Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori in hall. Vibhu sitting close by her. Angoori listen Tiwari calling her and says I can’t stay with out you Tiwari why are you sitting there come hug me. Vibhu says why is she calling me Tiwari, I had been watching for this due to the fact that lengthy however how can I select out her up. Angoori says what are you questioning come right here and hug me and take me to heaven.

Angoori open her eyes sees Vibhuti and says it’s you wherein is Tiwari and begin crying says I can’t stay with out him, if he are available the front of me I’ll say love you. Vibhu says I realize approximately a wishing properly in case you throw a coin and make a want and it come true. Angoori says will I get Tiwari. Vibhu says if he could be to be had in inventory then in reality you may get. Angoori says allow’s cross earlier than Tiwari is going out of inventory and that they leave.

Man praying to wishing properly says my spouse thinks I’m seeing a person please supply her knowledge to understand, he receives name from woman says darling I’ll be returned cake to satisfy a properly. Tiwari walks in and says how become the revel in. Man says It become excellent I even have many woman in my manufacturing facility I even have revel in and leaves. Tiwari says don’t realize what he stated, he sees properly says its deep in the end I want to make want.
Vibhu and Angoori on foot closer to properly, Vibhu says waut a person is already there. Angoori says he’s Tiwari. Vibhu says he got here to want that allows you to properly. Angoori says allow me cross. Vibhu stops her say allow him oray after that we are able to meet and I’m certain he’ll ask you. Angoori says I’m happy with him. Vibhu says wait a minute shall we listen what he want for.

Tiwari says to properly I heard you helped quite a few humans, nowadays assist me too, I want a foreigner female who’s blonde and blue eyes simply supply me my desire of woman and throws the coin. Angoori says what’s this why is he disturbing for foreigner. Vibhu says I’m sorry I don’t realize what’s occurring my prediction long gone wrong. Angoori says I’ll cross and ask him. Vibhu says no it’ll make fuss. Angoori so I ought to wait until he carry overseas together along with her and walks to her.

Angoori walks to him. Tiwari sees her get excited try and hug. Angoori says don’t contact me. Tiwari says what happen. Angoori says you demanded for foreigner I realize that’s why you fought with me so you can carry that foreigner to our residence. Tiwari says it’s now no longer like that. Vibhu says it’s like that. Tiwari says close as much as Vibhuti and who’re you don’t are available among husband and spouse. Angoori says he’s my wellwisher, I in no way notion you’ll do like this I’ll name Ammaji and inform everything, she calls Ammaji and ask how matters are going. Ammaji says I’m approximately to attain temple, its so bloodless right here and ice all around.

Angoori receives excited and ask is it identical we discover in fridge. Ammaji says sure its identical. Vibhu says to Angoori come to point. Angoori says to Ammaji your realize Tiwari. Ammaji says hi there I can’t listen you I even have sign hassle will communicate to you later. Angoori cries and leaves. Vibhu says to Tiwari I even have a plan for you cross and die. Tiwari says he once more took my spouse.

That identical night time Tiwari, Helan and David having drinks. Helan says wintry weather is right here. David says climate forecast stated it’ll rain nowadays. Helan says I’m announcing approximately bloodless and you’re speakme approximately rain. Tiwari begin crying says I’m lacking Angoori lots she use to knit sweater for me in bloodless. Saxena says to Tiwari dont fear I’m right here for you I’ll knit sweater for you. David flirts with Saxena.

Saxena supply snacks to them. Helan says it’s taste. Saxena says thankyou I’ll get extra snacks for you.
Tiwari receives name from Dadu says why is he calling if he get to realize approximately Angoori then he’ll scold me, I’ll now no longer pickup. David says if you may jot select out then he’ll come right here and spot that your spouse is residing at neighbour’s residence. Helan says to
Tiwari why don’t you patch up together along with your spouse. Tiwari says how can I do.

David says she is making an attempt to patch up. Tiwari says I attempted to patch up many time however there may be one character turning into hurdle. David says who’s he. Helan says attempt one time communicate to her try and galvanize her, she is straightforward and innocent, and a chunk silly however she is ideal and love you alot. Tiwari says I additionally love her lots, however I informed you there may be one character performing as hurdle. Helan says cross galvanize her.

Angoori attire in western outfit and studying English newspaper. Vibhu walks in sees Angoori and says who’s this stunning woman she appear to be foreigner however supply Angoori’s Vibe allow’s cross and communicate to her. Vibhu walks to her and greet her. Angoori greet her returned. Vibhu in surprise says I can’t accept as true with that and ask why are you in overseas apparel you’re all desi. Angoori says I heard Tiwari disturbing for foreigner that’s why I have become one. Vibhu says no foreigner can fit you, if we communicate approximately
Tiwari he can’t call for you matters, he don’t have reputation, teel me one factor if Tiwari says turn out to be object female for me and dance for me. Angoori sayd so what he’s my spouse. Vibhu says I realize you may solution identical, in case you ask him identical he won’t do I can write on stamp paper and say he won’t do identical for you he’ll deny that. Angoori ask inform me why will I ask him to bop due to the fact it’s now no longer his job.

Vibhu says you also are doing paintings like you’re sitting as foreigner infront of me however you don’t have any relation in being an foreigner simply due to the fact your husband call for. Angoori says so what he’s my husband he can ask me. Vibhu says then are you his servant. She says don’t says whatever and get offended.

Vibhu says receive it he has been vocal approximately calling you silly all of the time. Angoori says he can’t say like this. Vibhu says don’t fear I’m with you I’ll stand with you. Angoori says I’ll now no longer communicate to him, you it took me four hours to get ready. Vibhu says you appearance amazing.

Tiwari exit of his residence touches Vibhuti’s fundamental door and receives surprise. Vibhu pop out and says why are you attempting yo input my residence this overdue like thief. Tiwari says I’m now no longer thief and says supply me returned my spouse and begin shouting Angooris name. Vibhu says prevent shouting you’re worrying absolutely each person in colony. Tiwari says I need my spouse returned. Vibhu says visit mountain you may get woman there and you may assist eachother.

Man walks in greet them and says I heard you have been speakme approximately spouse. Vibhu says sure he want spouse. Man says I even have amazing spouse she don’t doubt at all. Tiwari says however why are you telling your spouse’s biodata I’m asking approximately my spouse right here. Man says he saved your spouse at his residence, says to Vibhuti when you have location so hold my spouse too. Vibhu says why you need to present your spouse to me. Man says due to the fact I like a person else. Vibhu says to Tiwari did your heard and ask him to shake hands. Tiwari supply his hand however Vibhu make him contact his gate and he receives surprise.

Gupta and Masterji sitting close to tea stall. Prem walks in and says to them I even have pressing paintings from you says I want a few cash my spouse is preserving all of the coins and now no longer giving me. Gupta says why now no longer we are able to assist you inform how an awful lot coins you need and says take 100rs and are available to sanatorium I’ll supply 400rs extra. Prem says you hold it I want 25,000rs. Masterji ask why do you need that an awful lot cash.

Prem says I misplaced in playing with a person once I become in under the influence of alcohol now I ought to go back him. Gupta says however why do you want cash you’ve got got masses of it. Prem says I informed you my spouse is preserving all of the coins and now I’m broke. Masterji ask who’re the humans you took loan. Prem says they may be very risky humans they’ll visit my spouse and inform her.

Tiwari walks in and says to them do you understand any goon who can beat a person in trade of cash. Prem says I realize. Tiwari says supply me address. Prem says I’ll do it for you due to the fact I want cash. Tiwari saya I assume you can’t do it. Prem says don’t fear I’ll do it however I’ll rate 25000 for this paintings. Tiwari takes prem with him in nook says if I says you need to beat your nice buddy Vibhuti, nonetheless you may do it. Prem says sure.



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