji and we can be lwft alone. Angoori says maintain quiet.

Vibhu come and says what a alleviation and says what are you doing right here. Angoori says this my Tiwari’s keep. Vibhu says sure I recognise that is the vicinity in which Tiwari thieve cash from humans for his undergarments. Angoori says that’s now no longer real. Tillu says in your data Angoori has commenced doing enterprise and commenced her new adventure from this keep. Vibhu says is that this real. Angoori says sure for one month I’ll we dealing with this enterprise and challanged him to offer hima enterprise of 1.5lakh. Tillu says consistent with these days’s scenario it will likely be hard to do 150rs enterprise and says to Vibhuti that she is giving the whole lot in loose and Tiwari don’t use to offer a thread totally free like this she won’t live to tell the tale an awful lot. Vibhu says that’s her manner of doing enterprise and ask Angoori to keep her manner due to the fact I even have a intestine feeling that you’ll gain your target. Angoori says however I can not see some thing arising due to the fact I can see best sadness due to the fact if I now no longer entire it then I should go together with Ammaji and stay with her. Vibhu says jo by no means I’m certain you’ll entire your target. Angoori says you got here to keep first time and ask Tillu to deliver espresso for him. Tillu says k I’ll deliver.
Vibhu come near Angoori and says I changed into seeking out you and says this feels excellent like a lotus. Tillu include espresso. Vibhu says k now I’ll depart grabs espresso and throws it on Tillu.

Vibhu consuming and says from in which I’ll deliver 1.5lakh rupees and if I don’t set up this an awful lot cash then she can be able to move all the time I should set up it, its my struggle too and if I promote me. Saxena include Teeka says to Vibhuti no person will purchase you even a canine like me. Teeka says Tommy clean boy they’re now no longer honest. Vibhu says what you stated. Saxena says you’re thief. Vibhu says forestall kidding. Saxena says that is real I’m a canine now. Vibhu says you canine Saxena I want 1.5lakh rupees will you deliver me. Saxena says you already stated me canine then how can I come up with cash I can do best fog things. Teeka says they’re now no longer excellent humans will take your advantage. Saxena and Teeka leaves.

Malkhan include Masterji in rickshaw and sees Vibhuti. Masterji says to Malkhan why did you forestall right here. Malkhan says I’m thirsty and says to Vibhuti please deliver me water with alcohol. Masterji says drink and pressure is a severe offence. Vibhu says to Malkhan Masterji is proper. Malkhan says however I’m now no longer using any automobile or truck I’m using a cycle. Masterji says however you’re a driving force if cycle. Vibhu says to Malkhan move inner there’s water in refrigerator and whispers there’s an beer bottle to have it. Malkhan is going inner. Vibhu begin crying says Phophaji will die. Masterji says who’s Phophaji yours. Vibhu says no its Anita’s he’s unwell having severe piles want to function his neck. Masterji says however he’s having piles. Vibhu says I additionally requested identical query to health practitioner why operation of neck while he’s having piles, he says as you need to do boaring in floor for water identical manner. Masterji says however he human being.

Vibhu says he’s reasonably-priced will now no longer deliver cash easily, cries and says he’ll die. Masterji says however why health practitioner isn’t operating. Vibhu says sure he desires to do however Phophaji don’t have cash. Masterji says maximum of the time Phopha don’t have cash after which he ought to have referred to as Anu for cash. Vibhu says how you understand that, Bua calld Anu for cash and says in case you assist me might be grateful to you. Masterji sayd I should see in account how an awful lot I even have and calls Malkhan. Vibhu says neglect about him shall we move and check, Vibhuti and Masterji leaves in rickshaw. Malkhan pop out announcing I’m coming and sees rickshaw isn’t there says Pelu will now no longer depart me now.

Anu says to Tiwari right here are a number of my garments please iron them and fold them.


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