Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Top BJP leaders shouted in the election-bound states on Thursday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stayed in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu on Thursday as a strategy of coordinating power and organization, while Home Minister Amit Shah Assam and party president JP Nadda took command in West Bengal. After the meeting of the central office bearers on Sunday, all the prominent leaders of the BJP were asked to join the election mission and it is commanded by the top leaders themselves.

More than 50 prominent leaders of the party’s central and various states are leading in these contested states. At this time, the visit of Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah is also important because the elections have not been announced yet. Prior to this, the central government is reaching out to the public through its various schemes and programs. Both Modi and Shah are going to electoral states and inaugurating various projects and joining other important events with the foundation stone.

The Union Territory of Puducherry has now been included in the BJP’s election mission. It has gathered its strength by making a dent in Congress and DMK here. Now she is handling the front of the assembly elections through this force. According to sources, the party is making Paducchery an entry point into Tamil Nadu. She has not reached the position in Tamil Nadu that she has achieved in neighboring Karnataka, despite many efforts over the years. Since the politics of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu is influenced by each other, the Assembly is taking the election very seriously.

In Tamil Nadu, she may not achieve much in this time’s election, but can create a road map for the future. The party’s chief leader said that for Andhra and Telangana local elections in Hyderabad were as important as Puducherry elections for Tamil Nadu politics.


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