Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu crying says I saw Anu with another person. Tiwari says this is truth for what seems like forever. Vibhu says you are correct we need to drink this reality and asks do you have drinks. Tiwari says I provided request will get it before dinnertime. Vibhu switch on TV and sees Saxena shows.

Saxena says welcome to everybody and tells we have two Bhabhi maa with us Angoori and Anita, last time we discussed extra conjugal undertakings with men this time we will ask from ladies lets see what are there contemplations first we will ask from Anita. Anu says we before I was extremely antiquated you realize something like you can adore just one time and can’t see somebody after you are hitched however Vibhuti my better half go to your show and his contemplations made me paralyzed and thought lets attempt this as well. Angoori says you are correct Anita I additionally cherished my significant other so much however at that point I understood for what reason to have bubbled rice when I can have chinese food outside. Anita says Vibhuti disclosed to us we need to enlarge up our contemplations. Angoori says as much we began suspecting and we feel cheerful subsequent to doing this all. Anita expresses profound gratitude to Vibhu we got new way to live. Angoori says I’m because of Tiwari who gave me new way to travel and each lady ought to do who loves there spouse to such an extent. Anita says to Saxena we have just four days to live 2 on the name if spouse and 2 gor yourself with whoever you need to live. Saxena commends and says pleasant idea.

Vibhu says I’ll break Saxena’s face and says Tiwari give me embrace.

Anu in her home. Vibhu come from kitchen and says yes child. Anu asks Vibhu how could I be looking. Vibhu says your are looking fine and dandy yet where are you going prepping classes or to meet your companion or kitty party. Anu says no we have no chosen at this point will disclose to you when we choose where are we going. Mr.Gupta come and welcomes Anita and asks did I make you stand by. Anu says no not under any condition except for on the off chance that you make me stand by its totally worthit, meet him he is my significant other Vibhuti, and says to Vibhuti meet him he is Kaamesh. Vibhu says never heard your name and by your name it appears as though you accomplish such a great deal if work. Anu says he is branch chief in BBCD bank. Vibhu says such an odd name of your bank. Mr.Gupta says to Vibhu you never heard Kaamsh moreover. Anu says this bank is fir rich individuals and envision he gets 6 digit compensation around there and asks would you be able to make some tea and paratha for us. Anu calls Romeo ( Mr.Gupta). Vibhu says however you told he is Kaamesh. Anu says to Romeo, Vibhu resembles spouse he take great consideration of house. Romeo asks don’t he tackle job. Anu says for that you need to score well in examinations however he didn’t get a lot and request that Vibhu make tea and paratha. Romeo says to Anu you look excellent in this dress. Anu says thankyou such a lot of babu.

Vibhu in Kitchen crying and says to God why you doing this to me, what I fouled up that I need to see this day in my life. Saxena’s television show demolished my life. Saxena come to window says you took my name and I’m here. Vibhu says how about you do one thing take a long flight and never return and show me your face simply get lost from here. Saxena says what I did. Vibhu says you obliterated my wedded life. Saxena says congrats now you have become ideal possibility for my new scene for syndicated program. Vibhu says I’m cautioning you. Saxena says my next scene is for peopywho have annihilated there hitched life and not ready to control thir spouse. Vibhu beats Saxena with utensil

Angoori in her home with Romeo moving. Tiwari come and see them. Tiwari gets in and begin beating Romeo says how could you. Angoori says leave him this isn’t right, first you show me love and all and presently this, check out him he is mine Romeo and he is so heartfelt I’ll do extra conjugal with him and you are my side business. Tiwari blows up and beat him with shoe and make him run. Tiwari says I ought to be your principle business. Angoori says alright you become my primary business he could be my side one. Tiwari says are you gone distraught what will occur if Ammaji will become acquainted with. Angoori says alright disclose to her I’ll do whatever she will say. Tiwari calls Ammaji and welcomes her. Ammaji says what happen you called me today. Tiwari says I called for Angoori she is having an additional a conjugal illicit relationship. Ammaji says thank god she set aside time yet got cerebrum. Tiwari gets stunned. Ammaji expresses these things are acceptable some pleasure wake up now check out me now a days I’m making arrangement with Gangaram to watch film let her do what she need, don’t control her and hungs up. Angoori says to Tiwari you are going downhill and my Romeo is attractive.

Vibhu in garden posting tune and drinking. Pelu in cart posting tune. Tiwari emerge from his home and goes to Vibhu and request that he sit. Vibhu says to Tiwari I became acquainted with about a dark wizardry. baba. Tiwari says reveal to me Vibhuti to get my significant other back I need to take help of baba. Vibhu says you can fulfill your sense of self or can save your wedded life. Expert come and says to Vibhuti you are drinking here. Vibhu says as much where should I drink with your better half. Expert says I saw Anita eith another person running towards taxi, I think she is going to Mumbai. Tiwari and Vibhuti yells and Tiwari says Anu can’t do this she won’t leave Vibhuti. Vibhu says for what reason did you do this Anu. Expert leaves. Vibhu says to Tiwari I can’t breath appropriately. Tiwari says asks baba accomplish his enchantment work in significant distance. Gupta come and says Tiwari you are staying here I was searching for yourself and says I saw Angoori with another person clasping hands and was getting train. Tiwari and Vibhuti yells in torment. Gupta says take care of you and deal with yourself and ge leaves. Tiwari says for what reason did you do this. Vibhuti says to Angoori I didn’t anticipate this from you, for what reason did you do this. Tiwari says what’s going on in me. Vibhu says for your situation you are sub optimal looking individual and trust me envision left an attractive individual like me and went with an individual whose face look like chimpanzee. Tiwari says what I fouled up. Angoori and Anu come and Angoori says how it was not your shortcoming. Tiwari and Vibhuti gets up in shock. Anu says you ridiculed a heavenly connection of marriage on television program so you need to rebuffed. Vibhu says you returned. Angoori says we won’t ever go. Tiwari says Master and Gupta disclosed to us things. Anu says we advised them to give you soem shock. Vibhu says to Angoori and Anu what you got subsequent to playing with our souls. Angoori says in the event that you do its OK and in the event that we do its off-base, blow for blow. Anu says we simply need you to make understand that marriage is no joking matter you must be faithful to your accomplice, you can’t see any other individual its marriage not trick can do anything. Angoori says we felt terrible when you said rubbish in Saxena’s television show and for that we did this dramatization. Vibhu says everything was lie. Anu calls Romeo and says he is deal’s man and we remembered him for our dramatization. Romeo says bow you will purchase our cleanser. Angoori says come tomorrow and he leaves. Anu says now both of you are following right after you. Tiwari says yes we are and appreciative too our wedded life is save. Vibhu says sorry to Anu and I love you. Anu says nothing will work just with sorry. Angoori says you need to guarantee that you will not think something like this of all time. Tiwari and Vibhu guarantee them that we won’t acquire these sort of words there mouth. Tiwari and Angoori leaves.

TMT in Jail. Rusa yelling on them says you ought to be embarrassed about yourself I didn’t realize you have beast inside your. Tillu says to Rusa there is a misconception, we three don’t have any beast inside you. Teeka says we were shooting magistrate’s video. Rusa says this is more perilous, we never thought subsequent to seeing you three, that you have some secret conduct in you. Magistrate come and says they were clicking your photograph nor dig I recruited them for secret mission, a mouse went into our home and that mouse ripped off wire of my vehicle and protection individuals requests proof. Rusa says as much they three realize this why didn’t they advised me. Magistrate says since it was a mysterious mission. Rusa says I’m so heartbroken. Official says Manohar is sitting outside request that he sign delivery paper. Rusa goes out. Tillu says to chief when did this mouse came. Malkhan says for what reason are you so grateful. Chief says I have an uncertainty that my significant other is having an unsanctioned romance with somebody so you need to see her.


TMT in Anita’s home says we won lottery that to of 30 crore.

Tillu at Tiwari’s home says you know for business. Saxena come singing


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